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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey, so sorry to those people who went china and return finally in piece,I forgotten that we are having dinner on wednesday.Hope you guys don't mind that!xp
Anyway, ben ben de finally passed her bike test.So when is she going to give me a ride?I am looking forward that day!
Anyway,last sunday was delightful!Accompanied my cat and jiemei to legs and paddles.Such a long time ever since his birthday celebration at k-ster.I was there to gave my very moral support to them while they run and paddle.It took almost two hours to completed all the components.Kat was the first to run.I got a seat at starbuck while helping them to look after their belongings.I spotted them in the sea.I was wondering if they were...because it was a long distance from where they were to starbuck.Jiemei seem to...Thanks kat for the green frappe.Went shopping with boyfriend at vivocity.And the dinner was expensive...$80 bye bye.
I really felt so bad for his treat... :(
I still got lots of things to got from GSS
-long sleeve shirt
-jean material skirt
-hooded jacket
-contact lens
-white handbag
etc and etc...

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thursday during chean's tutorial.A real life ot setting!Courtesy of cheng ern as drip stand.
And our queen of bitch pronounced shuang shuang as thumb thumb.
Our poor circulating nurse,ah min, was picking and counting the gauze...
I don't seem there is a need for shuang2 to rush when it was her turn to ask question for the class.She was the patient lying on the table and she just chuck everything aside as fast as she could...like rushing to go and reincarnate.
That old witch is really...I nearly ended quarrelling with her.Xiao liang is even unlucky...that witch don't even bother to clarify and asked to do her own research.
Ben ben de bought me chocolate at the time when I was feeling so hungry.Thanks, my dear...
Went to eat pasta mania with 7 pills except ting and hana-lian.Went shopping with jovell at bugis afterward to wait for boyfriend.V8 cafe for dinner.Boyfriend tied a knot on the cherry stem using his tougue.And we were sleeping on the train.I was so disappointed when he was like can't be bother when I asked him to ask his sis to help my group project to take pictures of the school hall.Why is he so tired than me when I only have four hours of sleep last night?But I forgived him when he came to have dinner with me yesterday around 10 plus after putting plane with me at 6 plus.
And the most angry part is when I received the mail from that old witch.I clicked on the link and I saw this popped up.
So she expect me to click on every single wedsite?Is her time so precious than mine?I showed those who were chatting with me on msn at the point of time and everyone agreed that she sent me rubbish.
I don't understand why...at some point of time she could provide us so many information and gave us rubbish at another point.If cannot find anything, just say cannot find...why must be so stuborn to show that you can find something that is rubbish?
Woke up late on friday.And I rushed to school and I found out...the lecturer was on mc.Wasted my time rushing and waking up so early.
And ting suddenly went cam-whoring.Ah min was being forced to take picture with her...
Before going amk to have our lunch, charlene, germs and me went to see irene regarding our project.
We told irene we didn't want to see in the first place because one of team mate told us not to see her because she scare our marks will be deducted.
Irene told us to tell her that because she never turned up with us, her marks will then be deducted.Let her couldn't sleep well over the weekend.*grins*Charlene drove her to amk.
And our poor germ blackout before sending back home.And I had to repeated that she seen a doctor this morning to those ka-po people again and again.But the funny is...we were so panicied than the auntie selling mr bean that she was the one helping germs.
Old man's tutorial is boring because we didn't gathered any infos.And he released my particular group alittle bit early.But he demanded a bye bye from us.
Uncle:"Hey, don't need to say bye bye?"

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

I passed!xp
Got conscious level chart by ambel.
Motor strength must specify which limb.
School ended at 12pm but I reached home at 5pm to touch up my project.

P.S. Boyfriend is an idiot xp
Regarding the stimulation, please notminate the "pro"fessional next time round.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's stimulation training again...
Both charlene and me totally forgot what the case scenerio was like.
And we were stunned when we heard that we are supposed to have four nurses instead of 3 nurses and one wife.
And I am the poor wife...and I became ICU nurse.
Luckily, this time the "patient",Mr Gwen never has any complications before I left.
The three nurses kept correcting my pronounsation.
Jovell was laughing and charlene simply looked lost.
When they were asked who is the nurse-in-charge, our minds simply popped out three words...CHUA TING TING.
Tomorrow is my retest...all the best to me!


