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Friday, July 03, 2009

Actually I already can feel it.
Your determine is so strong that I can't do anything but to follow your instruction.
I already prepare myself for this but I do sad as I refuse to accept.
This time I only told two friend that I am so sad, not including the one who saw your message.
First friend I called is someone who knew us.
I called her, told her everything how I feel.
She analysised the situation for me.
I feel better after ranting out all my pain.
Second friend...
It's because I am looking for someone that come immediately to my mind.
Maybe after all these day, I realized the guys around me all come and go with a motive.
But that person come immediately to my mind, do not lie to me at all.

Tomorrow I will be 21.
There's a chinese proverb and it's goes like this "不经一事,不长一智。"
"You can't know about something unless you experience it; wisdom comes from experience".
I treat everything as learning experience to make me strong.
This is not the first time it hurt so much.
Pain score of 10; I rate it as 7-8.
Everyone asked me why I go and cut my hair.
I always wanted it short but you really gave me the force to cut it.
Anyway, everyone said it's nice =)
I asked my mum to get me a ring because I want to be committed to something.And the only thing I can committed now is my family.
21 should able to think wiser.
Differiate right and wrong.
Know who is really sincere.
My next breakthrough shall be tattooing.
Tattooing may sound a turnoff but it's always one of the thing in my wishlist.
I have think about it for a long long time.
Tattoo is forever...so I will need to find a unique one to ink over my body.
After that I will go photoshoot.
To get my most beautiful side being show on picture.

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