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Saturday, September 05, 2009

I saw his profile...he had a girlfriend...oh gosh!
Joy arh joy,
don't cry, I am warning you not to shed a single for someone who don't love you.
Joy arh joy,
don't get angry, for once, be graceful and wish them all the best.
Joy arh joy,
don't get too upset... at least, for now on, someone will continue your burden in your heart.
Joy arh joy,
love yourself more as friends are around you to see in your best!
Joy arh joy,
pull up your sock, the world won't collaspe just because he don't love you.
Joy arh joy,
breath in and out...cool down, tachycardiac won't do good to your body.
Joy arh joy,
you belong to yourself, him too.You owe him and neither him.
Joy arh joy,
I know you are sad...not happy...but do you think it is worth to be in such mood for such a jerk?
Joy arh joy,
stop lying and daydreaming.The truth has shown...he don't give a bloody damn to you.
Joy arh joy,
do you think he will be guilty for what you are in now?The answer is no, he will be laughing at your foolishness.
Joy arh joy,
those words once that came out from his mouth is over.Grow up, don't be a love slave.
Joy arh joy,
there is lots of things for you to trobule about...field teams, cardiac team, fine stitching...move on.He doesn't belong to you.
Joy arh joy,
I know the news has spoil your day...but only today...not the future.
Joy arh joy,
no wonder how hard is your fists is, the truth is the truth!
Joy arh joy,
you will get better and better.You upset now but on the hand, he maybe hugging someone blissfully.
Joy arh joy,
throw out all your vulgarities...I will know you want to...


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