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Thursday, July 20, 2006

School was fun today.
Sorry to suba and yu jie as I was late for 50 minutes.As the meeting was before the tutorial, min min saw us coming and she said to me,"You are so early today."
Then ting came with her table cloth skirt and we saw lecturer L(lec L).Then don't know ting or me asked, " is he taking us for tutorial?" as we walked into the corrior door.And we saw him unlocked the tutorial room door.
Ting and me,"Shit, shit...shit" all the way to tutorial room.
We settled down and farhan was sitting beside me, leaving a seat in between us.
Describle the digestion and absorption of fats.
List down the causes of malabsorption of fats.
This was what he wrote before leaving the room...
Ting:"You will find good points of him"
Even more stunned...
After a few minutes, he came back and asked us to answer the questions.By the way, he answered his phone twice in front of us.
Lectuer L(Lec L):"So which type of question will come out for exam?"
Class:"type two."
Lec L:"no, is type 1.why?"
Farhan:"because you are kind..."(saying stuffs that praise Lec L)
Lec L:"No"
And our class started to muttered...
Lec L"Because it's nyp!"
Come on, isn't it lame?!
Then lec L start to write another two question.
As farhan answered and answered, lec L suddenly came and in front of us and sat down at the empty seat between us.He patted farhan for five times!
Lec L:"So any questions to ask?"
Class:"Which topics will come out?"
He said he cannot answered us and said because there is only four topics.It's really four topics.
And he sat down and stoned for 5 seconds..."So, any questions?"
For 2119 presentation, my very last presentation for this sem, I was tongue-tied but I think I will pass.Katherine was chatting with us since there was some time left and germs and me was looking at her diamond ring.
Last lesson was lec L's last lecture.Everyone was in lazy mood.So ting, hannah(I typed correctly this time) and me went for lecture earlier than germs, min min and jovell.
And guess what we saw?
SNA presenting and promoting their club.
Regretted to leave earlier.
SNA Presenter:"Do you want to copy down our numbers?"
Yup, I am the only one reply with a super loud voice that whole LTH can hear what I said and he immediately looked at me in puzzle.
Then Lec L conutine his lesson and finished it in less than ten minutes time.
During lecture,
Ting:"tall mah...so handsome loh..."
Joy:"Come on, not every tall one is handsome" and I pointed to the front."Look, there is a good example."and I think the example started to stare in my direction.
Felt so cheated...
Met up with cat to buy my present(finally) at city hall.No nice jackets around and she gave me money to buy myself.
Both of us were so stack...She accompanied me to go eat carl's Jr.
Super oily meal.Yup really true to their motto.
Then I accompanied her to go eat while I watched some free show by csome chinese orcheatra and wu shu people.
Then we went to why pay more and stayed there for around two hours to buy my very first yellow adidas running shoes.
Thanks for those who contribute to it(my birthday present)!I will use the leftover to buy jolin cd.
Then go and tried bikini at topshop and d.p.Kat said my breasts too big cannot wear those type ones.My mother's gene...I am her daughter afterall.
We had a good seats on the train.In front of us was a couple.Not hanky-panky.They were quarreling!Want to sleep also cannot.
The man kept scolding and scolding while the woman talked softer and softer.
Finally before reaching yishun, the woman cannot tolerate!She scolded back the man so loudily(even louder the man) and the whole atmosphere was so serious.
One chinese phrase" tigeress don't be fierce, treat her as hello kitty."
Some photos...
In harry's.
Went drink at giffra.Ting under depression.Her drink just taste like melted ice cream.See, my camera skill is so good.I also want to act depress.Anyway, I won the bet between ting and me.She owed me a cocktail.Our supper that day.Cut until the sandwices so ugly.My drink taste like bubble tea.Eat myself.Me during meeting.Another ting ting who went ice skate but not with me.My reader.

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