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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Whenever I think of myself as a born loner,

I will always think of hiding in a hug that provided warmth.

There will always be someone to wipe my tears and cheer me up.

No fear and force,

But happiness and joy...

+T.H.E E.N.D+

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Found these in aNnie's blog. Sorry annie, copy your stuff...
Kichiko -

What would your Japanese name be? (female)
brought to you by Quizilla

A picture that I never seen before(from that day I took) until today.Almost forgotten its living...can you spot me?

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After my school, I went to the library. Phews! martini was still crumpled lying on the shelf. Exams coming; I afraid that I cannot find it...did some revise...actually cannot counted as revise, I never listen to lecture, thus it can be called self-learning.
Boarded the train and received Miss Y's call. She had been missing the whole day- no contact at all.Vanished from the world. Ok, she was explaining that I was the one uncontactable.What can I do? It's starhub...the most cheapest in town.
Met up with her and saw shawn at shop n save. Shawn used his cornflasks to hit Miss Y and messed up with her hair. He said he can't messed up mine because I will be very happy instead of irraited. He did a very stupid act.He walked to a deadend and we followed him then he suddenly walked back. He shot us and said we thought he was at the corner near the dead end. It was so lame!!! So big already still played such silly joke.
Miss Y was so kind-hearted.Treated me bubble tea.$1.80+$2.50=$4.30.Please remember to get back the money in advance or esle I run away. Oops, still own ger one buck...my mouth is too itchness, must eat chocolate to cure.
Slowly scrolled home before met up with Kang and Kat. We chatted from our course to the orenitation.Kang told us about camp. Then the topic shifted to ghost story. They started telling ghost stories. It made me so scared and kept pulling Kat's shirt to accompany me to my house. Kat was so sweet; she sent me to my block. What made me more chill was there was no light suupply at the bridge. So, I held her hand. Then I saw a white coloured thingy in front of us. It turned out to be a old man walked in front of us. The white colour thingy is his hair. A chill down my spine...

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Envy me?I had upgraded my phone.Nokia 3200, cool and lots of features that made me confused.In addition, when it received a sms in silent mode, it cannot vibrate.That makes me need to take out my phone to check any sms every few minutes and what's heart pains is that whether I check my phone, there is no sms.
The lessons started at 8 and ended at 10 yesterday; 2 hours lecture.Jovell made a right for not going. The lecture was like sleeping pills and they kept reciting the nursing process again and again. I used one hour to sleep and next hour to listen to my mp3.It was so saddening when I asked the girl sitting beside me," Did the lecture ened?" and her reply,"No...".
Waited for Miss Y till I want to dozed off.But it didn't wasted anyway, she treated me raspberry soda and also copy her contact to my 3230.Said until I am so stingy and needed her to treat to me; anyway, a big big thank you to her. I will treat her back next time.
Packed my bag before going for the camp.It was two to three months since the last alumni meeting on the result collecting day.Bath foam, moisturizer......Mum asked me to eat lychees and rambutans.Ate , of course, fruits contain fibre that helps to shit.I was so ?blur? because I actually forget what time I am meeting Miss Y. See, retribution for not sleeping well.
Met my sis Eddy at Yishun control station. By the way, I bought a big meat bun before heading the meeting point. Saw Huiqing(HQ) and I finally knew that my actions was not that bad and cruel.
HQ:Yee Joo!!!
HQ walked towards us and the first thing she did was to put her hand on eddy's head and touch it like the way how master touch a dog.
HQ:"Eddy, you are still very short.Haven't grow up?". She kept doing the direction and shooting eddy before bidding us.
Finally reached Kranji and we were not late at all. Sit beside Junhao and Daniel gor while eating the bun. Then Shawn summoned us to go first.Well, it only changed the waiting place to beside the bustop. Daniel, eddy, jiayong, shawn, jun hao, angie, slyvia, joo, joshua and me were the last to go. Joshua took the front seat while the others packed behind the van. A forty-five minutes journey and butts suffered again.
Two years already since the last time I steped into the Jalan Bahtera. Anyway, the camp was basically a slacking and eating camp when it slowly scrolled toward the end. Everyone seem to be tired and restless; sleep, rest and eat.Possibly it was because of the school work in the day. And also I had brought a lot of unnessary stuff like bathing foam, toothbrush. I was too tired to bath and didn't a darm to my hyigene and cleaniness. A lot of insects; the girls toilet had alot of spider. Entered the wrong toilet but didn't gave a darm to it. At first I was just accompanied Joo to have a slip then I suddenly had the urge to urine. So I released my urge before lefting. Then there was this two papya guys came to the toilet and said "kaoz"(I think) when they saw us coming out from the boys toilet. Anyway, the reason I called them papya because I don't like papya due to the smell and they were wearing orange in the daytime. People entering the wrong toilet is no wrong since we didn't know it was a boy toilet. As if they never entered female toilet with their mums before when they were small. Stupid PAPAYA!

