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Monday, January 30, 2006

Chinese new year... I was looking forward for it but it ended up to be not so happening.
The day before new year I went to Queenstown with lao niang after waiting for her more than an hour because this pig head overslept. Accompanied her and also search for new year bag too. We by passed causeway point and harvest nothing. I ended up buying the pony bag!Not bad but people commented it was too big.
After the dinner, my cousins(all around ten years old) went outside to play those party stuffs. Watched the jue zong hao nan ren by richard ren before heading to lao da's house with cousin zheng wei.
Played some majong and watched scv.Around four plus, jay's grandfather(zhou gong) came and pulled us to sleep.This was me at lao da's house.Reached home at eight plus in the morning and slept till two plus in the afternoon.
The moment I opened my eyes I realized the whole house was so quiet.My mum and siblings left me and went ahead to my grandpa's house.My dad was a kind soul because he waited for me.(actually he also did nothing at my grandpa's house so he don't want to go there and slack)By the time I was ready, it was four plus and my dad commented it was too early.And when I reached my grandpa's house, I saw four people playing majong!My whole heart suddenly fell into a deep hole.
Slacked at my grandpa's house and watched some tv and vcd.My mum borrowed this stained glass vcd.I liked the background music.I love lee dong gun's smile.
Went home around eight and chilled out with lao niang till 3 plus.
Anyway, I ate alot these few days and I am oing to become kim san soon...

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I am attached to ward 5X.Another mary!Did some stupid things on tuesday early in the morning.Students same shift made it as joke of the day!I simply pressed the pantry button when one of the students asked how to open the the door for tearoom because we needed to put our belonging.I didn't know why but I pressed the pantry button very confidently.
I splited milo onto my dress when serving the client and banged into the gate of train entrance.
Anyway, today was rather a busy day.Knowledge increased...
Went to orchard and bugis with lao niang again.This is me before meeting her.
A man approached us when we stpped out of orchard station.He gave us his card.And I realized he was my long-lost primary school classmate.He was easily tricked as annie lied to her about where we were schooling.
As we walked past lucky plaza, we saw a familiar guy.
guy:"I am not someone that trimmed eyebrows!Is this the airport?"
lao:"nope!"(holding to me tightly).
guy:"are you guys foreginers?"
guy"looked at them, don't you think they were cute?"(taking some cartoon pins that blinked and one of them on his shirt.)
And he walked away.It was so funny and I immediately bursted into laughter.
No harvest at orchard so went to bugis instead.Bought a shirt from give me back my sunday for fifteen.Not really thrilled!Anyway, we took some photos today.That's me!
I met someone on train.I forgotten her name but I still remembered her face.She said I changed alot.
Photos taken on last bugis trip.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Went out in the afternoon with mummy and aunts to get some new year staffs.It was bore!I went off since annie sms me to go bugis.
We ended up meeting at 5.30 instead of the meeting time at 4.30pm.
So little time left...And I bought...Diamond(although it's fake) ring and earring!
At 7.20pm, I rushed all my way to Toa payoh interchange.And I got lost in a roadside because the place was quite far from the noisy area!
Poor birthday girl(I wrote girl for her) , deborah, had to come and fetch me to the bbq area.
Made some friends...and I can only remember yiting and yan lynn because I talked to them most.
Deborah cried when she was giving a five minute's speech.Although I was like a nothing special icon there, I enjoyed today!
Happy birthday to deb!
She even include me in her blog...Is she trying to say that
I am nice?Check out her 18/1 baking day entry!

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

My golden hair around 3 this afternoon.And now...this is what I looked like.
Will be updating photos taken during the bbq some time later.Happy birthday to ivan and angie!
Last but least, chiam, remember to return my money!

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Last day of schooling in semester two.So fast...
I wanted to skip today 1082 tutorial but as a good student, I went for the lesson.
And then...
She said about my very the nice hair colour again.But this time, she was more friendly!
Then we had our lab lesson by mrs low.Made fun of her skirt because it looked like those kind of uniform skirt but the problem is the length, which is different from cyndi wang.Faz as patient.Linda as photographer?
NYP Supporter?(sorry, ms ce... said it was compulsory.)
Then break for one hour and ate the splash and decker sandwice again!I am addicted!
This is ho...took us for 1029.She dragged the lesson again.
And I was late for dental but luckily I didn't wait for too long.
Met cat and lunch settled at delifrance.Service was bad!
We went retail therapy!From pargo to icon to bugis village.There are alot of stairs at icon!
Shopped until I am so tired now!
Then went home with sawhui and we chatted at a playground where we met a prevert.Use the old 36 method- run!

