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Sunday, September 07, 2008

After missing in action for 4 days, my grandmother was found and warded in TTSH.
Actually, my relationship with my grandmother was not really that good after I entered my adolescence period.I don't like the way she treat me as a kid and some other stuffs that will not be nice if I wrote here.But I still remember when I am small, she was the one who take care of me when my mum just threw aside and played mahjong from day to night.That is a truth that cannot be changed and that actually made me feel guilty whenever I showed her bad manners.
Well, she is fine now.The moment I saw her lying on the thin mattress, I nearly going to tear but I didn't because of my make-up.She become so dark after being under a tree for 4 days as she had a fall and couldn't got up.Her upper denture was lost and her whole body was covered with mosquitoes bites.I heard from those elders that her body was wet and her pant was stained with urine when she was found.Dad not having a good time ever since the day she was missing.It was a relief for the whole family that she was found.
Anyway, I went shopping on Thursday with my jie mei.It was meant to get present for a birthday girl but ended up I am the one doing shopping and my poor jiemei just accompanied me to do shopping.Thank you very much to Mr. Eddy.
Went party after visit my grandmother on Friday.At first I wanted to go MOS as lingz called me first but ended up going st james.
The whole thing came along like this:
Lingz sms me to mos and I agreed.Cindy called me later on to go zouk so I called lingz that I will be going two places.Went to TTSH in the evening after I was being told that my grandmother was warded.Waited for nearly 2 hours for bed and left after I saw my grandmother.And my "good" jiemei actually asked me to make a choice to choose him or lingz.I ended up put ling's plane since mr eddy accompanied on Thursday.Went to zouk and no more entry to phuture.Called up cindy and decided to give st james a choice.
So I ended up at st james which I didn't enjoy much as the songs they played were not my tunes.
Anyway, I really feel like laughing whenever I think of clubbing.
I CAN'T REMEMBER MOST OF THE PEOPLE I CLUB WITH especially those that I only met once.
But I think it's ok since people also won't remember me.

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