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Friday, July 07, 2006

Sometimes it really piss me off.
These people.Sickening people.
I had a friend who didn't studied well for exam and fail her theory paper.Very badly.The teacher suspended her everything and asked to see her next day.Then she asked to book a room to study alone.My reaction for this is just one word to describe...lost.
When ask if there is any guiding, her reply is, " you can call me if you need help."
Common sense is that she need help now so she came and find you.And somemore, this teacher still add on, discouraging my dear friend even though she had the will to take up the challenge.
So this is what about it... keep on emphasizing that we must provide care even if patient in terminal stage of disease.
Sociology teaches to view things from things from different point and where is a sense of biasness, coldness and selfishness came to my mind when I see them.
Study and study...then come to class and say out answers that I don't know(seriously).Meeting and meeting...did not even care about how members feel.
So what if they are able to produce good results...frankly speaking, their interaction skills just sux.Trying to act good terms with us in front of those high autority and us but speaking ill of us at back.
Do you know?My this poor friend went to visit patient even if he is not under her?And what I get back when I want to go back to ward after dinner from those people."Still early...got time...rest."So we must be so particular with the break time.
If marks is really that important, why some people without any education can become rich and powerful people?MP now also not necessary must have a degree.Last time I went attachment, I even learned skills from ite students.
Service...must come from heart.I recalled back last time while I was eating sushi at my friend's friend workplace.This bloody old worker just gave a shit face to us and said sushi.It's ours but is that that hard to bend down and let us see what is the sushi?Hey come on, she was like muttering the type of sushi.Ok, my hearing is that bad...I can't hear what she is saying.Another thing is that when they serve our ice cream, they just get whatever favour they saw not even asking what customers want.Is that really tiring to ask the customers what favour they want?GST for such service?
Power and money...really cannot live without them.
No money no talk...only powerful people e.g. king, hilter talk made sense at that point of time.
I really hate it...but I have to admit it is true.
Feared to become people like them and those who only talk and did nothing.

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