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Sunday, March 23, 2008

I had a nightmare.Well, I decided to retake those subjects I flunked during o level and the dream is about how I miss my biology practical.
Anyway, met up with missy vell to buy something on Wednesday.
My hair is thick again!Had to tie up or else I will look very haggard.
But most importantly is FOOD.FOOD = ENERGY.
After few minutes of discussion, we settled it at changing appetite.
Chocolate something.Drinking her cookies and cream shake but still eyeing on the chocolate.Her main course is that burger.The waiter is very attitude...Fries.Mine is the one in the hot pan.
There is actually another dish called Texas wrap.It tasted like curry puffs.We were like spending 10 bucks eating curry puffs.
Before we parted...we ended didn't what we intended to buy."Take picture also so long!"Hair in mess.Anyhow clipped the hair since I received the call from someone special.Artistic poser...Don't know why I looked so happy in this picture.She tried to pose like the leader who run away but it seem like she is so happy to bought so many food.
Went to repair psp on Thursday.I left the shop after one hour.Took bus to pasir ris.Sometimes, I love taking bus...can look around; think about the past, freshen the thoughts.
I was sitting at the bus interchange for half an hour then I realized I wait at the wrong place.Even I managed to know the waiting time, he is still not there yet.See, he coloured his glasses.He looked cute but I just don't like he coloured it.S L SEE..reminded of my ex... he's K B SOH. Some vulgarizes initial.Boyfriend also laughed when he heard that.I really love to be with him...we can communicate.Like intimacy, our ex-s, future, plans, stupid stuffs we did and others.
Maybe we are the same, we are practical type of people.Put his smelly cap on my nice hair.
I was woke up by him on Friday.This idiot called me and told me it is 2 plus.He said he got no time to meet me.And I looked at my cellphone...it's 9 plus!Stupid boy...want to scare people out the bed.

Watched fatal move in the afternoon.Boyfriend's treat...I don't mind watching free show.He likes those fighting and blood spilling everywhere show.
The one who attracted my attention is tian nu who called su su in the show.On the way back to pack his bag.Met them at night.See mei fang!
Broke again...party world that night was expensive.I wondered if it is due to public holiday.
Super hard to meet--er cong.
Joo went stun after I took this photo.
And some emo photos I took.

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