I spent my night at the canteen, sleeping away.Don't know which kind soul put his jacket on me when I sleeping so soundly.Thank you, kind soul! Joo was complaining that the place had too much mosquitoes.Luckily, the itchiness was gone when I woke up. Some guys said they saw something dirty in the bushes. I dared not to see but I followed the others in the canteen. Mohan was very funny...he said he saw the eyes and saw three of three of them. Shawn went to saw and said " Why does it not moving while the light kept on shining on it." In the end, it turned out to be jack fruits wrapped with some plastic or cloth. Doot!!!Scared me because I saw it in the end!!!
Accompany Miss Y and jiayong to the hut.Miss Y took her toothbrush and face soap while Jiayong took his phone from Jalilah.Jalilah was using his phone all night. I heard from others that she was still on phone when they thought she was sleeping. This is when my butts suffered again. I slipped down from the stairs but lucky never spoiled the labtop on my hand. I was yelling in pain and they told I was very noisy for disturbing from sleeping. My butts still pains... even when i was sqeezing..must do pain assessment on my butt...
Then observed the seo...then waited for transport to Kranji...then took train back yishun...then go foodcourt eat...then go home and sleep after shit...

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

New moledule HS1027 started. Dry lectures again. It made me felt so slacking about it and pressurized for not being able to concentrate well...hate being in stress condition; darm sick of it.

Watched this movie with Sawhui and Miss Y.By the way, I waited Mr E for an hour to go home together. Weilong joined in then they chatted about scoccer. One word just popped up onto my head- "X"tra. Honestly speaking, I was scoccer idiot so please, beg my pardon, don't talked about to me.
Ok, come back to this movie.Monster-in-law talked about a woman met this guy and decided to get married. But life was not that smooth. Her problem was to handled her mother-in-law, who gone crazy after losting her prospective job and fear of losing her son. I had a good laugh.I liked the part where the assistant of the mum wanted to leave the mother.It went approximate like this " I am sick, really sick. Some days when I am not sick, I am bore. I am sick and bore of it." Sounded funny, isn't? However, the ending was predictable thus I will only give 3/5 stars.

My mum was watching this korean drama recently. Anyway this show helped the main actress won the best actress award in Korea. This woman in this show was also in love with a rich guy, which is the same as Monster-in-law. Brrr...why the does it so different in real life? When will I get a rich , suava and tall husband? I should think positive and set my target lower.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

FR!eNDs fOReVeR~ Posted by Hello
All UbIN p!cturEs were taKen fRom http://23may2005.mypicgallery.com/ ...tHaNkS Cat!!!

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FAm!Ly MeMbers Posted by Hello

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wE LuV OREO! Posted by Hello

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Hey!I Am oN a 2-whEEl b!ke!!! Posted by Hello

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Eddy, prevert!!!Daniel, come and help!Stop seeing shoW!!! Posted by Hello

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OOPss...CAn yOu sPOt my M.o.l.e?? Posted by Hello

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TwO rEd g!rlS... Posted by Hello

