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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This week off day falls on Tuesday, which is today.
Well, today is 15th April.It's germs' birthday(happy birthday, my dear!) and also the one year anniversary for being together as a couple with boyfriend.
Well, he is serving the country and currently super duper broke so I don't think there will be any celebration.
Speak of celebration, I don't think we also have time to celebrate his birthday as well.His birthday falls on 25th April and he will in the forest or jungle for military training.And it is such wasteful since my off day for that week is on Sunday(so rare!)!
Fine...think until I very piss off.Want to spend time with him but we are so busy; still complain I never accompany with him. ;(
Met up with the 7 pills(Full attendance) for germ's birthday last Saturday!
At cream bistro.She look so kawaii in this photo(more photos in my Multiply).
Time slowly slips...
Some time ago, we are still attending some boring to death talks for orientation...
attending some lectures and labs...
curse and swear about our group mate and some unreasonable lecturers...
walking to ang mio kio to kill time...
being so stress up with exams, ICAs, FYP...
counting days toward end of attachment...
Now, we are all stepping into another part of our life.All the best to the seven pills...do hope we will still play a part in our future.
And thanks Jovell for getting my red apple and Charlene for the bookmark.
I am deprived of sleep.Dad counted my sleeping time.Managed to get 3 hours if I am on pm shift and the next day is am shift.
That partly contributed to he reason why I am at home for day off.

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