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Saturday, August 25, 2007

不知为何老是du lan...谁叫他老是对我不理不睬,真欠扁!

You are The Wheel of Fortune

Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of intoxication with success

The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change.

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I have finished watching spider lilies & so call finished heart of greed.

Spider lilies.I don't know the conclusion...I mean did they managed to be together?Somw how a little bit draggy.Heart of greed is a must watch.Got high point and laughter.Although I missed the parts like Bosco and Tavia finally got together and Lam Feng died.

Well, the soundtrack not bad.I liked this particular song called my love will get you home.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Exams are finally over!I can just let the burdens on my shoulders down and play for a while before attachment start.
I was so pissed by the HS3034, which is management.First, the module is so boring and then is the lecturers, who made me lost two marks.
I liked to stepped into the examination room on the dot so I didn't know that there is an error in the paper and we are required to answer the questions from different topic separatly on different answer booklet.This particular lecturer saw me entered and sat down but didn't bother to tell me anything.When it is the time to collect the papers, she even "praised" me how well I done both questions from different topics on the same answer booklet.And there is idiot lecturer who kept on "praising" those who did that right in front of me with his students.I am so worried if whether I am going to get a big fat zero from either side of the papers and there he was making such comments.
I managed to know there is an error when suba told me.It was like using a knife to stab into my heart as the management SAQs seem to be easy but they are not!
For today paper...I don't know why is there a need to authorised calculator since mine is actually those recommended ones. Yup, this lecturer said mine is not authorised so I cannot use it.And I passed up the paper at the minute they said we are not allowed to leave the examination hall. I paused a whilw and heard that lecturer mummuring away.So I just rushed out the hall but was stopped by another lecturer outside to give my email address regarding a petition.
And what I did next?
I returned all library books and went home to sleep till nearly 7 pm.See how tire I was...I had been sleeping one or two hours for past few days(excluding those when I was studying half way).
Just when I was sad about the sponsporship(they asked all AH sponspored students to gathered on thursday), the good news came...I received the letter regarding a bout sponsporship when I woke up at 7pm.Now, I am lost...I got to go back to school to settle just before my attachment start and after I signed and passed the sporsporship to AH.And I left less than two weeks time to attachment!
This is LJ.We had a small quarrel regarding bra on tuesday...and he scolded me CGY.And just a few days before the quarrel, I dreamed of my tooths got dropped out when I pulled the loose braces out.Just went to net and search, it said if ever dream of dropping of tooths, it means will have quarrel.
I getting some sleep now so I can made an appointment with AH tomorrow.Last but not least, let me present some admiring photos I took while waiting for that LJ on last week.I fell asleep after taking them...

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Totally no mood to do anything esle.
Please come back...to life...exam ahead!


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Friday, August 17, 2007

I am really terrified.
I woke up and realized that the sky is bright.
I asked my brother what's the time and he replied it's 2 plus.
I jumped up of the bed and shouted,"WHAT?! 2 plus?!".
He replied,"Yup, then what you expect the time to be?"
Guess what's the reason why I jumped out of my bed.
Reason is rather funny...I thought I missed my exam.
It was after I regained my conscious then I realized I took my exam early in the morning.
Exams...3033 is just wasting my effort in doing past years paper.
I think I flunk my social psycho.Ting or pris said it's the matter of whether you either know or don't know the answers.
A lot of things to fulfil...need $$$

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I am pissed off because I had no lunch today.
Tell me what's the different between hokkien mee and wanton mee!
If I want to eat wanton mee, I will just say.
Bought the wrong thing and still want to give excuse like the stall alot of people.Don't know who is the one who keep asking people want to buy anything. If stall alot of people, can just give a call and say.
Anyway, I watched 881 with boyfriend at tampines because he lost something.Entertaining plus plus, funny and touching.


