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Thursday, June 30, 2005

I watched!Finally watched this show!Jay!Super cool!Other actors too!My god!Simply too cool and amused! One part I didn't like it is whereby Jay was crying.It was too fake. Love one of the background music.I think is the starting part whereby Jay came out.
My teeths stained as a result of too much caffine.Must cut down...cut, cut, cut.
My black eye bags was turning serious.Scared it will affect my perfect birthday plan.
That q...she was like indirecting shooting people. Don't know if she was kind or devil.But I really don't understand when she was teaching the NGT tude.Blur.Confused.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I felt guilty this morning. My mouth is so big; said out something that hurt some of my groupmates. I shouldn't said the girls didn't come. I really don't want to cause them to like get complaints. If not because of me, they might be more free. But I really don't like it, a small matter becoming a big fuss. There's nothing to make it a big fuss because it's people's freedom to do that. Helping them might be wrong but if they can produce good results, let them be.Singapore only reconigse certifertcate especially university.And it was only the starting...long way to go. Plus, this showed a team work. Only friends will help each other.

Went for my violin cca. I chose to learn theory because I simply haven't absorb the bean spouts into my long term memory. Anyway, the girl, a senior, conducting the lesson is more kind.She never showed any faces and attitudes like "stop asking so many question". But there was one senior really fierce. Jovell was asking a question then she like not happy, replied very loudly. I felt unfair for Jovell because she only asked a question and was given such bad attitude. Miss 0 also didn't like the instructor, who behaves to be paying more attendtion to those good-looking and got talent in learning.

Called miss Y after reaching home. She told me my borthday present from cat and her will be more on sincere than market value. She thinks that I will not be disappointed about it. My reaction after that was, honestly speaking, my sixth sense tells me that I will be diappointed with the present.Anyway, I wanted to say is that, I may be disappointing about the present, but that will never break the bond, friendship between us. I know sincere worth more, but frankly speaking, I am a materialistic girl. After my first love is gone, my goals for finding a boyfriend changed. The guy has to be 170cm and above. Normal looking, at least is pleasant to in my eyes. Love me and care about me. Always makes me happy when I am feeling bored, sad. These are only the basic, other might be observed later.

Anyway, I had a prefect birthday plan.
On Sunday, I will dye and trim my hair. If my mum allow me to go for facial, I will go for it. At least, I will trim my eyes brows. They grew unevenly now. Then if I had spare money, I will go shopping.
On my birthday, I will put on make up.Bring a camera to school and snapped photos with my friends. Hopefully, I will managed to dig them out. After school, I will go home and buy a birthday cake. Then my family will happily celebrated my birthday and I will ate some mee suan. But if I had spare money, I will go swensen to had my lunch. Free ice-cream for birthday girl. The end.
My birthday fallen on a monday. I don't expect anyone else except my family to help me celebrate birthday, or even, bother to buy present for me. Then , I should expect a simple and sweet one.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Biology test!I don't like it...need alot of energy, effort memorising notes.Nonetheless, I screwed it up.
Ok, talked about some good stuff.
Lessons ended one hour early than usual.But I was quite bored, tired and hungary.
Saw Mr E, Miss Y, ivan and jiawen when I was hanging around, killing time.I was crazy, I know I will regret it because I have no time to study my psy. later.Had my dinner with Mr E and Miss Y.
Watched Jones's school concert.Honestly speaking, he looked nicer on photos. The audience including me were abit retarted. They must waited for a few seconds to react. But Jones did a good job.He sang so well, act so well.Oh my...so charming!All the songs he sang, except for andy lau, jackie chang and fei yu qing, I loved them all!
I am tired but psy, is still waiting for me...
Put up one music video...Jesse McCartney's She's no one...nice song.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Last night, I reached home at 2a.m.My mother and sister were shouting at me, but this is the way they showed their care.So I was not angry,piss off neither fed up.
K-box today.Finally!I was late because I am a gal that needs to make up. They left when I took money from atm.But they still have a heart, waited for me at the next station.Thanks!
Dropped off at summerset but turned out to be singing at k box near Plaza Singapura.One of the k-box at Cinileisure was closed.
I kept on singing the first few minutes.They complained and master yanlong made comment not to call me next time.We took photos, sang and ate our lunch.The air was very polluted. Chinsiong and Huiyuk were fighting away.The way they fight looked like they were doing that thing on bed. Fight is not the problem but making the television to have no image is a big problem.People were singing away and the television suddenly snapped off.
Shopping with Miss 0 and laoda after pool.Three black tops and one lip gloss. Laoda bought two lip gloss and a pair of shoes.Miss 0 is the winner; three tops, one pair of shoes and one lip gloss.
Went back to Yishun to have our dinner before heading home.I regreted for buying the korean ramen.It was a bowl of maggie mee.I wasted four bucks to eat maggie mee.
It was a great gathering and also celebration for ZhAo. I will kept it in my heart.

