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Friday, June 02, 2006

Please don't organise chalet at changi again.That place is so rural and scary.
Went for some choir chalet organised by my juniors.
And Annie and I was lost!I think her mind will be thinking "why am I not at home sleeping away?"Where were we?
Luckily, we went to a nearby security for help and the next moment we were on the van.Thanks to this ah nei, we reached Fairy point(not ferry point) smoothly.I think everyone at the chalet will be so puzzled for us getting the free ride.Rules.The kitchen.Mr Sim's room...own room.This room belonged to the boys.The TV room whereby people watched Singapore idol.She got constipation.Sing-a-long when showering.That's me...always so cool.Yup, both of them are my juniors.Since it was not our type of chalet, we took a cab to bedok 85 to have dinner.The taxi-driver was kind of funny guy...listened to Jay's song.Lao niang even asked him is driving cab his part- time job.
Pinic on bus 854 and someone farted in that dark, enclosed bus.Lao niang always encountered this type of thing.She even suspected the uncle beside us took our picture without our permission.

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