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Monday, May 05, 2008

Is not that I don't want to update.
Is just that the internet is down whenever I feel like updating.
Well, caught in the between IP and work.
Ms jenny before rebonding her hair.I am so surprised that Hui Teng actually bring a tripod around.Noob right?Oh gosh, I looked so plump.And the five famous inductee who were caught "loitering".Now I have to sign in and out of ward.A nice dinner at bugis with Pei pei.Some buns with luncheon meat.
Guess what I did on Wednesday?
I was on am shift and I decided to go amk hub to collect my psp.
I took a bus and has the thought of changing to another around Bishan area.
And I ended up at Kovan when I woke up.
Took a direct bus after getting a drink.
Same plot again, I fell asleep again.
This time I was at amk hub.
But there is no one on the bus...including the bus driver.
I quickly woke up and walked to the front of the bus.
Luckily, the bus driver came and he was super stunned to see me on the bus.
I hurried down the bus.
Just I think everything should be fine, I took the wrong bus to woodland while meeting my lovely boy.
By the way, double date on Wednesday.Watched this with his parents.
He stay overnight at my house on labour day just to send me to work on Friday.
Had dinner with him at queensway market before going his house.
Received call from lingz but rejected her offer to club.
Is not that I don't want to.
I need to work tomorrow
Mummy don't allow.
Boyfriend disagree.
No clothes.
Friends, I felt guilty that I can't be your side when you are down.
Accompanied boy to book in.Couple beanies as his birthday present.I love this the best.And he want to be crazy withe beanie.Siao ta bo.

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