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

I got back my phone.BUT!B.U.T!But my memory all lost!My photo,my ringtone,my theme...become memory.
My computer...still depend on its mood to operate well.
My biology...I still cannot finished, time is running up.
My holiday...left two more days.
My nail polish...got to get rid in two days time.
My hair...cannot spike anymore.
My ear stud...spoil on the second day I owned it.
My room... still in a big big mess.
My money...always disappear.
My tummy...three tyres.
My heart...sadness engulfed.
My vision...I care but don't bother.
My work...overlapping each other.
My vcd rented from my friends...still alot to go.
My life...still the same...boring.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Recently I was down on bullshit luck.
First is my phone now my computer.Although it can function now, my sis said if it spoil in my hands, then too bad, no computer for me.
My birthday is coming...Ten more days toward it.Please!Let me have a happy seventeen birthday!I wish I am happy for everyday...but this impossible.People learn through pain and tears.
I think I am going to quit Kendo.It was money matter.I do not have money to learn.
Biology, I hate you! Yup, I still haven't finish master it.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Time is rushing out...I need to complete my revision of biology and psy by this week to prepare the exams on the coming week.Next week is more busier.
Got Jones' ticket!He will be coming to nyp on next tuesdsay which will crushed with my study of psy.But I took the ticket..." Joy, you are simply too unlucky!"
My phone couldn't read my memory card.SHIT! I bought this phone for less than two months and it became like this.NOKIA simply......although I still prefer using it since this is the most popular in town.Honestly speaking, I just a plain idiot in alot of ways... some examples will be roads, computer, phones...I can't reveal too much, or esle the mind will really influence me to become an idiot.
Joo is patient to me.Sorry, Miss Y...I was in a darm bad mood.I knew you will forgive me.You don't dare to make me really sad. Ok, I care but I don't bother.Believe or not, this is simply my style. I know people down the town simply hate me to core, although I showed nothing but my heart really pains!
Volin class...my god...I really hate the bean spouts letter,making me sick.I exercised alot today, tour around nyp.It was organised by nypal...mixed feelings in between the process.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Celebrated kAR!N's belated birthday at her house. Nearly get lost near her block because I walked alone to her house.
When I reached there, I started to put junks in my mouth.It was a involuntary act, her house was full of junk food...unable to say no to the temptation. Anyway, her dog barked at me when I stepped into the house; this is candy's usual act to stranger.
Chinsiong got raped by l!nG and kAR!n!This guy always owed people money. After they finished, l!nG asked CS to return her money.CS replied cheeky that he don't need to return since she raped him, ate his toufu.
After that, we gathered in kAR!n's room, chatting away, taking photos before cutting the cake.
The cake was a banana chocolate cake.Sounds digusting to me as I don't eat banana. Took a long time for taking photo before lighting the candle. I couldn't stand banana so I ate some mouth before mashing the cake. After that, it was slacking time before we went home.

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

String ensemble...choose violin.Now, I got two ccas- string ensemble and kendo.
The reason I chosen violin because there is more violin than viola.Saw hui don't want to get cello, so I took violin with her.
Ok, the orentiation started late while I was early.Normally, I am the latest.
It was a very dry orentiation but still managed to success and the seniors were quite friendly.
Sawhui and I went to food junction to eat western food. The auntie gave alot of side order but my chicken was half uncooked. I can't stand it and left it over.
After I returned home, my mum asked me to help her take away KFC.
I was very thirsty at that time but she was unwell so I had to be good girl. The quene was short but it was moving slowly. While I was queneing, there came a auntie looking at the menu at the counter. Two words just simply popped up- cut quene. Although I tried not to mind it, myface still as glum as sour plum. She let me first because of my black face. But I felt very unfair for the yound lad behind. Although she is a senior citizen, she should set a role moral and not take it for granted that she don't need to quene.

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I had been eating KFC these few days. So...my tummy grew as days passed. Serve xJoYz's right!!!

