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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Went out with ting since I am not meeting him.See...retribution for not meeting me.Jian ling slapped him until like this.Too late...I got date with ting first...Went to have buffet at siam kitchen after walking from city hall to bugis.Just realized bugis's billy bomber is not there anymore.Ate until the place going to closed soon before going village.Both of us bought a same dress but different in colour.Should have taken a picture of them!Felt so great since I had a long time never go shopping with ting.
Hmmm...what I did yesterday?
Yesterday is the last day of attachment(Finally!) I woke up an hour late and rushed to ttsh. You should see how happy charlene is. She looked at the mirror and looked at me..."Joy, last day liao leh!"
I was very slack...so retuctant to take para.Luckily, all hourly was off.Went break with charlene. I can't find her at first so I waited like an idiot at the canteen.I almost went to take away chicken rice(yana's favourite) to join zhi er until I received her message that she is coming down.
She helped me called the ci to get discount for buying cros.Thanks alot but I won't give you the remaining.
My ci said I can make it!That's really something encouraging!She even show the photo we took with jonana last year and asked us what is the different from now.
Met up with boyfriend and gave him the fifth month anniversary's present.Guess what I bought for him?
Coffee of different brand and flavour from supermarket!He said he want instant coffee so I bought these for him.Hope got recharge every morning after drinking the coffee I bought for him!
Some photos in my phone...That time subway was having this free upsize thingy.Almost ate them everyday after knowing this offer.At cathey...while boyfriend is busy playing psp.To be true, I can be abusive sometimes.Punch*Slap*Pinch*I knocked onto the edge of my mum's bedframe last time.It is painful at first but I don't know it had started to bleed that much until I saw blood stains everywhere.From kelvin.I decided to threw it away after keeping it for like 2 years(?).

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