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Friday, April 21, 2006

Today, a fellow classmate of mine asked this question again!
"Joy, hmm...why you don't have a boyfriend?"
Don't you think the answer is so simple?
Look around!Did you see any prince charming around?Even there is...look around him, is there a babe?
Said until, my eyes was on top of my head.Anyway, I knew what kind of people I am.Firstly, I don't waste time on short period; when I was in love with that person, I really mean in love and not those puppy love.
Secondly, I am bimbo with no brain.Plus I had no shape- big thighs and big arms(idiotic people always discussed non-stop about it especially nyp-ians which sometime I feel so angry and hate about myself).I am a "seventh month hungry ghost" who eat a big,big portion.
Guys, is not that I want to particular about it.But I don't even dare to talk to the people I had rumours at all.I felt so sickening when people trying to pair me up with some friends who I can really talk to.I can joke too but there is also a limit to it right?
And that's it.Our friendship is gone.
Now, I can truly felt how joo felt when people kept on gossiping her and cs while last time lao niang was being paired up with zy in class.
Retribution for pairing them up?Strongly believe!
Anyway, I hate to admit but had to say that I have already give up on love since my last break up and other examples by my friends.
Love is just a game and it truly hurt.I am not prepared to get hurt......

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