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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

There is only one bio lecture yesterday!
Came and sat till the the chair warm only.
Went bugis with germs.
Ate azumuki ice cream then proceed to bra basar complex to activate debit.
Even bought some craft thingy.I want to design clothes.
Ate at tong luo wan cafe again but with germs this time.I am so happy that my camera skill is so good.My food...like wasting money...noodle like those coffeeshop and drink is worst compare to first time I came.Germs' crispy noodle and ribena seven up.She ate until her jaws numb because the noodle was just like biscuit!See my desserts...four balls and cost $3.Somemore so oily!
Then we went top up her ez link and went to topshop to try the bikinis.Germs bought one and joy didn't because no figure and design not nice.
Rushed to The Mask at bugis village level three, was late already.Ting was very angry because I was late and there is others waiting for us!
I finally met up with her after missing a train just because I can't sqeeuze inside the cabin and rushed to take mrt after waiting too long for the bus.So sorry to made ting angry.
Luckily, the people there very nice, didn't really mind about the late arrival of us.
The result after a few hours.Ying's eyelashes are not that obvious.I looked a devil in this photos but mum's friends said they were nice.Our dinner before heading home.
Thanks to catherine who helped me with my research till 4 am.Anyway, I was satifised with the presentation.
I am not angry for the suggestion of pushing the tut forward.I am just agitatedonly because my group really cannot make it.Sorry for my loud, angry tone.
Forgot to bring phone and ring to school.I am thinking of changing my phone because it automatic shut down itself.I like the function of W800i and the pink design of n72.

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