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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I cut away my hair so that it won't tangle when I take pat pat's bike home.

Friend #1
Hey sha sha de,
dun too upset.
U always have me ok.
I will nv leave u.
Although i may not be always there beside u, u always in my heart n i always in ur heart.
So dun feel alone. Dun worry, u will find ur mr right.

life is great!
sun is going to be bright!
life is going towards the light!

and you will see the light, if you set it in front of you! :)

Friend #3
Just leave everything aside.
If he really loves you, he will contact you.
Sleep after you finished crying.

Friend #4
Don't call him anymore.
You guys just met at the wrong timing.
Don't believe too much in what guys say.
And you cannot give in all times.
Go home, study, then sleep.

Maybe he is just too lonely inside.So he texted such messages to you.
When he's outside, he won't feel like that.
If he really loves you, he won't do all this if he knows it gonna hurt you.
For such person, just forget him and get a life.

Babe! Hang in there, Brace up to a better life though I know it's gonna be tough. Let's meet soon! Don't wallow in self pity. You have my shoulders =)

sad story??? u dun look sad lor... dun be sad wor...
btw ur not suppose to be... u are miss Joy lei... Joy=Happy

I will lead a happy life...that's my motto of my life.
Anyway, I am not lacking of suitors either xp
Pain is what you bought to me; I will forgive but never forget what you did.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 weeks of hopes, waiting...
in exchange is your mia.
I can't take it.
You say you love me,
but why you left without a note,call, message?
You say you can't take it if I leave you.
But what about me?
I rather everyone call me bitch, slut...
I also choose to be yours.
This is a slience promise, action;
don't you know?
Yet, you choose to left me with disapppointment...
I put on a happy mask in front of everyone,
but who knows my sorrow?
Everyone thinks it's look stupid and it doesn't last,
but I choose to believe.
Everyone disapprove what I did,
but I still choose to believe in you,


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Saturday, June 27, 2009




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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh my god...
My face can only use one word to describe.
The effect for using wrong mosturizer.
Went some chee-na resturant to eat.Hey,next time we go eat sha bu sha bu...Cam-whoring...The bowl looked so big that it looked like those old school loo-seat for kids.Pink whip cream...just nice to describe my feeling...in love...
Heart-to heart talk at my void-deck before bidding.


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My wardrobe is shared by my sister and me.And I spent 1 hours just to tidy it.
And that's doesn't include our normal home clothing, uniform, jackets, bras...
警察叔叔from taiwan.
Thanks, qiang-ge!
I never know that my words can be so serious and powerful.
Went PC show last saturaday.That's the different between working under the sun and in air-con.
The honour guy to go out with me.
And you know how "lucky" am I?
My butts was being touch by some unknown fellow while I was talking on phone with honey b.
Honey b got so worry that he ask me to go back home immediately.
Oh,by the way, ah ben is not ben ben de...now I gave ah ben a name...honey b.
And...I am waiting for honey b...muahaha

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Friday, June 12, 2009



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Thoughts running through...
I shouldn't have promise all the things you mention when I desperately need you.
I hate you when you use what I promise you to shoot me back.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last thursday was bro's birthday.So fast...he's already 18...After his birthday, will be mine.Are you going to celebrate with me?
Went out with my long time no see friend, annie.DIY ordering system...I am so amazed by it.Dinning at iluma...that's bugis new shopping centre, which I found that it's just big...nothing special.
Will only see her when I am single.Muahaha...she said don't want to disturb me and my love one.I am a ramen lover...chiu*
Went shopping at bugis before going back home.Was chatting at the void deck...heart to heart talk.Chatted until I only slept for 1 hour before work.
Happy...because it was a long long time since we chatted.And sometimes, just need some people to listen and not pointing finger, saying you are in wrong.
Last night, was chatting with ah ben on phone because he will be MIA once AGAIN.Chatted until 5.30 am.Just chat randomly...I wonder, will we still do that again next time?He's such a piggy who always MIA and sleep whole day. Wondering his next girlfriend can handle him?
Today is momoren's real birthday.
Momo wished momoren happy birthday...last time to use, I promise.
And today, I passed him a diary which I promised to give on his birthday.
Wondering how's his reaction?
Piss off as usual?
Touch?Shouldn't gone to such extent.
Just randomly thinking.

Joy, today, after the shorter hand of the clock passed the twelve, you will be on longer mo mo.Mo mo ren will bury in your deepest end of your heart...as if like a blood cell, no more much significant.Memories will be the best result...but I never regret what I did because life shouldn't have regrets.
Losing someone doesn't mean you have to sad because getting hurt makes one stronger.

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Too much things...
Momoren had left my life quietly.
Now, singlehood.
Abit quiet but I am fine...
At work...trying hard to have fun...
SN rey...mauhaha


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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I received something from my Ex's.
It's a photo ablum.I only dare to see today though I received few days ago.
Funny thing is I don't even dare to go home now.
I am at home now anyway.
Facing those disapproving faces...
Well, I still got 5 more days of work to go.
Hopefully mo mo ren won't put kite on me tomorrow.And this is for those irriating people in life.My latest night shift.A heart-breaking one and I had to put a big big smile on my face.
Someone promise to bring me go m'sia put tattoo put kite again.I think trusting my own self is the best.


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