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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yawn~Tired;suppose to go k lunch with joveel, ting and germ today but last minute don't feel like going...want to sleep somemore.
On thursday, went to had dinner with yanlong they all.It was meant to be a farewell dinner since master loo is going oversea attachment.We had selected sakura.I think the last time I went there was year 1 semester1.
Huiling wanted to form a new club called laozhabo club.Sounded like some old virgin.SAw hui was asking what mushroom zipeng was farming...got hands and legs(It is actually maplestory).They said I was James bond's daughter(Joy bond) because my k800i is silver in colour.James bond=007 and Joy bond=007.2 because I am the second child.
Well, went to zipeng's house after dinner.And their favourite activity is...Rong quan is like a sly fox.So scared people will see his cards.
Huiyuk was busy taking photo of herself.I don't know how to play mahjong so I joined her act.Huling's cap.Huiling was playing zipeng's guitar.Spot her purple's highlight!Master loo not keen to take photo with me.Nerd.Still dare to laugh...
Bye bye master loo...see you in few months time.Always miss your craps.
Last day at my ward.I managed to injection.Actually already given yesterday but guess what?I gave around five injection!I also did some dressing.Sister kok was with me when I was doing.So good...not like the idiot big "S".Don't know when she started to remember my name.And my patients is so sweet!One of them treat us(the student nurses) pineapple tarts on wednesday.One of them, who called me choy, gave me and my panther, germaine, kinder bueno.One of the patient's daughter made earrings for us.Anyway, must also thanks the staff who is so helpful especially sister and those c class AN.Anyway, this is nana...trying my camera VGA mode.
Had dinner at marina square suki yaki with vincent.Before toasting.After using.Stove for the soup.Hmm...chesse hot dog.And for the ice cream...The staff showed us how how to make the ice cream.My first time making ice cream.So fun!
But I wanted get the handphone memory card so we went to the it fair.And it was crowded with people.Got a 1GB card for $62.90.Got from a booth where a ah nei was shouting $50 for mp3.Then slowly till $10.Also got my screen protector and vincent helped me to put on mrt while we and zhao was on the way home.

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