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Saturday, February 26, 2005

A bit more, just a bit more; I will get hit by a Taxi and won't be able to write this entry.
22nd February was Kelvin's birthday.Off on that day.We went to watch Hide and Seek."Oh Charile...Come out wherever you are...".The girl named Amelia had very huge eye bags that made her looked quite scary.Well, the plotting of the story was quite the same as the Korean movie 'Sisters'.But the 'sisters' really got ghost anyway.
23rd Feb right, I went to Karin's house.Met my primary 5 teacher on my way there.Chatted abit then continue.Karin's dog was those 'high' kind.I pressed the doorbell only, it barked like crazy.People passed by only, it also barked like crazy.They named it as rocket attack or something similar.First round of gramble- Lost.After makan finish, win some but lost after mao mao participate.I realized that those sat the place will win but lost after he came.Opps!Maybe I was too sensitive.Then thanks Karin for her dinner treat and bide her goodbye.
Got CBTL training today.I overslept but not too late.Went back home again because I forgot to take my wallet out.There was Flag Day today.I must be a very bad person because I kept finding excuses for not donating.Actually I didn't really find excuses, I was release from class at 4 plus.From morning to 4 plus.Luckily the lesson not so boring.The traineer, Fannie, talked about some people that I met before.
Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza to shop for hat.But that place didn't had the hat I wanted.Nevermind, I tried my luck at Junction 8.Got the hat but its fur kept dropping.Sensitive nose...darm...Kel called and said must cancel date.Bro's friend kinda hit on the head, need to see doctor.I couldn't imagine that scoccer can be that dangerous.Oh Mind!Kel loved scoccer so much...
Mum never helped me record my favourite show!!!I want to watch!!!Then I went to buy dinner.This was when I was about to get hit by Taxi.But too bad, I escaped.My enemy must be biting teeths now.See, I, Tan Xiang Zhou, escaped from death!!!Met Sawhui as she worked at Guardian.Tried the fragance oil there; but didn't had the kind I want.Joey's cd is not shelvesbut never mind I can get to hear them online.

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Friday, February 18, 2005

KeKeke...Ba Po(八婆)'s talk craps time...Just for info...

My family
Used to have terrible bad temper and strict but had changed.Had dark skin that made him looked fierce.He is very concerned about our study.When I was in pre-school, he gave me spelling everyday with cousin zheng wei.If we wrote wrongly, he just caned us till we correct it. I must call him at night when he was not at home when I was so very small;or esle I will cry. Used to bring us to Orchard road during Christmas when we were small; didn't know when this tradition had stopped.

Always quarrelled with Dad when I was a kid.Asked me whether want to go with her or Dad if they got divorced(never ever happened).A grambler; her job was to played majong even public holiday also operate.Getting fatter and fatter; maybe because of eating all the left over food.My ATM machine because I never asked my dad for money unless study came in.Caned me if she find me misbehaved when I was young.Once, she bought me to see a temple medium because she thinks I am naughty and my cought couldn't recovered.Actually, she is willingly to spend if she think that worth it.She always bring me and my brother to cut hair till very short when we were young...

She cared about the family very much but she is not understanding at all.Always scolded me.When I was a kid, I always drew her stuffs such as table, textbooks...I remember once she got chicken pox and couldn't go Sentosa.She blamed all this on me because I was the first to get out of the three siblings.She was skinnylike skeleton and my relatives loved and treat her well.

He can stayed at home and faced the computer for whole day long.Actually he was like my dad; didn't like to go out.He got a lot of name when he was small.Ah Boy, Ah Da, sunny boy...Scolded alot of bad words.Shorter than me.He spent alot on VCD, anime nowadays.Very smart because got edusave every year.

Took care of us when we were young.I don't know since when that I find her very fan.Asked her not to do this but she insisted.What for?People don't appreciate and so old already.Later done wrongly, get screamed only.Always go walked alone...very lonely I heard from my mum. I knew she did it because she cared but don't overdone...Last time she always bought me to primary school.Her leg got hurt and didn't recovered well after once she bought me to school.When I got blue-black, she will rub it to let it recover fast.But sometimes I don't know why she said alot of things that don't know heard from where and people that my family don't even knew.She had poor hearing due to ageing.Actually I also don't know I don't like her presence now.

School life
I studied in class B while Cousin wei studied at class C.I always considered myself inferior to my sister.I like to draw...on my sis's stuff, my result slip, house wall...I remember once in PAP, My group "so call" leader asked what primary school will the group members attend.Then he said very proudly that he will attend ChongFu Primary.What an idiot he is!He said those primary school other members attended sucks...

