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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shopping during weekend is so HOT! Shopping malls just packed with people.But if not packed, those shopping centres cannot just close down.
Went shopping with jovell.Her motive is cut hair but her mum called her to go cut tomorrow.My dress code.Actually wanted to wear the green top those girls bought for me on my birthday but my bro was saying,"Don't need to change.You wear this top confirm fat!"
Both of us were too excited yesterday that our passion for shopping just went down today.Nothing interested us much...I bought the dress I saw yesterday.I went vivo but no size.And I saw it today with my size!A little bit expensive but the material and design wise is quite worth.
Cannot find any suitable leggings...
Went sushi tei...packed with people but still managed to got place after waiting for few minutes.I never tell sashimi;don't like raw food.My udon...tasteless and jovell commented the sauce is not that good compared to japan.Hungry two.The fried salmon...yucks!Cold and got big bones.Took quite alot of fried food and I was quite impressed that we only ate 10 plates.I still remember that went sakae with ting, min and hannah...we took 50 over plates.Both of us ate until very full and I felt like my thoat is full of oil.Passby hereen and took neoprints!The machine sensor is not working...very hard to decorate.Actually there is no time limit to decorate but someone took while we were decorating so it turned toa time limit thingy.So I decorated with photoshop.Went to starbucks to have a drink before heading home.Some mocha thingy I think(?)She actually said she is full.Seat for zara.
Left only acessories and bag to be bought for chiense new year.


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