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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Went to palawan again!
Suppose to meet them at 9 something but I woke up at 9 plus.
I sms kat around 10 plus saying that I will meet them at habourfront.
At 11 plus, Kat called and I just planned to go home from market.
At 12, I was calling up mandy, asking what bus can I took from Yishun.
At 1, I was rejected from transfering funds due to no identification documents and fingerprints too blur.I called them up which bus to take to habourfront from woodland.
At 1330, I was at the bank replacing the thumb print on my bank account.
At 2, I reached the office and just realized republic poly was just opposite it.
At 2.30pm, I am on bus doozing away.
At 3.15pm, I finally reached palawan and saw kat, andy, shawn lai and eddy chatting on the soft, white sand.
What I did on the palawan?
1)Chatting under the hot sun for three hours.
2)Eating ben and jerry strawberry cheesecake MELTED ice-cream with kat.I was conned by the 7-eleven.
3)Asking mandy to take off her clothes to show her bikini.She took off in the toilet!
4)Discussing the dance we learned on every saturday.
5)Made myself wet for once.
We had our dinner at subway habourfront centre.Discussing about ubin and k-box trip.
Wondering why there is no picture posted?The reason is simply best.All of us didn't bring a camera.

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