Primary School(Peixin)
I always stayed in library when I was primary 1,2,3.This is when my chinese improved a lot alot as the chinese library books that it had is read by me.Those books even included books for kids like age few months to 3 years old.I got a very good bubby called Wang Xuan Zhu.But now......
When I was in Primary 3,4, I got an monster teacher called Mrs Thang.Old woman!Violent! She took her shoe and just threw it at my classmate.Finally, she couldn't stand the class and she left the school.What a blessing!
Then Miss Pillar came.She was a determined teacher that keen to teach us good English, Science, Maths.But I was still palyful that time.
Primary Six, my form teacher was Mrs Ong.Another good teacher; well I am still a very childish girl at that tine.I remembered there is a boy called Nelson Tay; always bully me.He made use of my friend NG to irriate a girl surname Toh. Our group( in a class, we break down into groups) always went to library and got warned for being too noisy.Hanged-out place was Long John Silver where we ate slowly till 3 plus in afternoon.Didn't done much for PSLE.

Secondary school(Northland)
I was a slacker in Secondary 1.I remembered I calculated how much I should scored in CA1 to get a just pass.Still very childish and playful at that time.That time I really liked choir very much.A nerd too, tugged my shirt very into my long long skirt and wore glasses.I had very very long hair.
Secondary 2 is the time where I strive very very hard.Joined Mark your Future.My result improved a lot.I was very self-centred and became very petty at that time.Mrs Teo was my form teacher.I was still a cry baby.I still remebered our class got 11 people dropped into normal stream and 3 at secondary 1.
Secondary 3 is the year I became more bold and learnt a lot throught student leader.Changed a lot; hairstyle, character...Crossxcountry gotten 8th position.Still remembered Mrs geetha.Poor teacher; gotten bullied by my class.Gotten woo and woo guys.Finally settled down with Kel.Long love run...However, I was being heart-breaking by choir.
Secondary 4 is where my results was like roller-coaster.Did my very very best for e-math.Learned a lot about relationship.Slept in class.Of Course not to forget my beloved form teacher, Mdm How.She sometimes got fed-up with us but also got touched.First NSS prom night...but left earlier because I was too hungary...Anyway, I got separated from YLDP...Next Friday I will be getting my O'level result; will be back there...Wish myself good luck!

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

My second valentine with kel.So fast but I knew there will much to come and celebrate.We went to Bishan to get Jiawen's belated present.I hope she is not angry.Bought brownie from Mrs Field before proceeding to Causeway to watch a moment to remember.It's a korean darma...those teary type.Well, I liked it because I am a ha han(哈韩).The couple met each other at a family mart.The female role forgot to take her coke and wallet.She mistook the male role took her coke so she snatched the coke and drank it in front of him with one breath and gave a big blurp.The main focus is when the female role found herself having Alzheimer's disease that her memory will slowly faded off, then die.It was so hurt when the wife begin to call her hubsand her ex-lover's name and didn't remember anything about his extinct.I used to wish that I can lost my memory but didn't did I knew it was so harsh and pain.We went for dinner at cannva after that.Had two small scoop of ice-cream with four small little whip cream on a waffles for dessert at Gelare cafe.That costed me eleven bucks!Darm expensive; must be crazy to buy it at the first place.
I had chao ta waffles cooked by my colleague.So hard to the extent that my teeth pained.Then I went to work OT at International plaza.Kel went there to wait for me.Poor kel...7 hours plus plus reading newspaper.I found the coffeebean there quite cramp but everything seem like very huge.Unable to cope well.Just take ice blend for example, it took so long to blend at centrepoint while a minute at IP.The IP people quite friendly but I still felt a bit like unfamilar.Well, I am cool...plus don't like to speak out unless you made the first move.
Yesh!The chairs and tables outside were cleared at last.I didn't need to bother to clear the tables, arrange the chairs.Auntie Michelle was darm fed-up with the goument counter.I don't dare to talk to her.Had triple decker and Moroccan Mint tea lattle for lunch.The triple decker is quite....after eating a few mouth, I got so sick of the strong cheese flavour.Then my stomach got a bit pain; maybe because my stomach can't ta han...
I got my pay...very very little.I felt so poor plus broke......really broke like crazy...by the way, I changed my midi again...I don't know what's the name but it's quite nice...

