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Saturday, May 06, 2006

My immune system is down these few days.
I intended to blog yesterday but I was on fever.These afternoon, I tried again but my vision was blur... it was like I am going to faint at the very next moment.
Recalling what happened these few days, ate like hungry ghost, reached home after 10 and slept around 3. Hui said it was all because I had not enough rest.
During thursday meeting, taking photos with my class malay guys' sunglasses.
Farhan's.Linda was asking me why I opened my mouth.
During the last lecture of thursday.The projector was down again...I mean it will break down every hour.The guy that I pointed can actually stay this LT for the whole day.
Friday, I accompanied Germ to take her motorola phone.
This girl was behaving like an ah lian.The staff even crapped with her.
We separated our way since both of us were meeting friends.
Met up with hui.It had been a very lot time since we last seen each other.
Had dinner at pepperlunch...virgin trip.A lot of people.I think it was all because of my running nose, the smell of my salmon rice seem terrible.
Went to cafe garilee to have a drink.The staff seem not very happy to make the drinks for us.We were like drinking sugar syrup and threw away after a few slips.
Went to wisma to shop.From topshop, surfer babe, warehouse,esprit, isetan to forever 21.
Forever 21 was a big mess, clothes hanging around.But nevertheless, it didn't spolit the mood since I bought a yellow top!Hui bought can't resist the temptation.She bought a skirt and a top.I like the stars on the skirt.
I am thinking of getting some clothes online but I need some more who wanted too and a visa cardholder.

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