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Friday, June 08, 2007

At seoul garden on last saturday.Farhan didn't knew that wasabi is like that...He didn't even taste it and swallowed the wasabi down.Boyfriend went to cut his hair until it looked like he is getting bald.Cam-whoring on mrt with boyfriend.That's the problem with him.No matter how much he slept, he always feel tire.Didi's birthday falls on 4th of June.We will help him celebrate every year including this year.Aunt said every year she and her husband will came and helped us celebrate birthday.But on my birthday this year she might not because her son will be due.So if I want her to help me celebrate, I will had to go the hospital with the cake.Guess what, I dream of bealau took my class for lab and she did on the tuesday!Finally got my braces' colour changed and rushed to mahantthan fish market.It's jovell's birthday!We played zhong ji mi ma and losers will have to eat as slice of lemon!See hannah's ke lian expression!She had been eating for 3 slices.Minmin is the worst, just put it into the mouth and straight away threw the lemon on the plate.See how fast she drank the water!See how special is Jovell's cake!
Still not getting enought of the seafood platter and we went to ca for cheesecake.By the way, we saw the autograph for singapore's cartoon.JJ, jin sha and lin yu zhong were there.And our lovely hana-lian managed to shake JJ's hand!And she was blushing all the way to ms.The cakes...and the ultimate winner of cheesecake is min min! xpAnd a group photo before boyfriend sent me home!

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