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Chinese new year 2nd day
My third uncle's family came when I was sleeping.I woke up and mifen for breakfast.Then waited for my sis to bath finish then I can bath.Went to my aunt's house.Only knew that she couldn't visit us because her father-in-law passed away after we left her house.Then I went to an old folk house.Charity?Wrong.Go there to visit my third grandaunt.Her legs were nowhere to be seen because she had diabetes then...guess I don't need to continue.After that I went to vist my fifth grandaunt.She had a terrible hunch back worse than me.But she was lucky, did not had any illness.
Took a cab home then went to kaiyin's house.I walked because I want to exercise; haven't been exercise for long long time plus eating a lot alot during chinese new year.Annie came after me.Ate a pizza at her place with knife and fork.So gentle, I cannot biteso I had to cut into small bit-size pieces.Later the three of us walked to Golden village as the two of them are going to watch constantine later on with their friend.Saw siping quening while finding a seat at BurgerKing. Ate cheesesticks and onion rings for dinner before going home.I had to peel them before putting in my mouth so I take off the oily parts and ate the main ingredient.

Start work
I went to bus interchange at 1.30pm.I passedby them but they seem to took me as transparent.I didn't give a darm but continue to find battery for my mp3.When I returned, they were gone but Kel was there waiting for me.Took bus 804 and met up with Hui Yuk and Yan long.Yan long changed new phone; felt so shame to own my 6100 phone suddenly. While on the bus, I saw vincent walking to Neo's house.Then we waited for him at bustop and saw hui tyng. Finally reached neo's house.It's crowded and hot.Huiling, beth and some others were drinking wine.Some boys were playing cards.Stayed a while and fleed.The whole purpose became taking red packet from neo's house.
Went to school nearby market to had chinese carrot cake for lunch.Then quickly wen t home to get changed for work.I was late for work.Lisa gave red packets before going.Thanks.I was quite bored while working.Maybe because I was still in holiday mood.

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

The first day of rooster year.Being woke up by my mum in the morning.Then got washed, changed and went to my grandpa's house.
Had a nap as my slibings, cousin ting, uncle played majong.My dad got home soon after having lunch while mum went to temple and bought 4D with relatives.Played some card games after mum got back.The luck of lady wan't with me, didn't win and lose either.My sister got 'zha hu'.My uncle very funny, his son wanted to take MRT, he really brought him to take MRT.
Later I watched Inuyasha with cousin simin; had dinner afterward.Watched channel u then 8.Simin kept asking me to played inuyahsa but I refused because I wasn't in that mood and wanted to channel 8. tHen she wanted to snatched my mineral water.Then I showed her my angry(cool) face.She kept quiet and stop bothering.I knew I am rude and I may had hurt her.Nevermind, next time I buy her some sweets.Sorry, dear.
Got home and start my eating session.This new year is quite boring...

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

This is picture of little wen ze.Looked chubby and got baby fat, the quaity of picture put up not too good.

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HaPPy nEW yEAr!!!!!
Today is the chinese new year's eve.Things that I planned yesterday didn't come true.
First, the return to NSS.I planned to go back.But in the morning, my GHT block dropped.I need to go to Outram park for a replacement.Sorry, Huiyuk, said to meet together.
When I reached the dental, I went to register.So long! Then the nurse called my name, asking me to go and see the doctor first.The doctor then told me to go to level 4 to register.Then at level 4, this time worse, longer!When the clerk called my name, she said that the doctor cannot see me!!!SHOCKED!I told her that I need to see the doctor eargerly; she went inside and came back, gave me a number(8023,buy 4-D) to wait.After waiting for 1 hour, the doctor finally see me.At last!He replaced it and I waited outside again for a long time.
Took MRT back home.There came a mother and son.The mother(I betted abit of mental) sit beside me and son beside her.She suddenly asked her son to changed to the seat in front of us.The son said sit at where they are, then the mother became very pissed off, her tone changed to some sort of scolding tone. Then her son did what she demanded.I was thinking that why this mother wanted to chang her seat, her son is not siting very far away from her.Don't tell me she think that I got virus, AIDS isn't?
I went to the salon to meet my mum and trim my hair.I felt more energized after the hair cut.Then I accompanied my mum to transfer $money$ to her friend's account.Actually, she is paying back the 4D bill.
Then, I didn't accompany my brother to go Queensway to buy shoes.He bought it at northpoint with my dad instead.
Started to eat in the late afternoon.I didn't take in any food before that.Then my relative came, and we started our reuion steamboat dinner.I bearly recongised my cousin(third uncle's only daughter, studying Primary 6 this year).She grew up into a shy lady as last time I saw her, she is still very small kid.Wow, time files so fast.I need to admit that I am ageing.This year, there is a family newcomer: Tan Wen Ze, my third uncle's youngest son.He was borned on last year December.So cute, don't cry easily unless he is really hungary.He is very active, moved alot.When I talked to him, he will replied with some baba language.Don't smile alot, but he's really cute when he smiled.Heard from his mother that he favourite colour is red.My brother heard that quickly took out a ten dollars note and he reacted quickly.