Anyway, I went for the french club and dance company orentiation. French club was not my cup of tea.By the way, I went there because I was inspired by yida's set me free. Jovell and hannah needed to go at five for squash so Ting Ting and me accompanied them if they were going.
The four of us were separated.All the heaven's will...we were actually separated at the first time but we changed the colous of stickers with someone else.
Ok, that was not the problem. The orangiser wanted us to stayed when we said we had to go and only allow those with lecture to go. At the same time, people already rushing out so we just slipped away with the crowds.
After having my dinner, Tingting and me went to dance company.Huiling came and left after watched them dance. The reason is very simple...it's danny tan type. Tingting said she will only take up for exercise...I was thinking till today, I finally made a decision.
I decided to take up Kendo!Yes...I went for its introductory training with. At first, I was like a super blur sotong; stunned at what they were teaching us and giggled with Yuk. Then I saw how they fight...I mean practice.Darm cool!There is a indian senior(indian some more!)...he looked fierce but the way he fight is darm strong.

Anyway, Yuk was tempted...hopefully she will stay along with me.
I had to go for string ensemble tomorrow...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Last night Miss Y told me she won the daniel chung's ticket.But she didn't know what time to get take the tickets.Like the ants on the hot pan, she quickly log onto internet and search for related wedsite but there was no advil. She finally made up her mind to write an e-mail to Y.E.S 93.3. We will discussing how to write because she had difficulties in writing chinese. When we were almost finished, she asked,"Can we write in English?"My reply is defintely a yes and she rewrote the email in English.Morale of the story- don't panic when doing things, yur brain cannot think well in a panic state.
Miss Y also asked me whether wanted to go energy's concert on the coming 9th July. Kat and her are going to buy either the eighty-eight or the sixty-eight bucks tickets.She said she will contribute twenty bucks if I am coming.I rejected simply because
  • I have no money
  • Concert is either you watch the most expensive ones or the cheapest. Sit in the middle is like not worth( this is what I think).
  • I don't want my birthday present to be spend on the ticket. If I want, I will as well buy and let energy signed on the ticket to make it worth for quening.
  • I am not crazy fan.
  • I can buy their concert vcd.More worth...twenty bucks only and its for life time.Some more can see their face clearly. Don't need to run to indoor stadium and can have food and drink when I am watching.

Ok, I know give a lot of rubbish reasons. But the main thing is that I had no money.

Went to bugis to have facial.My first experience. It pained alot when the people was squeezing my black head.Then I was under the air con...wow...freezing cold. My mum asked me to paid the bills because she had no money.

Shop till broke. I need money...please give me some...ATM gone...

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Finally finished editing, publish energy's photo on my blog...spent a lot of time doing it; that's mean I haven't started study for my exams!Oh gosp!Although there are still thirdteen days away, I can't simply don't bother about it.I cannot fail, no money and time to repeat a module. I wanted to work to earn money but the economy is bad; no one is willing to hire a seventeen clusmy girl to work for weekends only.Plus, I can't even cope much with my work, I shouldn't think about it.
I am in fear, terrible scare of my future. I am scared that I still had to depend on my parents for my living when I turned into an adult. They had been busy for their three quarter of their life, I, as their child, should let them led an comfortable life and not letting them kept on worrying about their children. My sister was already stepped into the workforce although still had to take money from my parents sometimes, she was mature enough to survive since she was always the most loving among my relatives and her friends. My brother always sat in front of computer but he has a intelligent brain that scores well in exams, no problem to let an comfortable life. As for me, a materialistic, simple-minded girl with no hill and mountain behind and has a terrible foul mouth...how am I going to survive?
Lot 1... Whenever I go this shopping centre I will sure get back home with a sullen face. Only once... I only remember once that I go home with a happy face. It was that time when I was having lunch with Mr K. I found it so stupid now...we went there simply just to have lunch.Lunch! And it was long john silver...Yishun also had it!Is it that woman will have low IQ when they are in love?Stupid! Anyway, I have make up my mind that I will not stepped into that shopping centre if I can do that.
I went to lot 1 today( I mean sunday) to see energy.Woke up late and reach there late.But I was not the latest, Miss Y overslept and became the latest.
When we finally reached, the crazy fans were already there quening. Dropped the idea of quening and had my breakfast at long john sliver. Expensive and small potion of food with bad service.Took pictures of energy and di li da la abit before returning home.
Started to use computer after I reached home.Accompanied my mum to market to get some stuff. Dropped by guardian and saw how busy it was. Sawhui was in shift while angie and varian were there, I also had no idea why they were there.
Went home and used my computer again. Had nap afterward and woke up for dinner- cup noodles plus some left over dinner. I really like to eat instant noodles.I am odd...maybe I will changed my mindset after I stepped into the workforce.Use computer after that till now...

