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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My sweetest revenge is to live better than in past.
& proven;
with happy stamp on it.
I really love when you walked me home, holding my hands.
Though we joked all the way,
serious all the way sometimes.
I felt that moment is the best.

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=BeAutIful FrIghter=
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Does my past bothers you alot?
I can't change it.
If I have to die now, I think I don't have much regrets.
Maybe one or two...but not much.
Because all these past memories strengthen me to be a stronger person.


=BeAutIful FrIghter=
fights till the end...@ 11:24 AM

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thanks for comforting a uneasy soul.
Yes, I am scare.
I am scare you will leave me.
I thought the last sentence has established...but it hasn't.
Pardon me, to be so fearful even though I didn't show.
Is not that I don't want to be with you but I always has a feeling I am just an extra that popped up from somewhere in this small tiny dot on earth.
My mindset is telling me I don't deserve any happiness.
I fear even if I snatch, you will leave me, brutally hurt internally.
I cannot accept anymore.
My heart cannot take it.
I will admit for depression.
I cannot sleep alone at night.
I will fear of love.
I will not like boy boy anymore.
I can empathy how you feels when you call me.
I feel bad...to cause such misfortune on you.
Should I leave?
I ask myself.
But why should I be so selfish to you & me?
You say you want to be single.
I don't mind.
Boyfriend, girlfriend is just a staus.
If I have a status but I don't deserve what a girlfriend have, will I be happy?
After all, I don't even expect anything from you.
But you really dote me.
The moment I went inside to change back my clothes and I heard the sound of the cash register, I know you bought the top.
Isn't it sweet enough to melt my heart away?
& the time you spend on just waiting for me to do my hair, buy food and drink while I nearly fell asleep while doing my hair.
& fufil the mission to stop my craving for my xiao long bao.
Most importantly,
those words I told you in your ears with a promise seal at night
all these are enough to drive me to make you happy.
B, thanks for the everything.
You are the best gift from somewhere up there in 2010


=BeAutIful FrIghter=
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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Why do I feel abit relief when he told me that he already confessed to his girlfriend that he had already fall in love with another girl?
I am worried about him but my heart just feel so happy about it...
Sometimes, I just feel that I am such a bitch...
Oh my god!
Shall face the wall and repent on own mistakes...

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=BeAutIful FrIghter=
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Monday, January 04, 2010

I am contented.
To be with you... in the dark.
I believe what you say...because you haven't lie to me at all.
Even as a friend,
I don't mind.
Because it's hard to be with someone you love and he loves you, cherishes you every moment, every second.

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