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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Valentine...2006...2006 valentine...14 Feburary.
Didn't updated because don't feel like.Now I had the mood to write.
Ok,on that particular day, I didn't received any flowers and chocolate!Sad case...But I received mashmallows from saw hui!THankS!
My day was spent on the books and the night was spent with my girlfriends, who were all single.
See, mandy recived that heart shape ballon from eddy.
To make myself happy,I used food therapy on that day.I ordered a upsize swiss mushroom set for lunch and salmon chef baked rice with ice house ice cream from swensen for dinner.Swensen...Look at the super long quene!And after half an hour...we were still quening beside the mac.
And the saddest thing is that the waiteress still joked with us that there was no guys.Got chin siong and chengde but... they left very soon!
Super bore when I reached home.Anyway, don't ask me how I spent my last valentine with kel; I already forgotten and I don't remember a single thing.I tried to recall so I can laughed at it but really cannot remember!
And so my thursday and wednesday was spent with the stained glass vcd and my junk food.I heard that eddy was dianogsed with chicken pox on wednesday...take care and get well soon; and also my other sick friends as well.
I took my first paper on friday.Hard but I spotted some of the essasy questions.Anyway, I also crapped through it.
Food therapy again by eating two sandwices, one cup noodles and two super sweetening ice lemon tea!
Accompanied joo to buy jj's ablum in the morning and kat in the afternoon at orchard.
Bought a pair of earrings and went to bugis to hunt for kel's birthday present.
Bought watches for jiawen and lye huat.Super cool watches because I got paid for them!
Walked to lingz's house after passing the presents.Jiawen was cheated by me; she thought I really want to borrow money from her.
Lingz slept the whole night while beth went to sleep after I gave up the sofa. Felt like vomitting when I woke up from the sofa.Had lunch cum breakfast before returning home.Lingz ill-treating her computer until it turned purple.Beth, the animal abuser!These two hamsters are gay.They hugged and kissed.My sis's new spec...

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