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Friday, June 29, 2007

Boyfriend just came to my house just to chat.Anyway, we didn't do much for our two month anniversary but only dined out.
Few days back, I got this lump at my left ear and boyfriend said it's a pimple.I managed to flaten it because it caused a lot of discomf when sleeping.
Me: Why you go and draw selina's face?
Bro: cute mah!
I thought he is a super S.H.E fan?!I went to cut my hair.Just a salon in the neighbourhood.I showed the lady this picture.It was like trimming more than cutting.Very thin...Trying to pose like the model.Took picture with the new feather dusty.I am not suffering from anorexia.The weight loss is really unintentional.Anyway, yen yee also said I gained back some.

Saw this on lao niang's blog.It's really funny with all the vulgarities.
They are saying about the prank calll this afternoon and if they really do, my reaction will be "KNN" came out.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thanks for having thoughts for my birthday...
Thanks for attempting to plan to celebrate...
Hope I really enjoy xp

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tomorrow I will be starting school again!
Yes, I know that I will miss school life when working but this moment I hope holiday can extend...
Because I haven't touch my books for 2 weeks.
Anyway, Jovell called that day that isetan was having a sale on guess items that its wallet is only selling at $30 plus.In other words, I bought mine more expensive! -_-"'
A little bit heartache because I facing some money matters now...
But, life have to go on... so SMILE and look forward the bright future!


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Friday, June 22, 2007

Is not that I am lazy to blog or what so ever...is just that I don't how to start.Fine...if you guys want to see all the photos just go to my multiply.
First on the list, we have ah min!
Ah min's birthday celebration I mean.It was held at suki sushi at cine.No cake but cookie!Jovell made the whole buffet worth by eating non-stop.
Once again, we played the "zhong ji mi ma".Ah min said it was not easy to sabotage her but she ended up the one eating most of the time!We also played the number game and counting fingers game.Loser is to eat 2 cream puffs.See min min...she got the shock when her lover tried to kiss her.So who wanna to suntan?I need a tan now!
I think I spent too much that I actually got a shock when I see the balance in my UOB.
And now, we had the june babies celebration!That's jack sheng not chee.Cutting of cake...The leftover...super disgusting!The babes with june babies...The guys with june babies...
And boyfriend treat his guys koko mee at chinatown.Left early because too many people and not enough for cab.And I went genting last sunday.I am scare of cold that I kept wearing gloves.My first meal at coffee terrance.Lousy service plus small serving.One word to describe- sux.The hotel room.Don't know why so big for mine.But the problem is that everytime I finished boiling water, the whole room will blackout.My mummy.
My relatives kept laughing at this picture because they said my mum's arm is as thick as a pillow.
At outdoor themepark.My ah gong...he is very high tech!

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

I was eating sushi yesterday and I bit my ulcer...
Just back from June babies' celebration...shall updated later together with ah min's if got time later.
Saw this on zhao's blog...
And my result is...
You are Gold Lion, who is rather serious and polite type of person.
You value personal relationships.
You suppress yourself and act to be a sociable person.
But you are really a person who doesn't like to loose to anyone.
You dislike emotional atmosphere and vague attitude.
You want to make everything clear-cut.
You like to stay in your own little world.
If you get in a situation where there are lots of people you can not express yourself and act as a perfect person.
You are not very subjective sort of person, unlike ordinary women, but unfortunately you lack soft and gentle atmosphere.
You tend to be too bold.
You cannot help but stretch your hand to those who are in need.
You are very kind person who helps the weak.
You are also weak on compliments, and will work enthusiastically after someone has given a compliment.
You will go about your duty steadily and loyally, and not get in a rush to achieve the objective.
You have perseverance, and will work effortlessly until you reach your objective.
Something that you have worked steadily for a long, long time, will turn out to be an asset to the world.
You are careful and rational, and therefore place value to steady life.
After getting married, you will be a devoted mother and a wife, but you are really a very dependent person, and prefer to keep your own little world.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How I wish...
I can just take your stress, anger
whatever that made you frown


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Monday, June 11, 2007

XPTrying to hide your pimple?Luckily, the rice you didn't finish don't end up on my face but yours!So I took it that you are not trying to hide your pimple but want to...


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Sunday, June 10, 2007

So...want to know what is the reason that makes me so piss these few days?
Every word I said,
Every smile I made, is just a torture to me....Anyway, went to eat chomp chomp last friday.Min min always like that...don't want to look into camera.See how I made myself smile...


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Friday, June 08, 2007

At seoul garden on last saturday.Farhan didn't knew that wasabi is like that...He didn't even taste it and swallowed the wasabi down.Boyfriend went to cut his hair until it looked like he is getting bald.Cam-whoring on mrt with boyfriend.That's the problem with him.No matter how much he slept, he always feel tire.Didi's birthday falls on 4th of June.We will help him celebrate every year including this year.Aunt said every year she and her husband will came and helped us celebrate birthday.But on my birthday this year she might not because her son will be due.So if I want her to help me celebrate, I will had to go the hospital with the cake.Guess what, I dream of bealau took my class for lab and she did on the tuesday!Finally got my braces' colour changed and rushed to mahantthan fish market.It's jovell's birthday!We played zhong ji mi ma and losers will have to eat as slice of lemon!See hannah's ke lian expression!She had been eating for 3 slices.Minmin is the worst, just put it into the mouth and straight away threw the lemon on the plate.See how fast she drank the water!See how special is Jovell's cake!
Still not getting enought of the seafood platter and we went to ca for cheesecake.By the way, we saw the autograph for singapore's cartoon.JJ, jin sha and lin yu zhong were there.And our lovely hana-lian managed to shake JJ's hand!And she was blushing all the way to ms.The cakes...and the ultimate winner of cheesecake is min min! xpAnd a group photo before boyfriend sent me home!

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Monday, June 04, 2007

My foots are darm sore now!
Went bugis to get something for my brother with boyfriend.
That's not because of the shopping...
That's because...I went foot reflexology again!
$30 for 40 minutes.
Cheaper than the very first time I did.
The massagers used a lot of force!I had to told him to use less strength 3 times!
Recently, there is GSS and june, july are here,whereby alot of people's birthday.
That's mean I shall be a loanshark to ask people to pay back...even boyfriend also cannot escape.
And those who helped to buy present for those june or july babies please come forward to collect the money!


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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yesterday my grandmother lost her way home.Is not to deal with any disease or whatever.She is a old lady who does not recognise a single word.Luckily, singapore is not that big and she is able to hail a cab easily.
Went to watch pirates with Boyfriend,jian ning and bi qi.The couple slept during the show and they missed the most interesting part of the show- the battle and the part whereby they gotta married.
Another part is the up is down,down is up.
Anyway, the movie is super long that I got scolding from my dad when I reached home.
Boyfriend threw popcorn at the couple after the show ended and this leaded to a beating from bi qi.The way they fight is super funny and boyfriend looked even younger than bi qi from the way he wear.
The movie ending is sad because the lovers cannot be together.Only allowed to see each other for once in ten years.I don't know why...From now on,I can only get to see Boyfriend for once a week and I am missing him now.
He messaged me that he neglected me due to his work but to be truth, we had been too close, often I mean, that I am bit not used to see him only once a week.
And all I can do is to make him feel less guilt by saying I am used to staring blankly at the four walls.
Yup, my way of thinking is selfish but I am not god to accept anything unconditionaly.
I used to avoid and supress so I think I can cope with it well.


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