I think i am going tobuy this wonderful ablum. It contains alot of good song...YiDA's second ablum.
I am not going to sleep tonight...study...palpate my pulse...iron clothes...watch vcd...

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joo's birthday present...Miss Y, are you tempted? Posted by Hello

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okok..this is the last piece... Posted by Hello

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I simply admire them... Posted by Hello

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more...energy simply rocks... Posted by Hello

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energy again...shake hands event Posted by Hello

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

This was taken during the second autograph event... Posted by Hello

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Daniel looks like David tao...Don't you agree? Posted by Hello

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signing autograph...J!a You! J!@ you! Posted by Hello

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Last but not least...So cool!!!! Posted by Hello

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More+++++ please!!! Posted by Hello

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ENERGY~~WoW WoW!! Posted by Hello

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Host for the event...93.3 FM DJ D!ngzh!YonG Posted by Hello

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What are they discussing about?3-8-joy wanted to know... Posted by Hello

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My bro daniel.Always doing stuns... Posted by Hello

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

touch up abit...made it more nicer!!! Posted by Hello

My term break is finally here!BUT...B.U.T! There will be alot to catch up after the break. As a result, I must planned probably for the coming two weeks. Study plan, diet plan, shopping plan, exercise plan...last but not least my sleeping plan!My eyebags are growing bigger and bigger...
Last day of school...two hours lecture by ho-w-l. Is not that her lecture was really that long winded but some of the details she did not explain probably and I cannot catch up sometimes...
Club crawl again...I went there yesterday and signed up alot of activities plus getting a lot of flyers. I went to see Kendo; get inspired after watching one piece. I saw their performance; but I couldn't explained what were they caning about.I think they were just putting up a show but I preferred those real fights.
Have my only proper meal at Mac.; too bad, the food junction is too crowded. Went back home to take my sis's digital camera and met saw hui and angie on the train.Dropped off at Bugis... I think bugis village is getting more and more boring. Those bags the shops are selling is almost the same.By the way, it's none of my business but the government's issues. Angie got a bag and seperated into two groups at outram park.
Reached Habourfront and started to find the quene.It was actually outside and the sun was hanged on top of the sky, releasing its warmth. Luckily, the quene started to move when I put my ass on the buring ground.
Waited and waited...waited until so sleepy.Here they came finally; presenting one of their latest song. I managed to snapped some photos but not nice ones. I helped other to get their autograph. How about me?No... this ablum is not my cup of tea; don't feel like spending money on it. Anyway, this is my first time to attend such event and the first time to kill time for quening. It was not bad, at least I had the experience and the group is one of my admire group.Who are they?ENERGY!
Well, the most sad creature is not me but my bro daniel. He waited us until we got their autograph. Not planning to sleep tonight; exercising later...

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I passed my second attempt.Thanks gods, guan yin...whatever gods...My tester is Bella. She is really good; didn't anyhow fail people.I will try...try ok... to practice my pulse taking everyday. Anyway, the second attempt is the same as the first one.That breathless Mr James again. What does it indicate? My second love?I know I think too much. Anyway, thanks Jovell for being my patient and some of my group members for lending their pulse for me to take.
One lecture and one tutorial today. 3 more days toward my break. Any roadshow or exhibtion?Need part-timer?Here's one...and that's me. I am desperate for money.
Twenty-seven days toward my birthday.Please start prepared my present.Oh, by the way, please don't buy soft toy or pillows for me. Mr K bought alot for me and I displayed them at my house. Will Mr K bought me present?I often wonders, he said he will treat me swensen on my birthday before but it won't come true...
My butt still hurts me alot. That's it...I had to study for my tomorrow test...don't forget my birthday present..yup, I am very thick-skin now.