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Monday, May 23, 2005

Venue: PuLau UbIn
One sentence to describe: My butts were darm pain!
Learned how to cycle but still need a room for improvement.All thanks to the Cat, Daniel Gor, Mr E and Miss Y. It was so embrassing that a almost seventeen years old girl still trying to leran how to cycle. All about it was simpily balance tactics. Mr E kept repeating the C- Confident when coaching. Daniel, using the tone of a sergernt, "dare to ride, just ride". Of course, the two girls used their tender loving care...
Injuries...compared to Daniel, mine were minor. I kept on dumping and dumping when I first started cycling. Then accident came, I dropped into a pud.Luckily, it was not muddy and the bike didn't fell on me.Second time I dumped into the wall and knocked onto my chest. Daniel's was serious because bleeding occured. I heard from Miss Y that he fled out from his bike.Expert still fell worse than a beginner.
Actually I didn't cycle much as the bike automatic rolled on its own. My role was just to prevent any accident happened.
Summary the trip- Cycled and cycled, eat and drink, rest plus took photo.
The jetty was packed with people when we were quening to back to main island. An stranger argued with chengde because he said there were four rows.He said we are cutting quene and insisted us to quene properly. So we quene behind him.
We reached the main island and had our dinner at a nearby coffeeshop. We ordered the fried kway dao from different store.Cat ate ice kachang and some sort of cake for dinner because she was vegetian. She lost her phone when we went back to Yishun. Actually, we called and a malay picked up. He assured us, saying he will gave the bus driver. In the end, Cat went back to Tampines and there was no news of her phone. So the culprit is most likely the malay or bus driver.Whoever it is, curse them suffered triplet more because Cat needed to get another phone. In addition, she was the one who orangised this outing for us and she suffered in the end.Very poor thing, don't you guys agree?

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Vesak day...not really know about this festival.In other words, none of my business, so didn't give a darm to it.
Actually Miss Y and me decided to go library to study but because of Vesak day, the venue changed to her house. Waited for her for about half hour at northpoint then we decided to eat the Teriyaki. Ok, please imagined how odd I am to occupy a table and seat for half an hour then just clean my buttock and left without buying any food at the food court.
Paid six bucks just to activate the ez-link card.It's darm stupid as I had paid five bucks before getting my ez-link card.Now six bucks again and the total will be eleven bucks.Just eleven bucks for one idiotic card.In addition, my photo on that card is darm ugly.Bloated face...arr...
Studied biology at Miss Y's home then went off around 4 plus. I walked to block nine hundred plus.Actually wanted to buy handphone casing but dropped that idea when the shopkeeper said it's just one dollar off.Bian!Then don't wrote promotion one dollar; put $1 off please.
Went to compass point with mum.She took me to upgrade my phone. But my mum was an idiot for this kind of things, so she asked my aunts along. We went down to the starhub shop.Then the sales girl came and serve us.She said need the bill or esle go to tampines.My aunts were not happy with them so they argued back.Luckily, no conflict occurs... anyway they went to the roadshow promotion and told the salesman the salegirls downstair were like vase plus plus...
In the end, no upgrade of phone for me.But new shoes from charles and keith...

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Darm it...I was suffering from constipation again.It made my stomach really big that I had a feeling that I was going to have a baby soon.
Yesterday was the last lesson of HS1026.Hooray!Bye Caroline! Her lesson really makes me sleep.
Lab again. I had more confident in taking BP after a few rounds. I was really terrified when I can't take my first patient, Cheng Ern,'s BP. But the next few rounds went smooth.Practises make prefect?Quite true. May be he is really a walking dead human. Jade took my BP and it was frighting. My diastolic was twenty plus, and normal human being is around fifty to sixty something.
Miss Y left 38 missed calls on my phone.; really broke record. She said she lost her handphone poach due to calling me too much. Sorry, I was too amused in my cartoon world.
Met up with Saw Hui and Miss Y at Khabit then took train to Yishun.Scroll around northpoint.We saw sAw hUi's bro playing with his stead;laughing at them...
Today, I woke up at 11 plus, my mind had a goal- sporty today. But in the end, rain came.
Met Bin pei because she wanted to get a pair of black shoes. So we went to Chong pang market. At first, she bought a brandless pair but changed to a Kappa ones.Binpei said it was the fake Kappa so she was going to get a new pair when she got the money.Got home and feeling some sort of dizzy..is it because of my BP?