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

FuN!Apart from those daily hassels!
Lessons started at 12 and ended at 1.Went to find my mentor because my groupmates needed them for tomorrow open house.Sadly, she was not in, storeroom for shirt was locked and teacher-in-charge was lost.So, we went to the computer lab.Couldn't see my face.Her expression was so funny!I was trying to pose.I must say that I didn't try to pose.It's all natural beauty.
Wondering why we were sitting outside like ku ku?Because the computer lab was full!
Then I went to nypal trial run and bought sandwice before meeting germ and her friends.
Charlene came at 4, which was then the psh test started.The three of us decided to watch movie again after school.
Well, mcq was rather easy and saq was blank!What general cultural sensivity?Just craps through it...Anyway, my bag's sling suddenly snapped into two before the test.
I had to carry this bag to the make-up lesson with all the open house t-shirts inside.Anyway, the open house shirt look like this:So disgrace to carry this bag when I was on the train to Ang Mio Kio to meet Deb.Everyone was looking at me like I am some country bumpkin or some terrorists.
Deb treat me sumo-house for dinner and we went to her house there to bake cookies!The trial product.Thanks to Auntie shirly for helping us out and Uncle Patrick to lend us his house.Deb's dark(first) cookies.She insisted that they were nice.Anyway it was only a few that went black.Chef Joy's product.Five hits!This was the girl who sent me to Kallang instead of Yishun!I even did one for Deb's friend!Enough for fifty people?Mess we did.Poor Deb had to clean up everything!
Deb and I ended up chatting away while waiting for the cookies to be baked.
My mum bought this!My lovely Kim Sam Soon.I am guilty of eating butter and mayo!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Baleno stuffs I bought.Yup, they are the same but different in colours only.Bought in cat apparel in bugis.
Started school at eight, went back home at ten plus and came back at two for one and a hlaf hour lecture.
There is only one particular thing I want to comment.The mac's service at nyp.Althought it is cheap, it has no quality of service. I take away hotcakes set today because my sis wanted to eat.And guess what, she was nagging away.Why?Because the staff didn't gave the hotcake syrup and utensils.Well done!Then I suffered from it.But I will continue buy food from the mac because there is limited food choices.I knew this is a coward act but what can I do? Don't eat? The staffs also don't bother at all......one cent for one thing......

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Monday, January 16, 2006

My sunday was spent by waiting.
First of all, so sorry to lingz because I overslept and couldn't meet her for breakfast and late for waiting for ray and missed her hyper performance.
I met jiawei, juanhao at Yishun first and waited for ray for around half an hour.We tried to rush but the gate was closed so we stayed at the anyhow opened hall in expo to wait for her.Daniel was also late!He was so tired and tried to wait but didn't meet because of his job.I think I caught everyone's attention again by shouting him from the end of the hall to the other end.
Went to bugis since the glum face jun hao wanted to buy new year clothes.I think he was abit "over" as he isolated himself and read the bible.Somemore he looked darm funny when trying to figure out what the meaning behind the words.Anyway, he was the winner for retail therapy(Well, it really worked and seem to really make the glum face a bit smiling).I think my taste of fashion is very different from them; I think I am influnced by my ex-.The type of style... but I think he had changed his style of fashion.Anyway, please don't worry!I had really get over of him... I started realize there is handsome guys again(Good sign)!
I had my elective presentation today.I think my group was a bit off key.May we passed!Charlene's part was funny as she seem to be reading something that she also didn't know whether it was true.Forget it! Wednesday will be my elective test and I am looking forward angie, ivan and deborah's birthday!

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

I had devoted to sleeping the whole morning!Slept at 11 plus last night, awoke at 4am to took off my lens and slept till 12 plus this morning.A boring day!No one dated me!Somemore, my parents quarrelled!

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Friday, January 13, 2006

My daddy's birthday!Happy birthday to my dad!
Some people believed that today is a bad day.Well, I just think it was a tall tale.But some did encountered some bad things.
Like Germ, she broke her perfume when she rushing out her house.Cheng ern got some arguement with ambel.Anyway, I did finish my ica on 1082.Heard from hahhah that I didn't spoke clearly and I saw ambel was bore after my part by lifting up her leg.Poor group two had to do another topic for 1082 because we took theirs assault.
Chatted through mrs low's class.Realized that mr low was actually a personal trainer as we were guessing his job. Then mrs low told us some of her experiences but she said we needed to be professional and alert because sometimes it was not true.
Went to suntec to watch heirloom with charlene and germ.Only got one particular scene whereby the male role carried the ghost part shocked me.Others...not at all!Felt like wasting money again.The two of them were so amusing...germ covered her eyes and char covered either her eyes or ears.
Anyway, I will say I want sweet popcorn next time because I kept eating the sweet ones while germ ate the salty one while she wanted to eat the sweet one.
Saw Tony, my previous coffeebean manager, and cheng guan after the show.The two girls then teased me that I got so many friends. But it was not the end yet, I saw my ex- peixin classmate when I got out of the mrt train.

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