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Happy birthday to Jovell!Happy belated birthday to My bro!! Twenty-nine days toward my birthday, don't forget my present!
Group study today. Tired because I was wasting sms yesterday.Dear friends, please feel free to sms me! I can reply you guys coz' I have 700 free sms each month.
My buddy was Miss Y again and venue was at woodlands library.Is Singaporean getting more and more impatient and fed-up easily? In the library, while Miss Y and me were chatting away, there came a orange t-shirt giant who asked us to get up because we were too noisy. Well, althought we were wrong, the orange clown shouldn't made a fuss on it.He should either asked the librarian or he himself to asked to keep our volume down nicely but not accussed us in front of everyone, making us and his own self a stupid clown. He suffered even more, while he asked us to shut up, everyone was looking at him.Excuse me, orange clown, you are making the noise now...Get out now!
Another was at the mrt sation, while I was quening up to walked into the entrance, there came a kaisu auntie, who was using her own body against mine to get into the entrance. Auntie, there was a lot of entrance, don't need to fight with me. The last one I met was when I am taking the lift to popular at northpoint. A woman came in while the lift was already full. That was ok but she kept on squeezing me. By just these examples, you can see how singaporean get fed up and impatient. I am one of them because these things still made me nuts!
Ok, let's forget about it once we woke up tomorrow. I had swensen ice-cream again.By eating this, I think I won't take vanilla stuff for a few days. I was drinking vanilla milkshake yesterday. My mum never asked them to put pearl inside.Drink bubbletea must have pearl then shiok. I shall forgive her since she bought me siew mai too. Honestly, I having high calories diet yesterday. My bro's birthday so my mum fried a lot of oily stuff. I can predict my wheel tummy will not be gone now...

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Woke up early at 4 am to study my clinical test. I didn't even style my punk look for the pratical test. In the end, I failed my practical. The problem lied on the pulse taking. There is a huge difference between the reading of the examiner and mine. In the end, the examiner really gave up on me and teached me the proper way of counting pulse. Well, I was too concerned about the blood pressure so I didn't really made any effort to tried out other vital signs measurement.
Stayed in school to study for my theory test. A little depress of practical but it soon shone off. Really thanks those who stayed back and gave me some reminders here and there for the theory test. It really helped me alot alot rather than I spent hours trying to memorise all the stuff alone.
Met up with some of my ex-classmates. I really felt so guilty for not calling Miss Y to come along. It's really hurt as I encountered before. She always helps me, treats me, dates with me but I didn't do anything to make her effort worth. I hope she will calm down and talked to me again. I wanted to call her but don't dare to...I am scared of provoking her more... Then it was like you can't change the situation once it was done.
Anyway, my ex-classmates were also quite gentleman-woman. I heard from saw hui that they waited for me outside the sakura eatery while I was busy scribbling my answers down on my paper. I didn't manage to finish but I try to think on the positive side of passing since the girls were studied with me for long hours.
We seperated into two groups after solving our dinner. I followed lingz's grup while some of them go home. Went to popular then Bata then scrolled home with saw hui. We chatted at a bench while Varian and Angie passed by. Both of them sat down and angie started to chat with us. Xian zhong also walked pass and chatted a little. He got alot of tattoos and working at Pizza Hut currently. He had a nice punk ha!r but I won't tried his hairstyle.
Saw hui mentioned that the feeling of being nored and tired of current life maybe due to being dumped. It's quite true because Mr K and I were always surrounding each other before i was being dumped by him.Then, a very big sorry to my famous five's members for giving such bad attitude to them as all the things linked up together. Lastly, may all my family and friend, including those that were just say hi to me when we saw each other, lived happily ever after.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What do I usually do during lecture?
1)Listening to music...my life is no longer empty with music.
2)Stoning.Another term is building castle in the air; best way to act cool.
3)ZzzSleepzzZ...Lecture room provided air-con and dark background, you can sleep easily in addition with the la-la-bide sings by the lecturer.

4)Eating. I normally had my breakfast because I don't to eat without some warm up. Rushing to NYP is the best way to warm up.
5)Jotting down notes.The least thing I will do during lecture.

What do I do on net?
1)Surf net of course. Craps!
2)Writes blog. Jot down things happened around me. Sometimes can be quite amuse...
3)Look at pictures. Alot in friendster; can get emotionally hurt after looking at the photos. Sometimes in Taiwan Yahoo auction...pretty clothes wear.Envy alot lot.
4)Listen/Search for songs.I will do it when I am organising my mp3.

5)Chat in msn.Yup, I am a big mouth woman.

Where do I chill out recently?
1)Nyp...library, computer lab, LT...
2)Home sweet home.
3)Cannot think of others...poor, mad xjoyz...

What I usually do at home?
1)Sleep.My blanket gave the hug, warmth I wanted.My bed provides me comfort.
2)Television.Likes to lie on my mother's bed and watch television. Time files.
3)Uses the computer.
5)Filpped newspaper, mazagine, etc.

What I wanted desperatly?
1) Joy...happiness
2)Lost 10kg without any effort
3)Beat someone up-side-down, in-side-out, lateral, median...
4)Run away, sudden vanish then appear...
5)Yell, scream...

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