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Monday, July 30, 2007

Everyone is feeling stress if I not wrong.
Talked to joo last week.Don't know why...I had strong feeling that she will be always there for me and she is.Although her comment is always the same but I still like to hear.Maybe I just need a pat to my heart to carry on my way.In actual fact, she suffered quite a lot than me but I was the one who is console by this lovely secondary school friend.Thanks for my meow meow too, although the concern is a little bit late.
Some how I think I stick to boyfriend too much(he got say before it's a little annoying...so sad my boyfriend say I am annoying) and I almost don't know what friendship is. Thanks joo tolet feel that again.
I had gone to my past shell again.I care but don't bother. I keep my feeling to myself and don't want to be bother.Maybe I am sick of talking, crapping, smiling or whatever you can think of?Every morning wake up just want to get back to dreamland.
Sometimes do get sad about it whenever people don't come and find me.But..in second thought, it could be a good thing.At least they are leading a happy and wonderful life.They don't need me to worry about them. So I should be blessed...at least they live happily ever after.Anyway, don't worry, I just don't like to express my concern(typical tranditional thinking), if happen to have a blog, I will read whenever I am free.If you happen to have any missnap(which is like touch wood!), I will be in front of my computer, worry and hoping you can get over it soon.I care but I don't bother...I will change but currently the stress bug is killing me, I can't help myself but I will try my very best to help you if you need my aid.

Well, well...enough of those soapy drama speech, I shall now present my finalised nursing project. By the way, I am doing stress managment.Sort of funny as I still can't figure out how to cope stress efficiently.A very last minute but still in time, my group had transformed our very product to a calendar.Done by me, germs, charlene and xiao liang.Went to NDC to fix my "chip".See there is a gap when I bite my teeth. This showed I can't eat hard food anymore. Say bye bye to all bubble tea pearls as I can no longer bite them but swallow them. x(Actually the denist didn't fix the chip.He redo everything.Spot those metal thingy on the molar.I used to have two.Now, I have four. And the aching stop only today! Back to school for tut.Slacked at computer lab first.The pills were playing the frames in their handphones.Why never ask me to play?I can pose alot of patterns... =( But at least better than nothing.
The last lesson of the week was a role play.We should see how that woman act "retarded" and how drama suba act.I act as nurse who has no affair with the womanizer son.I am addicted to bleach 2, which is in my boyfriend's psp.It's a fighting game.Those fight until enemy's life finish. I am so engrossed to the game that boyfriend had to force a goodbye kiss and chased me out the train. And the first thing I called boyfriend in the sunday morning is to ask him whether he got charge his psp.
Went facial on saturday.Squeezed those blackhead until my face looked like infested with pimples.Had eyebrows done.Looked so bald isn't it?
Went to connie's birthday party.By the way, happy birthday to davin and connie. jianling , davin and boyfriend were playing 0-5-10-15-20.Losers had to eat the chocolate and jian ling ate half a tub while davin and boyfriend continue with the remainings.Those losers were eating and throwing those chocolate at the same time.The funny part is those choclate turned out to be expired.Boyfriend lost so he drank the whole packet of fruit juice.And again with a cup of concentrated lemon juice with choco ball, green tea and curry sauce.He ended up pouring half a cup away and landed on my foot! =(
Watched this show on sunday with boyfriend.Now with ben ben de. *A lot of fucking scenes.*
Just watched alone with min,ting,germs and charlene.The show did scare me but not as scary compared to shutter.Min covered the whole head and ting lost track of some part of the show.Charlene said germs did scream.
Watched guess 3 on saturday and now I just want to protect my lips!Do do lips.Can be bloated face,dulan aka piss off.CheeseNervous.Kiss*

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