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pschology today.This was the first time I didn't dozed off during this lesson.I was eating packets of seaweed during the lecture when it came about the topic on depression. Depression's signs can be overeating and eat very little. Charlene said I was under depression because I was eating and eating...hey hey, I am prefectly normal even thought I was being dumped.
Q's lesson again.Her lesson is very verbal, so simply listen.Self directed learning? Just shoot what came to mind. Basically, she also did that. She mentioned something about gesture and suggested us to remember her when we behaved not professional. But I can remember her make-up. Maybe Jovell kept mentioned about her make-up was thick.
Charlene dare Van she called Rosy auntie.She really did that, quite humourous.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Nowadays, I usually chilled at nyp library.I am a bookworm now.Punk k!d cum bookworm cum fat ass...what a odd, cool thingy!Anyway, the library is a "cool" place. There are discussion rooms that have no air-con, fans to keep you warm. Recommended book or textbook are always there, crumpled and giving out a very "unique" smell. Computers are set up with very "easy-to-use" facilities. There are also CD, CD-rom, LD plus tape for borrowing. It's a "treasure" hunt; you will miss your childhood alot and imagine how your parents like in the past.
Finally shit after two days of constipation.However, I don't feel that my stomach had clear all the junks inside.
Family outing last night. Watched House of Wax with sis eddy, cat, and bro daniel; then supper. Crap alot.Luckily, dad was in good mood; or else I will hundred percent face the music.
Heavy breakfast this morning.One bottle of cranberry juice, two yakult, one kit-kat, one snicker and two small packet of sweets. It didn't work well.I still dozed off during caroline's lecture. Just like what eddy said, actually the lecture don't need to attend...study lecture notes is enough since the lecturer is just reading what is on the powerpoint and gives some examples of the point.Still ate yong tou fu during lunch...confirmed get three fleshy, fatty waist.
Bought my uniform- size M. Let me clarify...I can fit into size S, however, the breast area abit tight...this is what they told me.Anyway, I am going to exchange one of the M with charlene's s...sounded like ass...
Studied one hour biology before watching cartoon. Met Miss Y, joo, because I wanted his martini. Miss Y was waiting for her friends...they went to find their lecturer about a last minute stuff.
Then went to Miss Y's house.Her mother thought I was a poor thing because I ate a small can of baked can for dinner. Actually, I ate alot this morning so must balance.
Scrolled home and saw some kid, I bet underage, smoking away. So young, learn to smoke; becareful of lung cancer.Cancer kills......

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Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm at library again. This keyboard is abit of spoilt. Anyway, the computers in this library are all almost same. Can't help, free stuff always had visible problem as there is nothing perfect in this world...Jovell couldn't stand the computer she was using anymore and went away with Charlene.
East coast on Saturday. Joo wanted to tan herself so we went there to couple study. Bought CBTL cinnamon ice blended and treat her ultimate mocha. Missed cinnamon alot alot...Did study a bit before going to parkway parade to window-shopping.Saw a cool adidus jacket that cost $79.No $money$ cannot buy...-_~...Saw another blouse from levis that cost $45...Saw it when I was shopping at Malaysia before...
Then we went to toa payoh to watch divergence. Some part couldn't understand...blurred. But, joo's treat, so, nevermind.
Walking Trek on Sunday. Just wanted to wear glasses, legs were in pain. My mum wore my shoes so I wore hers. Four blisters... poked them with bare hands. I think was a auntie yesterday because of what I wear and I was carrying a bag of washing powder home. Ate a packet of noodles for lunch and dinner. Slept at 8 plus...really pissed off...moody yesterday. Maybe because of him...I won't let a man to ruin my life like that.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

These are the teeth.Blue and red rubber bands.Need alot of time to fix and I even skip my extra lab lesson to fix them. 2p.m to 6p.m. But spent two hours to wait. The dentists, one is the braces and the other is the polishing, said my teeth very dirty; never clean. But I got valid reason- my toothbrush had been brushed until like toliet brush. Posted by Hello

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Currently in nyp's library, having my break now.Don't feel like eating because I had eaten my meal, hotcakes, in the morning and desperatly saving $money$.
Chatted with ACSBC's head, lingz, yesterday.She said if I can still treat him as friend.My reply is can but not now.I still need some more time to transfer him from my 'special' catalogue to 'friend' catalogue.I also asked lingz to asked him changed his nick because it sounded like I am the bad one.Ok, let me repeat, our split is very fast and simple.There was no one's fault; just that our feeling is longer there.
Rainning in the morning again; spoiled my plan to have morning jog.
Wore black again.Haha, I was thinking about wearing black for the whole week like those black widow.
Almost missed Q's tutorial because most of the group members thought it was self-directed learning.
I think he had forgotten my exist as I visit his friendster and assumed that he was having a great time.Good for him...as for me, let's bless my life more interesting...

