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Sunday, December 03, 2006

My weight was gainning.Brr...two hourly feeding had failed as I can't control myself to eat.Maybe I shouldn't use it too often.
Went out to eat billy bomber on wednesday.Xiaowen and jovell.
Xiao wen ordered brownie and the waiteress actually forgot to give her the scoop of ice cream!Jovell with her not so fresh fish.Pow yu don't want to take picture.See the chicken...so dark and not nice.And the milk shakes tasted like melted ice cream.Orchard is always full of decoration when festivals are round the corner.Took neosprint after they one by one leave us.Sha sha & ben ben de.Who care if we declare it?Love us!Rabbit and cow.Went to have green tea Frap.She had ice chocolate.Must always record down.Abit high after taking little bit of caffine.Another person asked why I am so pretty but no boyfriend.Well, pretty not equal to attractive.While waiting for her friend.Like idiots...What if I am just an orchid.Stop saying I am fat;I tried very hard to lose weight!Should I go back to slimming tea?Thursday went to grassroot to have dinner.Germs with baby breaths.Nice?I mean the flower.My favourite flower but alwyas been use as decoration instead the main thing.
Charlene, jovell and me were teasing germs with our new group member.We associated him with macdonald.When eating big mac, his face will appearred.Totally irked me.I think I will stop eating big mac for a period of time.Elective doesn't attract my attendtion.Fierce conversation!
Wait for ting after elective.Luckily, joo was with me.Or esle I will confirm be loner again.
And we went bugis shopping.
Once again, I went to eat billy bomber.See, she was so happy.Ok, I be good woman.She ordered a root bear float while I ordered lemon milk shakes.This is really far better than the one I drink on wednesday.And this is what we eat for dinner.Regreted not to share!Jovell!Where are you?...


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