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Saturday, February 11, 2006

My last day attached to ward 5X.I was almost late because I needed to get an umbrella for my sis.It was rainning in the afternoon.And not to mention, I hate to bring umbrella out!
When I reached the ward, it seem like very happening because the morning shift was going off very soon.Mary even bought us some mentoes a small notebook.
It was stated"learning is the eye of mind".
Emelia, one of the "new" girls, gave me this.Isn't it sweet?Somemore, I read from somewhere that four clovers(althought it is three) bought good luck to me.
I also sent patient down for x-ray.It was a bad experience.First was the way I pushed the bed.Next was the reaction in the x-ray room and last was pushing the patient to the wrong lift.The last part was not my fault but the person who sent with me.He don't even know where the heck he was pushing to and we took the wrong lift and that's it.Somemore, still gave such a not happy face.Come on, this was my second time I sent patient down for x-ray, what can you expected from me.
Dinner was alone.It made me think of the stupid "v" day.It was a happy day for couples but a normal or rather boring day for singles.But it was a meaningful day because suba was given birth on that day.Anyone dating me?I also want to receive flowers too.
I wondered why I always on busy afternoon shift on my last day.
I asked my sister to buy to-to for me.Ten millions dollars!Sort of being halluicated by her.My first to-to ticket.But didn't win any cash.Finally received the long-lost letter from deborah.
And also, the long lost photos got from lao niang.
On the first day of cny.Going to light up soon...Admiring and wondering at the same time.Cheers!Althought all ended up in the dustbin. Forgot when was the last time I had eaten happy meal.Lao niang...she is still a kid.
I am always a lady.No matter how hard I want to become a cool ah lian.Our very own dog year's dog.They will love each together.
Fun at Saw hui's house.
The first one to curl her hair, which was me!Lao niang with straight hair.And the curls!ACSBC always rulez!Lao da also joined in the fun.All thanks to the hair curler...saw hui!The wine I bought but ended up lao niang finished it.Ivan and me, who had been in the same school since primary school.Wei Kang and me.Same school till poly.
Shi fu and me!Act cute.Caught me in surprise.
Last but not least...

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