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

my big big eyes and eyebags...like those doll doll...scary...gui shang shen... Posted by Hello

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my punk hair...cool sia...I am pround of it Posted by Hello

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haha, cannot see my face...:P Posted by Hello

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My mood today had a turning point. Honestly, if I said I never miss him, that's a lie. I do think of him in some ways but my feeling is not negative anymore. It was just a few days only after we di-li-da-li. Speed recovery, great but odd. Isn't because of the raining walk yesterday?Or support from friends? Listen to sad songs and cheer up that I am not the only one? Take it too easy? Anyway, thanks to all encouragement and care from my friends.
Van did not turned out today.Famous five became famous four then famous three after Charlene skipped the last lecture. I heard that Van maybe going to university. Great but a bit unhappy. I simply just don't like the seprating process. Sometimes it really pains the heart. In one of the Penny's song, it wrote that she was leaving and there was no much people to send her flight because she don't like the teary and seprating part. Maybe I am influence by her as I really like her songs alot alot.
Jovell was kinda guilt for mistaking a girl as boy boy zai.Actually I also mistaken him as boy boy zai but not feeling as bad as her. I even looked out to see she is really a girl by looking at her chest. Really got two small hills, wearing sport bra. I am a prevert.
Went to school to take O'level cert. with Eddy. He said he used to be the one talking craps last time but it changed to me this time. Maybe I am crazy about love that's why I am behaving in such a manner. Mrs Ooh saw us and asked me about where he was going. Eddy and I were laughing like a mad woman to avoid but told her in the end.
Took some pictures of my hair. I am going to be a punk k!d. I cut my hair the day after we 'di lee da la". Yoz, Check it out!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

1621.Blogging again.
1547.Walked from Khabit Mrt station.Didn't feel like waiting for the rain to stop anymore.It's dizzling, but I just wanted to walked home.Last time, he will stop me from doing this but now, I am free.Windy weather making me chilled but I just want to feel the cold, fight it as now there will be no one there to give warmth.
1500 plus plus. Met my sis eddy at NYP Cheer. Haven't been seeing him for a long time and was figuring what his course, sport and wellness, is about.He asked me about my love and I just simply told him that we had split up.He couldn't believe that it was him who asked for the break as he had the concept that he loved me very much. Treated me a can of milk tea but I returned him half of the money. Walked to Mrt station with Famous Five.
1300 plus plus. Having my antomy tutorial.This time was a boring male lecturer instead the cold-blooded lecture.I perfer the cold-blooded because she teached more interesting, able to understand well and had a proper tone. I was going to fall asleep with head going to fall. I was great when he was walking about the last bit of the bone -feet. It reminded me about him again when the lecturer was mentioning the arches of the foot.I remembered he told that he had flat feet and didn't bother his life too much. Finally to the end then he said,"Ok, come back after fifteen minutes of break."Brrrrrrrr.......
1200 plus plus. Having lunch in south canteen after psychology tutorial. Charlene and me were eating what we brought to NYP while the other three famous five bought the food there. As usual, Jovell was the last to finish her noodles. Germ and me bought bubble tea. I bought peppermint flavour as there is no ice blended green tea. Summerset's each-a-cup did sell as he bought one for me when we were shopping after I was off work. Van was always having a good appetite as she ate bread and egg omettle before buying chicken chop after Jovell finished her mee-pok.
1010. Tapped my card for sociology lecture, just in the nick of time. Met Jovell while crossing the road so we walked together to the LTK2. Most of the people was focusing on us when we walked inside LTK2. Mistook a girl for Germ and I still stupidly asked her where were Van and Charlene.Trina Tan was talking about the different of past and present that led to divorce.
0945. Stormed out of house for lecture. My bag was heavy.
0810. Finally get up of bed.
0800. Woke up my alarm, but refused to get up.Tired plus lazy.
0700 plus plus. Woke up and decided to drop the idea of morning jog.
0500 plus plus. Continuing sleeping and decided to go jog later instead of now. If he gave me a morning call, I will 98% wake up and jog.
0435. Woke up suddenly by myself. Cannot find my handphone, asked my sis, who is sleeping like pighead, with reply that she didn't take. Go pee and saw lingz's sms after recovering my phone. Touched...I think she was the only one who had read my blog and knew that we had broke up.Dropped the idea of studying and continuing my sleep.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

