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Monday, July 09, 2007

Seriously, I am packed with those ICAs once again...
Anyway, baby ryan didn't manage to born on my birthday.He was too eager to see the world.He was borned on 2nd of july...Borned with mild jaudice, no eyebrow but lots of hairs, he was named zhu da bao after my sis.
Went to celebrate my birthday with 7 pills, or yellow buttons etc on 3rd july after my birthday.A cake for germaine since no cake for her on her birthday.I got a blackforest cheesecake.See how sincere I was when making a wish.Everyone were super full.See how eager they were to finish the chocolate drink.That two "bitches"... *grins*Went to meet boyfriend afterward and he passed the present before sending me home.And around 12, while I was polishing my legs.Boyfriend popped up again witha cake in his hands.Thanks, my dear!He said his legs were aching after standing and squatting.
School continued even it's my birthday.Charlene was knocked down.She was being tied and parade round the room.Check out their double cheeks!Ambel being flunk out...She said she was being frightened to see so many people carry her.And we someone familiar while eating lunch at north canteen.A complete change of style.I bet you can't even recognise her.
And my group stayed at school to rush our nursing project for straight 4 to 5 hours.What jovell described before., our brain cells were fried.All of us were so tired.
Went back home to celebrate birthday.My nss friends were actually lost on their way that they missed the whole cut cake session.Anyway, thanks for coming even though everyone got to rush over academic matters.And thanks to those who buy presents for me to make me happy.And the kiss...
And those who greeting, sms, wishing even if it was belated especially suba who immediately called when she found out my birthday...

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