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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My computer is alright for the time being.
Hey, can send me those photos when I online?I wait for so long...the ambel,cecila,chalet,cs's birthday and recently the k-box,ting's birthday...don't make me look like some idiot looking at the never reply msn screen.At least reply me that I will send you through mail or when I reach home made someone feel much better.Come on, imagine you are the one waiting...how will you feel if I don't send you, ignore you when you ask for it.
I don't know why...I always have some funny dreams.
First, I dream that I go aracade to change money.There is a lot of people out there to exchange prizes.I gave the aunties $10 and she gave me $4.Of course not fair, I told her and she anyhow passed me one prize that contain some stuffs with some cash inside.And I counted the money...it is around $168.Funny right? I think I must be crazy for money.
Then I dream that I actually have two boyfriends...one of course is my boyfriend shenglong while the other is an ahletele.The funny part is I only remember that he drove a car and we went out once.He left two mobile phones with me and he is nowhere to be found for two months.
Back to real life...
I am down with sore thoat once again...this time with wet cough.
Went to body massage yesterday with mum.I am ok with the service until the end of it where the fucking woman do the closing.She asked her to buy the products but our house still have so we refused.Then she say why our face seem not very good because we never use their products.Come on, spend hundreds bucks on it and we never use?Of course we defended ourselves by saying we got use.Then she sounded a little bit impatient and keep insisting we are lazy or never follow the steps...like its our faults.Well...I really feel like saying her but my mum still a few facial trips with them...better don't say anything or esle my mum's face later become...
Went to watch balls of fury with boyfriend.Not bad but ending like kind of fairytale like ending...in other words, kind of expected.
My last weekend is fully booked.Sunday I met boyfriend in the afternoon.Showed him the blue black I had after knocking against the frying pan's handle.And he helped me put oinment.My dad too xpBoyfriend bidded this for me.
Went to meet to yee joo and cs for dinner.Don't order fish & chip.Free candy floss.d resident evil.Yee joo kept using her bag to cover.While I was trying to ask for her to take off her bag, I got scare by the scene whereby the zombie came face to face to the actor.Overall...this show not bad, worth the price.Thanks joo for buying the tofu for us!Group photos!(I can't upload those photos with 3mp)This advertisment has fail.Kisau people still stand inside of the door waiting for empty train in the morning.If it is not empty train, they continue to stand like some wooden blocks...blodking people's ways.Hope they suffered what the inconsiderate woman in the advertisment had.
Saturday...I went k box in the morning but left pretty early for ting's birthday.Present from japan...charlene bought.Present from jovell.
At night, the whole tan family went to celebrate grandma's birthday.Little ze ze loves coke.He knows how to dance audition.
Heard that the bill is $900++ after discount.I left early because I thought is 9.30pm.It is only when I was on the platform, I realized it is only 8.30pm.So when I went hmv before going work.
Idiot guy from my work told me that there will a hun called ryan working that night for the function.Guess what?When I report to work, I saw the name tag on his uniform...it wrote ryan.Goodbye bata(soon) after serving me for 2 years.All alone at the basement.I am very tired.Although a bit bored, I prefer staying at the basement.Just sit there and slack.No need to socialise...since I am not familiar with them.
And I left the workplace at 3 plus and slept at 5am.This is girl girl.Sadly, she was put back to survive on own.Boyfriend's jin long yu.Very fierce and ate frogs.Boyfriend has a new haircut.But it doesn't affect us!Zhier and me.Went to collect crocs...really damn light.We also went shopping at square 2 afterthat.
Went to celebrate cs's birthday at Fish & co last week.Forced to stand on the rocky high chair.And he blew all the candles on the chair!Thinking what to write on the guest book.Happy birthday to all october babies!

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