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Sunday, August 12, 2007

I had nightmares these few days.
I was with my poly classmates at the forum and this lecturer came and say about my name.It's not my fault but the namelist.And the funny thing is why the hell that name "anson" appeared right in front of my name. After this idiot lecturer clarify my name, she starts to mark my paper right in front of me. I saw a lot of cross and halfway through, she left without my papers. I returned her the papers and she said I am a cheater.What the hell!
I dreamed that a relief teacher actually fall in love with me.At first, I kept finding faults in him but as time passes, I start to have some feeling in him.We behave like some couple and he only knew I got a boyfriend when I put my head on his shoulder and said, "my boyfriend don't care about me at all."
I dreamed that I remembered the wrong date for exam.But luckily, wei kang and don't know who reminded me that the exams is on monday not thursday.
I think this morning I never dream of anything...was woke up by my sister's shrieking voice and "dong dong"(blasting music) downstair.
I don't know that buses of SMRT also celebrate national day.Cute little kittens.Boyfriend want to rear them but was disallowed by parents.Cigars?No...they are actually leaves.Die even faster because there is no filters.Boyfriend want to save money.Twenty sticks for 2 plus.The wind is strong.Blur but I like this...kind of artistic.I love boyfriend's jacket even he gave me one on my birthday.His one is super cosy.


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VideoJug: How To Use Curling Tongs

I want to curl my hair...
But I can't find find my curling tongs.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

National day and my paternal side family members came to my side.Don't know since when, I felt there is quite distance or invisible glass in between we kids.
Didn't watched ndp but went to watch rush hour 3.
I love gongfu fighting...4 thumb-ups!
Went pepper lunch for supper after movie.I craving for it since last week.Rainie yang got no.10 guy but I got no. 12 guy.A lot of people wore red but we wore orange.This is called fated because we didn't know each other wearing orange.
I don't like to take mrt on public holiday. I actually missed two trains before getting back home.Even if I boarded the train, it stink and darm overcrowded. Very upset with smrt; still asked people took public transport to save earth.

Anyway, this is a funny version of this year ndp song my bro showed me by zhou chong qing and jia hui.


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Thursday, August 09, 2007

3 plus...I am suppose to study one of them but I am facing the monitor now.Thanks to ben ben de for cheering that super piss off by boyfriend me on last friday. Everything gonna be fine.Anyway, national day so shs do celebrate with nurses'day.Cut off all the craps, all the things I wanted to say is on the highlighters.Ting(long time no see her face on my blog) bursted out into laughter when she a picture when I was having bangs.She laughed until her abd pain.Interested in that particular photo?Look out my last zoo trip.
Went to meet boyfriend on tuesday.Heard from sis that someone jumped off track again.Luckily, the train line I am taking that day is not affected.Watched flashpoint.Fighting show; if you like martial art(pardon me if I spelled it wrong), go ahead.Boyfriend said there are WWF stuns inside the show.Not bad after all.

National eve and last day of school.Since it will be our last time seeing each other, it became a photo taking session.I think it's the same as all graduating classes.2 years and we going on separate ways(?); of course people want to cherish those sweet memories of the school days. But I don't know why I don't feel like taking.Maybe I never dress nice, too much stress or didn't have a good sleep last night etc.But I will still uploaded the photos once I received them. Anyway, thanks to those who lighten up my poly life especially the seven pills members, ben ben de, yen yee and the list goes down.Hope we will not really say bye bye and everyone just vanished.
Was watching this anime called ippatsu kiki musume. The main character is smart but acts like a fool. Was laughing away and I finished all episodes at a go. Reminder: contain sexuality content.
I finally figured out why I had a loss of appeptite.Still that time I was infected during my attachment and was replaced with 1 week with 3 days mc? During the illness process, I had been eating less than a meal a day because of constant vomitting and shitting and that's why I don't feel hungry if I only eat one meal per day. And that's the reason why I lost 6 kg even if I eat junk food everyday. The post effect... I can't stand people who diet. By the way, I have stop dieting (although my goal is to keep to 45 kg) since my bra getting a bit loose. I don't eat because I am not hungry. I have this thinking that I eat too much I will feel very uncomfortable like feeling nausea and vomiting, abdomen pain. It's really uncomfortable but appeptite is getting back since exams coming.
Ulcer is coming back; had to really monitor my water intake.Remember to take break to prevent depression for long hours of study.

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

I wonder if cert is important.
Will you marry a guy without a cert?
Life has to be cruel.


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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Went to watch black sheep.It scared me even more than alone. Maybe of animal phobia.
The female role went into a house and said, "The feng shui of this house is bad".
The brother, if I not wrong, fuck with the sheep.


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Went for interview today.Will be noticed within two weeks time.It's a bond issue if I am not wrong.I don't mind getting allowance during PRCP.
Took the train and remind me some things during my past relationship.
Hope he is doing well...we are still friends after all.
Boyfriend said he don't like to talk on phone.No wonder he always so quiet. =x


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