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Monday, December 24, 2007

I will only know you care when you show it to me.
Well, having induction stuffs for last week and gotta present a case study as a group(each ward presents one) on the last day and we only knew that at the end of the third last day.
Last minute checking through and rehearsal...Shh...we are wasting in the tearoom.Can't believe right?Our ward actually have Big Foot...I even saw air purifier in preparation room.Damn comfortable and free of charge some more.
Had KFC buddy meal with pei pei.The last time to have one hour break.
And the presentations were so long...I fell asleep the one before ours.So wordy...I can't take it anymore.
Went bugis to get cs's present(a watch) and shopping alone since everyone were so busy.Even boyfriend.So sad that I just cried on the bus home.
By the way, I went to BGH to buy stocking.The sales assistant told me that the stocking was meant for long standing.Said until sound like surgical stocking so I bought one since so cheap.All my siblings changed phone...now my phone became old version!
Went to gym with ky.So long never meet her!Work out until I knocked out.By the way, thanks for the food.
And I started to developed fever that night.
Sunday was somehow gathering for yanlong gang as x'mas celebration.Forced to eat the thousand island, tartar and chilli sauce prawn ball.So unlucky!I never lost in the game but everyone happy will do.Left early because my dad was kbkb and my body was not feeling well.Gifts from yanlong and sawhui!Thanks.By the way, that's not my name.
And I decided to see a doctor for the fever today.Cefuroxime(antibiotics) and panadol.Panadol is own supply..I requested not to give me those drugs I had at home.He told me that the fever won't gone so soon.-_-"'fever on and off for whole year.

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