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Thursday, August 09, 2007

3 plus...I am suppose to study one of them but I am facing the monitor now.Thanks to ben ben de for cheering that super piss off by boyfriend me on last friday. Everything gonna be fine.Anyway, national day so shs do celebrate with nurses'day.Cut off all the craps, all the things I wanted to say is on the highlighters.Ting(long time no see her face on my blog) bursted out into laughter when she a picture when I was having bangs.She laughed until her abd pain.Interested in that particular photo?Look out my last zoo trip.
Went to meet boyfriend on tuesday.Heard from sis that someone jumped off track again.Luckily, the train line I am taking that day is not affected.Watched flashpoint.Fighting show; if you like martial art(pardon me if I spelled it wrong), go ahead.Boyfriend said there are WWF stuns inside the show.Not bad after all.

National eve and last day of school.Since it will be our last time seeing each other, it became a photo taking session.I think it's the same as all graduating classes.2 years and we going on separate ways(?); of course people want to cherish those sweet memories of the school days. But I don't know why I don't feel like taking.Maybe I never dress nice, too much stress or didn't have a good sleep last night etc.But I will still uploaded the photos once I received them. Anyway, thanks to those who lighten up my poly life especially the seven pills members, ben ben de, yen yee and the list goes down.Hope we will not really say bye bye and everyone just vanished.
Was watching this anime called ippatsu kiki musume. The main character is smart but acts like a fool. Was laughing away and I finished all episodes at a go. Reminder: contain sexuality content.
I finally figured out why I had a loss of appeptite.Still that time I was infected during my attachment and was replaced with 1 week with 3 days mc? During the illness process, I had been eating less than a meal a day because of constant vomitting and shitting and that's why I don't feel hungry if I only eat one meal per day. And that's the reason why I lost 6 kg even if I eat junk food everyday. The post effect... I can't stand people who diet. By the way, I have stop dieting (although my goal is to keep to 45 kg) since my bra getting a bit loose. I don't eat because I am not hungry. I have this thinking that I eat too much I will feel very uncomfortable like feeling nausea and vomiting, abdomen pain. It's really uncomfortable but appeptite is getting back since exams coming.
Ulcer is coming back; had to really monitor my water intake.Remember to take break to prevent depression for long hours of study.

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