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Sunday, January 28, 2007

I don't know why.
Often made negative remarks that hurt self and people around.
Often do some stunts that stunned everyone.
This week...I suddenly so angry when I realized they took my seducing sleeping pose.I cried during k box session.
Why am I feeling negative and so irriated?Sometimes, I really have images that I use a piece of broken glass to cut my wrist.
What am I doing?Why I so...sometimes I do hate myself.Am I hurting you?Did my self-destruction have an impact on you?
Went subway for group study on thursday.Bought bedsheets for new year and settled down.Jovell said I threw my debit card on the table...I don't even realized that!She is my eating kaki!I looked so ugly that day so I used my cup to hide away my face.I am so emo...
K-box on friday.Germs, sorry to throw temper on you.I don't the mood to sing...Took neoprint after that.Muacks*This is the most funny after all.The most shocking.
Having dinner at village.My dinner.Germs and me.Jovell.Ting came into picture.I love waffle with original smell.The result of crying.I loved playing with rain.Thanks darling kat!I don't know why I must angry with you.
P.S.You asked me to forget so I will.We had nothing at all.In the past, now and the future.

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