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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Went to ECP again with kat, cs, o-pa and joo on 29th of march.
We alighted at YCK station and took a bus to ECP.This stupid don't know which of ECP it dropped us.We ended up walking a long distance, passing by the CHIJ, VJC and St' pat and a tao nan school, which cs found it so amused of the name.
When we finally reached the ECP, the rain came along and we had to delayed our plan while walked to parkway.The guys finally decided to play pool while waiting for the rain to stop.
They were moving around, so how to expect it to be clear?
After few round of pooling, we walked back to ECP.At first, o-pa refused to rollerblade because he don't want his hair to be messy but after cs' some craps(rollerblade fast enough, the rain won't landed on your head), he agreed.
We saw this super big spider with super big web.
My first time with eight wheels on my legs!Fall, fell alot of times.The most amused parts were the part o-pa and kat were trying to helped the loss of balance joy and ended up falling together.But thanks for the coaching!
Joo also forgotten how to blade; recapping too.See what's behind her!
After some how, I managed to get some balance but fell again when returning.
Time to get rewarded with some photo shooting.
Joo and kat.So kawaii...Joo just had a shower.
Cs and Me just love to play with coconut tree like indian show.
The girls who went.
The gang who went.
I find this pic cute not because of the person but the way it took.
o-pa was tire!
Our lunch we had pasta at np.Totally yucks and dinner we had curry rice but kat, no no no.So sinful to eat in front of her. The curry rice serving was so big and it was cheap!
I got alot of kisses from the mosquitoes( they enjoyed my juicy, sweet blood),blue black at my ass and right hand and cuts at left.
April fool and I didn't fool on people!See I am so kind-hearted!
I went to AMK to take my long-lost spoil digicam.Thanks lao niang for accompany!
Testing mode!
I had decided to sell this pair of shoes for twenty bucks(S$20)!Anyone interested can give me either a sms,call or e-mail(Am I really that hard to contact?).X:odus, size 36.

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