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Monday, July 31, 2006

It was really a tiring day for me.
I almost fell into sleep in ward, orentation and watching only you.
The orentation was very dry...only video part funny.The reason is not the content but the age of the video.
Anyway, I was in deep poo luck!
I forget to switch on the handphone charger the night before.
Mp3 no battery.
That a-hemm in my class never wait for me and I had to took taxi of fare $7 to the hopsital.Already not very happy because of the panties incident, now evern worse.Dui Lan(Not happy) to MAX!!!
Why?!Why I always have to take cab on my first day of attachment!
My dad told me next time just reject their offer.But he didn't gave me the taxi fare!I expect him to give because is not my fault.No money still don't want to give.
My ward is generally alright.Actually abit scary at first, but after some guiding and cool down, I am not that scare anymore.
Anyway, I went shopping with p.y yesterday.Bra straps because it snapped.$5 skirt from this fashion.Very jolin style.Earrings from Watt in.Expensive but I thought for one week to buy it.And the black belt I bought on last saturday.I miss those babies!Charlene's funny bee hive hair and that sweet sakura.Thanks to p.y's accompany these few days!
I want to go K-box and sing.
I want to go movie marthron.
I want to change my phone.
I want to go retail therapy.
I want to become dietitian.
All these need money but I have no spare money to spend!

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Watched this show with pow yu after work...Thanks...Ting put aeroplane...Must support nic tse.I wish I can go back to past and live a simple & peaceful life.All shopping centres had closed!So boring.So I played slide.Lost in suntec.Isn't it cute?

Took NR1 back to Yishun.Pow yu ate her supper so she could take her medicine.Thanks for the barley drink and sending me home!

There was this cute baby face guy said he likes my name, joy.I flew to cloud nine.But he gone M.I.A.Giving tender loving care.I miss them lots..

Pow yu said my dad was a good guy because he loves his family.Maybe next time, I should find such a guy.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

This is the cake that I highly recommended.Don't cry...See, birthday girl had to serve herself.Jiemei so odd...I had no idea why they were so happy.Are all guys the same?The only nice photo that had me in it.Anyway, I am the one with back facing.

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Last day of obst posting in KKH.
Recalling back my past posting,
first posting = shocking...
second posting (@ 5A)= learn alot...
third posting (@ 12B)= fun...
this time shall be joyful.=)
I really love the atmosphere of nursery.The staffs said when we become sn, we will be hard-hearted and we will be lazy to answer the babies' callbell(cry).
Anyway, they were just simply cute.The way they sleep, some like to lied with chest down, others like to lied side way.Some will tug their hands out.
Their eyes, looked almost the same but sizes differ.The way they opened their eyes...half opened, one eye open.
The ways they sucked...
Their sizes...as light as two kilos and there was a a fu qi bao bao(Blessed baby) who can finished the whole bottle of milk.
Sometimes, they drank the milk too fast, they will hicup.It was actually quite amusing to see them hicup.Then whenever charlene feeded finished a baby, she will put them in sitting position and said to them "Baby, blurp.Baby, blurp" while patting them.
I will always look at those babies under phototherapy.See their eyeshields in correct position, wet diapers...thinking of them so small must go through this kind of treatment...
Don't know is it curse, every last day of attachment always so unlucky.
While I was preparing to bath a baby, my bra strap snapped.And I was being the topic in our small discussion.The bra, the breast and the panties.
It was embarrsing(more than angry) and everyone was laughing at me.Almost going to cry although I showed a smile.
Joy must think postive!Why think so negative...have assert...mother gene.Don't trouble about it...Must be proud of them!=)
As for others, think in such a way they were jealous of you...they just cannot wear like that.Youngsters can wear anything.=)
Next week imh...don't know what will be the taste of it.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My uniform stained with baby's poo poo!Luckily, it was only a small portion.
Nana=Diaper/shit nurse.
Joy=Milk nurse.
Charlene=Dirty nurse.(Dress stained with fishballs and blood)
Suba=Yong Tau Hu nurse(always stained with yong tau hu gravy)
Morning shift...need to wake up early tomorrow.