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Ate hotcakes as breakfast with mum, went to dental with mum to put braces. A very kind uncle gave me a seat beside my mum.He was reading the newspaper but still gave the seat.
Waited for about half an hour for my turn.Finished at 11p.m. Actually I was abit of frightened as I thought it was going to be very painful when the doctor tried to screw the wire.Surprisingly, he didn't and my next appoinment will be six weeks later.
Went to paid money at level 2 then level 6.I was shocked when I went to level to buy toothbrush. The cashier said it costed $90.40!What $90.40!My mum then gave a comment that $90.40 for 2 toothbrush; then the cashier explained it was the toothbrush plus braces that cost $90.40.
After that my mum took me to bugis as she wanted to buy a sleeping gown. We went to the paragon,bugis village then to OG then to the market around there. I was searching for cap but all the cap is with the rubber net......
Took bus back to Yishun.In the middle of journey, three blind people boarded the bus. I only knew that when I saw a boy talked beside my mp3, wanted to give his seat to one of them. Then I just leaded them while I was sitting down. I felt like I am a sinner because since a primary school kid can give their seat, why not a teenager like me! Moreover, the horoscrope said that I should do a lot of good deeds.
I went back home to sleep.By the way I saw joycelyn and jia wen in the morning and hidaya in kfc.The braces was giving me so much uncomfortable.Especially the upper ones, so ugly! Watched 1 piece and inuyasha after woke up.Then eat dinner, I haven't been eating for the whole afternoon.Maybe it was because of the braces that made me felt sick to eat.I saw my old classmate, Yuhui, on channel 8.Thanks for kaili's reminder.
Tomorrow must be a busy day, I need to bring my brother to Queenway to buy shoes then go salon.I am thinking of changing a new hairstyle. Then my ex-classmates asked me if I am going back to NSS...

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I have change my background to this song,let me die(English version),by nic tse and song of 2002(movie).

Are we at war tonight,
will there be angels whispering to me good night,
don't wake when the lightning strikes my heart for you is true,
let no one take that from you
time is running tight,
can't change from wrong to right
So I'll close my eyes and dream a little
Just like how we used to be baby
It's time to say fare-well,
No need to cry or feeling sorrow
It's alright, all in the book of life
heaven grant me one last wish I beg you
Let me say these words before I go
I will love you till the end of time
with every breath of mine, I'll hold you by my side
but I'll rest in peace, my sweet heart would you
Let me die in your arms with you
only you can stop the rain tonight
only you can change my world
from black to white
So I'll close my eyes and dream a little more
Are we at war tonight, will there be angels whispering to me good night,
don't wake when the lightning strikes
heaven grant me one last wish I beg you
Let me say these words before I go
I will love you till the end of time
with every breath of mine, I'll hold you by my side
but I'll rest in peace, my sweet heart would you
Let me die in your arms with you
only you can stop the rain tonight
only you can give me strength to fight,
till the sky is burning, It's the end of time
look ahead tomorrow, a long and winding road
keep the faith of mine don't let it go
you're the only reason night ain't growing cold
what will I do, without you
I will love you till the end of time
with every breath of mine, I'll hold you by my side
but I'll rest in peace, my sweet heart would you
Let me die in your arms with you
only you can stop the rain tonight
only you can make my world so bright,
life, no longer empty, with you in my heart, In my heart

