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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Late again!This time I didn't mean to but because I can't find my house key.Felt so bad the whole morning.And the nyp lecturer just like to add oil to fire.She came by and told me that my hair is messy and my ear stick.She said is not allow.I wonder why ttsh allow but not ah or rather her.
Went to Bugis street but was so tire.Was quite piss off with SA while I was trying a dress; although the dress' cutting is damn nice but the cost is quite expensive for a nameless brand.Somehow the attitude of the SA.Why should I buy?Even if I want to, I think I will go far east since there is an outlet there too(I think so).
Took bus to amk hub to buy smackdown vs raw 2008 for honey after calling master loo.And my honey treat me pepperlunch.Thanks...it was so delicious!And when I am back home.I saw my sis lying on bed with her finger bandaged.

This is how the Dr did.And the painkiller was simply not enough for her.
Still remember that time I treat him Jack's place?My return trip is billy bomber.Yummy lemon shake...the soup of the day was warm and nice.Mix and chix.But he was too engross in talking with Rui xing.And my grilled dory.Both of them were saying the serving was small very LOUDLY.Looked like fish cake.And the waiter faster served another to top up.Finally no more chocolate ice cream.
And the next day I patrol billy bomber at hereen to have a small gathering with the pills. Unfortunately, germ couldn't make it but well, we will celebrate charlene's birthday at 1st of February.
Went amk hub on last sunday.Someone sponserped blue psp slim for me.Thanks to that sweet kind soul.Other than the size, I realized there is glitter in the colour.Damn cool!
And I happen to see the nyp open house booklet in my old newspaper.That's mandy ng.And this girl looked exactly like lim yen yee!

And I found the firework video in my phone!Eyes covered with shit.And my bro actually favourite this video under my account.

Well, it's funny by the way.

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