My second day of independent. Can't adpat to single life yet...well it's just the beginning, there's a long way.
He had disappear from my life. No news at all. Still will like check the handphone got his sms and think of him, then tears will simply dripped off. But I will be strong just like the song "deep breath" by yu heng.
Stayed at NYP till 6p.m. My longest day there althought it's not the whole morning till 6p.m. After my biology tutorial, I went to SATA at woodlands to take my hep B vaccine. There is no active antigens in my body now, in other words, I was required to take the three vaccines.Expected to be pain and managed to bear with it.
Went back to NYP to have my afternoon lecture. It's biology chemistry. The relief teacher had a very strong indian accent that made what he spoke very funny. The famous five, sitting at the back as usual, were laughing at his accent. Anyway, Charlene ran off after the first biology lecture because the lecture was darm boring. Jovell ran outside because she couldn't stand it. I cannot understand what he spoke too. The relief teacher even said," If you don't understand, nevermind. Just close your eyes and you will see another world." Super lame!
After the lecture, I went to library with Jovell and Germ. I was copying the CMS notes. That's good, at least I don't need to bother of anything.
Then went to Causeway point to meet my mummy. I couldn't find my mp3 on Mrt. I was so scared because I can't afford to lost anything now, I am fear of losing now...
Don't feel like eating and don't want to eat much...Bought Ricola to eat to have laxative. My jeans got sticked by chewing gums. Bullshit luck nowadays. Firat get dumped by him, then walked until the slipper spoiled.Need to had three vaccine injection.Now, still get sticked to chewing gum. Don't know whether got bacteria, so piss off. Will bad things stop coming? Hope so, tomorrow will be a better day.

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

It was raining like cats and dogs in the morning just like what I am feeling now. It spoiled my morning jog. Anyway, I managed to print out all my e-lecture.My printer ink... hoped my sis won't screamed at me at the top of her lungs.
Cut my hair...not much different as the auntie only trimed and made my layer stand. Took mrt to IMM. Nothing attracted me even in Daiso; crowded with people. Took shuttle bus to Jurong point, our last place.Bought a belt and Jolin's J-game as I just feel like spending money and to let time passed.Actually I should bought it yesterday so that I don't need to pay a single cent for them.
Walked pass some bakery...disapointed as there is no cake for one person. I wanted to buy some cakes for my mum and granny.Those high-class and branded ones but couldn't find any. Too bad, I bought cakes from Yishun instead.
This is my worst mother day. He said he had no feeling anymore.I knew it. First, the purpose to go with me is to buy his mother's present but not to see me after his camp. Secondly, there is no touch between us. Thirdly, he treated me like a normal friend. Lastly, he didn't bother to cope me because his behaviour.
FINE... everything he said is just craps. He only interested in appearance. It's his loss as he paid everytime we went out. He gets jealous whenever I chat, sms to a guy friend.In addition, he is short. Forever is all rubbish. Although he treats me well for a period of time but I had since then lost my freedom when I was by his side. Ring for memories...rubbish...I just flushed it into the toilet bowl this morning. Since he desperately wants it, I will gave in as there is no use to have a guy that has no feeling for me. I will never give him a chance to hurt me again.