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Monday, May 21, 2007

I was at zheng fa huo seafood last friday.Still remembered last time I came I was with Jack brothers they all...now only left a few of us because most of them have girlfriends and boyfriends.One particular part I don't like there because it is very far away...And the standard seem to be dropping, may be it was only a few of us...don't have the joyful mood.I asked Boyfriend to joined us.Anyway, I got influenced by Boyfriend...like to drink sprite of 7-up especially those with ice.Boyfriend couldn't take caffine after 6pm or esle he don't need to sleep for whole night.I am happy with him.Angie asked me to go and hide because they want to guess which is my boyfriend.Lingz said those who marry Boyfriend is very fortunate.Then I replied something bad..."Then you go marry him loh." xp Sold my Boyfriend away.*grins*
Anyway, we were playing johari window during psycho tut by andy.Someone commented that I am sexy on friday.*grins*I can't remember which show but I remembered one of them say people, even guys, likes people to praise them.
Weekend was spent at boyfriend's house.Saved money and can get to see him...

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Although I failed my skill test on tuesday, it was our one month being together.Love letter for my Boyfriend.Remember the price of the circle one.This is what they served.9 pieces of three layers meat(san zhang ba) for that price.Boyfriend was cursing away at how he can get them for $3 with rice.I only knew that I always didn't eat those meat when my grandmother bought.His token of love for me.Thanks alot...Hope we had a lot of month, years till the day I lied in my coffin to celebrate those anniversaries.I am at ben ben de's house killing time.Drink somemore; sleep...The L word.Boyfriend made me waited so long that I started to cam-whoring...


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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I still remember year 1 I failed my taking pulse.
In year 2, I failed my BCLS.
In year 3, which is today, I failed my hand-rubbing.
What went wrong?
First, I took a very long time to do my handwashing.
Second, my palm to palm is not consistent.
Third, my brushing is not continuous.
Fourth, I cannot wiped my right palm after wipping the left arm.
In conclusion, I didn't practice enough... ...and remedial is tomorrow plus retest is on 23/5.
I am not sad at all but my tears just flowed down...what can I do?


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Monday, May 14, 2007

Last thursday was having my theory test.The saqs are so direct in the sense that I was so loss in answering them.
I was late for friday lecture.Actually I think I shouldn't went for the three hours continuous lecture.It was a waste of time because I was sleeping away.From left to right, right to left and then germ's shoulder and left again.And to add things worst, we had three hours break before our next tutorial.
Went bishan to have sliced fish soup.Everyone is so engross because they were very hungry except for me.
Went junction 8 to kill time and I bought a furry keychain.I like the cartoon of the key chain.It was the only cartoon that attract my attention to stick to youtube for 30 over episodes and 1 episodes is divide into 3 parts.
Went to find ms cindy after tutorial.We went to the laozhabor wedsite.It was so funny to hear her rap.All prepared for nafra.
Anyway, I failed three stations of nafra.2.4km remained since sec 4.Not bad after all because I didn't trained for 2 years already.But the after nafra symptom is terrible.Jovell was puking away.Everyone was complaining of the aching.I was fine after the test but was terrible the day after.I have difficulties in shitting since the moment I tried to force the shit out, my legs will be aching.I also cannot even bend too much too.
But the most fun part of the nafra is not the exercise but to ask number from one of the part-time instructor for germs.I only found out last night that boyfriend was a little bit jealous but as a mature boyfriend, he knew I asked for my friend so he didn't mind alot.
K box trip on saturday.Cinileisure k-box sucks!Service was slow and one of the staff, captain somemore, was pretty rude.Sensors was not working.Staffs kept chasing us out of our room.Changed room from 13 to 83.Pual said he was not prepared.Met jovell's friend, berry....or belly?Pual is so bad...exposing the deer's...Ting and her son.Pual claimed the deer is her son's father.
Left early because I want to meet my boyfriend.Sorry, boyfriend was facing some downs with his job that day so he don't have the mood to socialise.Anyway, he cooked pizza for his family and me.No matter how tire he was, he always send me home.Boyfriend treated me buffet on mother day.Accompanied to buy present for my mother.Dim sum with q.o.b.Hate those act-tai tais behind me.The dim sum drove us crazy.I super full.I think I must control the number of feasting trips.

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