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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time is slipping away and welcome 2009.
Not much thrill for the new year,
maybe because I am working for both christmas and new year.
I don't mind working during public holiday since I have no programme either.
Don't need to stay at home thinking why this or that person never date me.
Well, happy 2009.
See you soon.


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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My "lao-ko-ko" computer don't allow me to upload photos so have to wait till i go my boyfriend's house to upload photo first.
That time boyfriend treat me Breeks as I need something good for recovery.That meat is really tender and juicy.I liked his mash potato.
So in return, I take away cream butter crab for him yesterday since he also treat me buddy meal and breakfast for a few times.
And I saw his new puppy!
Kelly!She is 3 month old.Very shy...tried to bring her to downstairs but she refused to walk.She's the birthday present for his mum.
And some days ago, I meet ting for k session.And I loved their yaki scallop which cannot be found in marina square outlet!And I met ms jovell few days ago too.Sushi treat!She looked a school girl with her school bag that day!My stomache came back again that day and we just sat down at DKNY for a drink.Sorry to spoil your mood.
Going malaysia soon...

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Friday, December 05, 2008

The most frustrating thing is that I fell sick whenever I am having my off day.
Monday's abdomen pain didn't spare me.I vomitted twice during my shift that I ended up register to see A&E doctor.So funny as everyone is looking at me.
I asked for a fast, quicker treatment.
IV bolus plus drip for me.
Slept for one hour and I was sent home.MC for 1 day...and I returned work today.
You know,
I love the fact that Boyfriend love me so deeply.
He came all the way from camp when I told him I was registering at A&E.
He even paid for my cab fare.
And he helped me cleaned up my vomitus after I vomitted my lunch.
Actually friend around did show concerns...
My ben ben de went to JB and specially came to pass me my belated present.She said she just want to see whether I am fine.
And the drugs the GP gave me made me super drowiness that I felt so lightheaded when I went to northpoint to buy barley.Glad that she was with me when I feel like floating in air.
Once, she also accompanied me to have supper at the newly open Xin Wang after I managed to influenced her with my sweet talks.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I was supposed to having some nice roasted herbal duck today
I am now at home
I had abdomen pain last night
pain until I went to a 24 hours clinic
and it was then
I realize that I was having fever of 38.2


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