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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Angina hernia now.Maybe because of not eating well.I bought a new phone.Yup, same as charlene, joo, zipeng, ivan, my uncle...ok this is a very common phone.But mine is sliver in colour.Actually wanted to get W880i but haven't come out yet.This is the picture taken by my phone(Joyderella) with flash.Clear right?Can even see the oil on my face but still nice afterall.Thursday at deparure hall.Which plane?This is our main character,lao da.She is leaving for china to study for 4 months(attachment).Those people who came.
We went airport to eat happy meal!Rushing for time...Lastly, a hug for girls and hand shaking for guys before leaving.Lao da, take care.All the best...support you quietly.You are always on my mind and a space in my heart.
One day tampines tour on friday with joo.Went to starhub to upgrade my sim card.There is no quene at all.BUT!They said they want the authourisation form to change!
I am so disappointed and went to nokia care.Decided to change venue to ikea since need to wiat for seventeen people.
Why ikea?I never went the new ikea before and we haven't had our lunch.
Ordered a set lunch.Yucks...mayo.And the chicken is oily.Joo said next time must ordered the meatballs.After lunch, we scrolled around ikea.Ikea sold this?!Very cosy.Small but neat.I rather have a cosy small nest than a big, empty and cold home.Use the brush to sweet my toes.
I sms charlene and asked her whether she need the authorisation form to upgrade the sim card.She said last time she exchange also don't need.
So joo and I went back to starhub.I made a fuss at the reception counter(R).
I:"Is there a need for the authorisation form?"
I:"Last time my friend came don't need at all."
R:"We always need the authorisation form."
R:"Ok, I will asked my colleague to refer a phone verification."
Again.No quene at all and the person called my mum and gave me a new sim card.
Since joo was meeting friends at 7.30pm, we went to nokia care.
While waiting, we went to bought haggen das ice cream.The person(handsome guy) checked my phone and said $120.Asked joo and she said not worth at all.Dropped the idea to repair.
And it was 4 plus.So we went ikea;free shuttle bus don't waste at all.
On the bus.Joo said can use the phone to surf net so we tried it out.We called charlene using video call but she hanged off and replied we woke her up.
We went back to yishun after ikea trip.Left with some time and we went northpoint scrolling.
Met up her friends and went chong pang.Ate happy meal again.Not nice one...I mean the toy.I was kind of bore so I left.
Went k-ster today.Celebrate eddy's birthday.Why am I always the last to know?Blowing the candle.Cut the cake."Cutted" the cake.It was me...trying out my phone camera.Jie mei and me.He had no mood because his girlfriend was mad.Sorry to jiemei's girlfriend as eddy ps her to celebrated his birthday.But they recovered and jie mei left earlier to meet her up.O-pa and me.
Joo was so sleepy that she fell asleep.O-pa and cs kept on making fun of her.


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