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Monday, October 29, 2007

My big auntie finally came.It was like 1 or 2 weeks after the day that supposed to come. The good thing that I looked forward to it is able to shit.
And the worst is the pain I suffered.
See...pain until my face turned pale.And my idiot honey is sleeping all the way since he felt tired because of cold.Ok, at least he is sweet enough to pay for my cab fare.
Someone cooked breakfast for me...xp
Anyway...today is the start of my first fourteen weeks posting.
I am at ttsh again for ed posting...this time with zhier, shu fang, pris, weicong, ain and plus plus.
Posted to screening and ot but I went wrong place.I went to triage.At triage, I did 1 round of hypocount and 1 and half round of ecg.
ECG was terrible because I can't feel anything and I pressed really hard till the skin turned red.
Anyway, I got to the right place after break...OT.Supposed to be there after break but since no people so wei cong and I decided to go to screening.Yes, I am going to panther with wei cong for this whole week.I don't find it bad since we can communicate well.
So...we were at screening.Basically, this is a place for those walk-in patient.They register and come to this counter and we take their temperature, chief complaint and visitor(only one is allow)'s temperature and contact infos.
For those respiratory cases, chest pain, weakness will be sent to check the lungs by doctors.
Others will be sent to triage areas.
And guess what is the waiting time? In the afternoon is 2.5 hrs!And I think there is a isolation case that all the staffs outside has to wear n-95.Imagine...is so funny when someone cannot hear appoarch me and I forget I am wearing a mask...
Then wei cong said OT got case so we went over to ot to see.Actually all are dressing case.Any idea what is dry dressing?Is actually normal simply dressing with normal saline.
Observed two dressing and assisted in stitching and someone informed us is 3pm.
We were like WHAT?!SO FAST?!

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