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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Early jogging yesterday with kat yesterday.Late because of overslept.
Went for yj canival after that.Sorry, I was late again because I can't find any clothes to wear.
Hennah drawing!I always love body art!
Didn't enjoyed much at there.Kat bought this from kitmun and lent me for the whole afternoon.
She left for something esle while I spent all the left over "tickets" and waited for our testubes to be done.The leftover was spent on this flower and some cornflakes.
Went home and fell asleep while watching tv.
Met her again and went to have some bonding at orchard.She got her pay but was kinda of worry of her company will cheat her money.We shopped around orchard and forced her to take neoprints with me.I purposely choose a machine with poles but in the end, we never printed out any of ours pictures with poles.
She finally bought her BLACK handphone pouch after losing for a year.Went home after that and bought fruit wine to drink again.
Did my entry sound monotone?Yup because I was bored today and no moods to study for sem exams!Hope things got better after a while and got good guys date me on valentine day.Side track abit, I am looking for top that looked a bit like kimono but can only find those that looked like auntie style...

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