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Friday, May 06, 2005

What had I eaten today?
Orange juice, cocktail, ricola cranberry candy, waltnut cake, hui fan, chicken pasta, mos' milktea, swensen yohurt ice cream, seaweed,....maybe I will add on later.
Am I late today?Nope...I came in the right timing.Caroline was explaining about the uniform thingy.Sixty-six dollars for three dresses three years.
There was a make-up lab lesson.Yup, it turned up to be a music class; using the computer available to listen to songs.And also racism occured, chinese songs.But I got did the b/p.
Went to J8 afterward, window-shopping plus eating.Jovell was craze about ah wang, weekdays 7 p.m. channel 8.Nice show but not as craze her, canto drama fan.I am very neutral, in other words, just a show that will makes me remember a while is good enough.
Charlene was taking photo using her phone...but most of it is Jovell and her.What's does it indicating?Nope, they are just good friend.
Kel came back today.He sounded abit boring when talking to me.Maybe i am too sensitive or he was just plainly too tired.

=BeAutIful FrIghter=
fights till the end...@ 9:16 PM

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Three days...miss him alot alot...Is he eating well?Is he making friends?Is he getting hurt while playing game?The whole brain is now occupied with him.
Go for a morning jog then have hotcakes for breakfast.Wonderful breakfast although nyp got sell but I just can't bring myself to spend my own money.My mouth always say save, save but in the end I will go pasar lamah for food.In conclusion, "go pasar lamah, go, go...stay away from me!"
Late for the first lecture but didn't give a darm to it.Boring lecture so there's no need to bother.Whta should I bother then?Kel?...Ok, honestly I do bother about the psychology thingy but I know there's no need to worry about it because worry makes me stress.Stress makes me overeating then three thick fleshy fat.Chain effect and very contracding.Don't understand never mind because there's no need for understanding.That's my style and this cause me to be odd.
Watched the presentation by the last two group.Just felt that my group presentation is the lousiest of all.Maybe because of the saying "other people's is the best, the bad ones is always what you own".However, I must stay postitive and cheerful.Next time I will sure do something that makes everyone impress.Talk big...but this is how I encourage myself and stay postitive.Then I will find joy in my life.Anyway, Germine's acting was very real and charlene's ah beng behaviour was funny.Jovell mah...abusing the doll.Vania is in the right place now; don't think of changing job next time.
I didn't eat for lunch after seeing the big fat pig in the photo of famous five.Famous five include charlene, jovell, van, germine and me.Common sense, that big fat pig is me.
Lab lesson by rosy tay.Fun...we did sort of yoga today.Exercise burns down fat and calories.Heez...
Met joo, jiayong and shawn after school. Called shawn's father because I only had his previous phone number.Joo loh, asked me to call never gave me the number.Not very familiar with shawn mah.Hahaha, joo kanna shot by me...

=BeAutIful FrIghter=
fights till the end...@ 10:46 PM

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Second day of Kel's camp.Miss him alot...called me at 1plus yesterday night when I was sleeping so soundly and early in the morning today.
ICA presentation today.Forgot some of the scripts but due to my wisdom, everythings went smooth expect for the touch part.Ms Kui said must touch the patients.Contributed by sitting down to have eye contact.Anyway, I broke my sleeping record today. I was sleeping in the lecture theatre for three hours.Uninterested lecture, boring lecturer plus cold aircon.
I was a road idiot; couldn't find my way to e-plaza as everything looked similar.Finally got there by asking help from Shuang Shuang and Yujie.The e-plaza was crowded due to the closure of a room.Walked the wrong exit with an indian girl.Then attended another boring lecture while listening to mp3.Then go to e-plaza, where I can't even find a place, with ting ting, hannah and ting ting's friend.Hannah was having the same problem as me.Then I don't need to worry the cme thingy since there is a high possibly that lots of people will be having the same problem.Walked to Mrt with hannah as she is rushing home to catch yu le bai fen bai by asos.
Went to get hep. B vaccine but was rejected for not producing the medical report.That's mean I am going to SATA again to get the injection.Had to go there again...so far away...lazy...

=BeAutIful FrIghter=
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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Stupid nyp website cum cms.I clicked on the begin learning button on the study material but nothing happened.I tried many times.In the middle of the night, 3-6am, early in the morning...everyday...I am really pissed off.So angry plus 100% concerned if I can catch up the lesson.Brr...Angry...Fed up...Volcano erupted!!!

=BeAutIful FrIghter=
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