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Friday, August 21, 2009

Today is not my day.
I mean 20 08 2009.
I miss one bus stop today. It's not because I overslept or what.But it's the bus driver never see me.I kept pressing the bell but he just kept driving.And so, I alight at ABC market...walking all my way back to AH.
And I got scolding from a crazy customer.And this collague of mine just could not stand by my side but kept insisting I did wrong.I admit partly I am in the wrong but that GY asshole should not show attitude to me as I didn't do anything to provoke him.He's angry but I am not the one he can vexed all his anger at.And I deserve a apology from him...after getting all his anger & get my day sucks!
I don't know why...people just loves to sterotype.
I admit sometimes I do;
at least
I try to listen(if only I am cool down)
before I jump into a conclusion.
I may be fickle minded, unable to make a descision
*KNN GY KNS* All those vulgarities is now filled in my mind.
So emo... =(
Even best buddy, BFF, ben ben de don't want to with me.
And I really itchy ass...
made dear irriated...
He tried to console me after knowing that I had a bad day.
Asked me to sleep.
But my message just made him pissed off in the end, he just don't want to reply me anymore!
He don't want me anymore?
He don't love me anymore?
he don't want me because I am really a pain...
*tears at the edge of my eyes*
Sorry, dear!
3 times = very sincere, from the bottom of my heart
Dear, I know my mistakes...please don't angry with me...
please don't don't want me!
Don't angry with me k!
Waiting for your message...but I don't to receive any disappointment...
looking for companions for...

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