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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!
I spent my night at kky's house before christmas eve.Drink some juices and have a log cake.We even watched the 40-year-old virgin while I was printing my nail.
I left her house around 7 am the next morning and bought breakfast for my family.Fell asleep and finished my love at harvard before meeting ling, jac, vin, van and peng.
I didn't enjoyed it.Huge crowd that caused made me struck while I was trying to find them.The spraying of snowflake just pissed me to max.First was a little girl then some childish guys.I was so pissed that I nearly hit the guy.Anyway, I did scolded some vulgarities to smoothe the boilling anger.Lingz was the terrible.She was being sprayed by the orange shirt uncle from top to bottom.She was super pissed that she hit the uncle.She got sprayed by this partcular guy when she we crossing the road.This idiotic guy sprayed once not enough, he sprayed another time when lingz cleared out the flake.I really couldn't take it that I scolded him.I just wondered why we girls are always being the target.We may looked frail but we are very strong.
Chunhao asked to go his church for celebration...actually quite a lot of people asked but was rejected by didn't reply and changing topic.But for chun hao is straight in his face; he really scared me that time and made me sense a dislike feeling in my heart.I know I am bad but it was really scary...somehow of rather pushed me away from god.
Went home early and bought myself ramen for supper.
Afterall, enjoy the holiday!


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