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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Watched aquamarine yesterday with charlene, germ and min^2.
This show has little climate so must watch patiently.
My brain was occupied by the question"Do you love me?"
And, nevertheless, I had boyfriends whose names are "ben n jerry".
I liked jojo's hair style!Brown with blue highlights!
How I wish I can dye!But surely will get caught by those lecturers.
Went for an hour bio lesson and need to mark attendence manually.
There was this lecturer(I don't know who the hell she is) was beside the bio lecturer.Guess what?She don't believe that I am Tan Xiang Zhou.She asked me, "are you tan xiang zhou?".Somemore, these two lecturers pronouned my name so awfully.Come on, my name is tan xiang zhou!It's not a boy name!
Shared with zhi er a bowl of rice and poached fish before going library.We ended up chatting away instead of studying.
Went to rock climbing club afterward.
Eddy went so many times that the people refused to let him climb.
Then my turn.I only left with two squares to complete.My thoughts when I was on top.Then liling's turn.Yiwen didn't has the chance to climb since they said stop when it was her time.
Went to had dinner with eddy later and he was so "gentlemen" that he just bided to me and left.
Remember this date.Headache right?Hint number 1.I liked it in sliver colour.
Hint number 2.I liked the crown.
Bluff only because I knew you guys no money!Give anything will do...I don't mind alot...just don't give me food, soft toys,mugs and ornaments will do.
I am happy to have colour in my eyes!

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