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Early in the morning, I wake up very early.
Afternoon shift...this time not in nursery.Anyway, yen yee put my aeroplane today.I am not angry but too lazy to reply.
Saw placenta today.A bloodly body tissue with membrane.That c judge kept blocking me.I want to see, she kept moving and moving.
Was scrolling like those security guards in metro before suba and charlene go break.These two girls threw me alone.Didn't realize there was so many callbells until the ssn told me why no students answer callbell.And it was only today I realized there is a computer showing who press the bell in the ward.
Charlene and suba were darm funny.Firstly, they made fun of my "loh" because I like to add a "loh" behind all my sentence.
Suba and me decided to find the drug in the study guide.So we went to the tearoom to take and charlene saw us .We ran toward the tearoom and act liked we never saw her.After taking our books, we went to the toliet and suba tried not to let charlene come in.When charlene finally come in, I splashed water on her.Then the two of then act as some sort of police and pushed the toliet door.
Then there was a newly admitted patient same age as charlene.Charlene urged us to see the husband.After helping the patient with her menu, charlene even said in front of the hcl that we must chased away the visitors.My blue tag and the supposed to spoil mp3.My cute little bun which had tied and tied to make it stay.A portrait of me.Cindy's birthday.Finally eighteen, happy always!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

First attachment of second year.From green to blue tag.
I was still on bus around ang mio kio area at 7.46am.8am must be at ward!
Luckily, the lecturer was later than me.Anyway, ting, charlene their group came and joined us because their ward sister don't want them to mix with ite students as we were expected differently.
I was in nursery.A place only with babies patients.They were so cute!
Their daily routine is to sleep, eat, change and do check up.So simple, how I wish my life can be as simple as them(once use to be since I was there at the first moment I opened my eyes).
Thumb was the first to carry the baby to feed.Followed by suba, who changed the diaper for her patient.
It was my first time carry a few days old babies.So scary, keep asking them how and is my methods correct.
I choose those good babies, who drink their milk quietly and don't dirtied their diapers.
Didn't stayed there for the whole shift.
After lunch, we went for the orentation.As usual, bored to death.
Then we went tour around the area and went back discussed before dismissal.
Actually, I am very stress upon this attachment...don't know why.Just stress; can even quarrel with mum with small matter over dvd thingy.
Over = past= history, no use to ponder about it.Tomorrow will be better.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Celebration of my birthday with family.Happy eighteen years old.The birthday girl.Sister was the cameragirl.Wishing for...Cutting the cake.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

I am very weak now...I even took half day off from work...
Loss of blood...body a bit hot.I don't think it was fever maybe because of lack of blood.
Went to support Jolin on thursday with charlene and pow yu.See we are so front.Actually not much people.Maybe due to weekdays.
We had to go to HMV and buy her cd because the tempoary booth was set up after we bought the cd!Pow Yu very funny...still ask got vcd version little did she know that it was written on the cover itself.Blur~
The most punctual autography session I attended.See, we are surrounded!I had to see some strangers' camera to watch her.Waited for around an hour to get her sign my ablum.Same policy as energy's autograpy.No taking pictures, no shake hands...All I see is her lashes and her golden bling bling nails...
We went dinner after that.Charlene was so unlucky.A werid uncle farted in her direction while she was eating.Kept laughing and laughing.She even lend me her ten cent per piece tissue.Actually planned to watch pirates but cinema closed early on weekdays.I like the blue eye.Don't know what she signing.
Went to tempoary tattoo my eyeliner on friday.Thanks ting for accompany.Pain because the med has lose its effect when they were tattooing.Then we went PS to shop for beanie and we ate carl' Jr.Ting cracked a joke that I kept reprimanding her.Not funny, ting.
Then we rush back to nyp for June's lecture.Didn't have the heart to attend and we kept on discussing some dirty jokes.We also went to see our research results, I got a C.
After school, we went orchard to shop.I still thinking abouthe car and areoplane earrings!So unique!Tempted to buy but scare later wear, my ears will drop.In the end, I bought nothing.
Met up with kat to go to Cindy's bbq.Bought a golden bag at white sand.$12...so cheap.
The guys so unsupportive!Said it looked like those burn papers!Somemore, they said I wear very werid expect o-pa who say it was unique!
Saw kang when going home.Long time never see him still the same...
I cut my hair on thursday.Short fringe and lots of layers.

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