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Friday, March 17, 2006

I got back my result and I had clear the stage!
D+ for psy and bio.C for clinical education and soc while C+ for the law and maternal thingy.B+ for the skills and B for the pharma stuffs.I didn't expect to score well for pharma.Anyway, my result not bad just need alot alot of hard work, effort and moviation will do.Pray hard I will study during holiday!
Anyway, my mum went genting and no one helped wash, iron clothing and clean the house.I had to help myself.
I saw a dog on train yesterday.It was meant for the blind who need use the dog for guiding purposes.But I think SMRT should consider this problem first before letting dogs on train since they might not able to bear.Somemore, SMRT even banned us from eating, drinking and bringing durian at mrt station outside the control station.
I wondered why they were so crazy about drug allergy.I almost freak out in this picture.I think he fractured his neck.Let us help him!What were in their minds?Trying to act cute?They never win me!Never seen her so crazy before.Charlene, I caught you!
So, thinking that we were so free in the ward?Applied nursing and have a taste how tough and stress and highly responsible our works are!These pictures were taken for just soothing purposes.
I love nuts so I am nut!Why the lecturer was unhappy with us taking manual blood pressure because she said,"Students, must take blood pressure on the floor!"And we did it on the table.
I want to pierce my ear again but I got caught by lee for the ear holes!

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