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Yesterday, I went to orchard to do some new year shopping with Kel after work.I spotted a top from stussy but it did not have my size. Then I spotted a top from a small shop at Far East but too bad, too much people. I spotted a skirt that is like a plain skirt with lace at bottom.It was kinda of unique but it cost about $40 that made me dropped the idea.In the end, I didn't buy anything.
Today after getting a jean from Girodano, I went to s'pore poly open house.By the way, the jeans wasn't my first choice.My first choice is a pair of blue jeans with some sort of white print.
I met up with Kel at Marsilling.Then saw KK, aretha and her cousin at Jurong. Then I saw Karin, xinrong, soonkuey, huiling, chinsiong, mao mao, hazel, ximin, guijuan and chengde at SP.
After getting all flyer, I went to Queentown with Kel.It was so tiring as we walked there after we reached Queenway plus the SP goodie bag and super humid weather.By the time we reached there, I was half-died and Kel was persiring like crazy.
Later, we went to tried the shoes but it was too small for me as it was the kid shoe. I bought another pair but it was paid by Kel and a bag while Kel bought a pink shirt but it was paid by me before getting to Bugis.
Bugis was crowed that it was difficult to shop.Moreover, many of the clothes cannot be tried and the weather was really burning hot.Then Kel's tone seem like very unpolite making me very pissed off. Then we just simply walked to paragon to shop where air-con was provided. I bought a top from P.O.A and one more from double index. The P.O.A top was very simple and actually I think it can be more cheaper.I also bought a bag from littlematchgirl for my mum.
I went to chalet with my mum to celebrate her birthday. It was boring as there was no much entertainment and the adults were having majong session. Finally they cut the cake from Q-bread. No ones really know my mum's age that my aunt took 4 big candles and 9 small ones. Actually, my mum was 43. After they cut the cakes, they even asked my mum to took 4 digits to buy 4-D and continue their majong session. I went home at 11pm while my mum stayed put to have her majong session.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Happy 17th Birthday to Lim Mei Fang.
Yesterday after chatting with Cat really miss my secondary school days.Bitter, sweet, fed-up, stress,elated...all are parts of it but I really feel like I had grow up alot during those days.I often think that I was so childish last time. I learnt alot that beyond knowledge. Happy-go lucky behaviour will be what I want to be. I think the prositive, negative ways.I tried not to think negative as this things let me down.I learn to encourage myself alot alot.That why I missed those days that made me learn and grow abit.
Well, just as what I wrote to encourage me, today is quite a good day.Althought I made some mistakes but I learned too.Maybe I am silly and slow-learner, I forgot how to made offline payment. Aunty Michelle's hands getting better, hope she get well soon.Very soon.Anyway she looked younger than her actual age.
I asked Tony(manager) about the cashier training.He asked me tomorrow but I changed my mind because I wanted to accompany kel.And also I can buy new year clothes.
So my plan is like this- tomorrow work until 6 then go far east with kel.Saturday go s'pore in the morning with kel then go queenway to shop, or maybe bugis like what annie tag in the tagboard. Then at night go celebrate mum's birthday.

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Don't ever let those unhappiness let you down.
No one is perfect and there will be always bad times.
Good harvest gone through months of shine and rain.
Don't ever feel stress or sad.
There are also people having situation worse than you.
Have pride, confidence.
Today's gotta be a brand new extreme good day.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Well, I am extreme tire today.After work, I went straight to sleep.Yawn*I set the alram at 6.30 then 6.35,6.45...then woke up, still sleepy.
Changed my clothes, washed face and rinse my hair( my hair get curl easily when I tie my hair) to make it straight.Then I tidy my bag and went out at 6.15pm. Actually I meet Cat at 6.30pm at Far East.Well, imagine how bad I am...GrIn*Sorry,Cat.
On my way to orchard, Cat sms saying she will be late, GOOD!Well I don't need to feel bad or guilt because she will be late too.Actually I want to sms, but she made the first move.
6.40pm plus plus, I had reached orchard but I was missing the ice-cream last time kel bought for me.But I am a road idiot.I climbed up all the escalator to seach for the long-miss ice-cream. In the end, when I gave up, I finally saw the ice-cream store.Isn't true that when I want to find something I can't but when I gave up, it came by easily? It let me think of a japanese drama whereby it describe love as waiting for a cab.
Finally met up with Cat and also a rasberry, caramel ice-cream in hand. She was waiting for me.Waiting for you, waiting for you; Anson Hu's song (waiting for you).L.A.M.E.
Cat passed me all the VCD.I regret for bringing such a small bag out. We went to search for chinese new year clothes and once again, she searched for T-shirt.Anyway, Cat was seducing to eat the brownie she bought from Jade.
We went to hereen and Cat was thinking to buy Jay's concert vcd or dvd. As for me, I listened to Wallace Huo's 你好就好(ni hao jiu hao).
Later we went to S11 to eat but Cat ate her brownie. I went homw with vcd only and she with a pair of earring.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A brand new blog page...Finish it quickly after work.
I am on morning shift today.Woke up early in the morning.Got nagged by my sis for setting the alram so many times that caused her wouldn't sleep.
A lady fainted on the mrt.Everyone was staring including me.Some guys wearing some sort of uniform murmured that why don't give her a seat.There is this auntie wearing red stood up and took a look at her.Then she went back to her seat again.Later when the train reached Bishan, she stood up, went up to the fainted lady. This time her seat was occupied but she was still sitting down; ya, on a seat that gave up by someone for the fainted lady.
Took a new punch card today.Blue colour, my favourite colour.Finally plucked up the courage to asked the manager to let me go.

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