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Monday, January 31, 2005

About a week never did something to my blog.

If I am not wrong, joo they all should be celebrating birthday for cat.I never go because I was broke and I went to Malaysia to shop on the same day.Anyway, I don't think I will enjoy if I had gone to her birthday celebration as I didn't enjot the trip to Malaysia too.I went to City square and Holiday plaza.I didn't like the atmosphere of Holiday plaza; it had a strong smell of cigaratte. My purpose to Malaysia was like eating as I did not buy much clothing but snacks.

I went to a factory-like place with my mum to buy some new year stuff.She kept saying that she wanted to buy octopus balls but ended up forgetting to buy them. Anyway the fridge didn't had any space to put those stuff.She even asked my neighbour to help her kept some too.
I went to order contact lens; $70 for 7 pairs, 1 pair for $10.Quite cheap.I found out my separator dropped again.This was the 3rd time but I didn't give a darm to it since I had dropped 3 times and the 1st two were the same place.
At coffeebean, I felt like a super idiot.I did the wrong drinks and broke a glass. Later, I dropped the chopping board behind the fridge whereby John had to pull the fridge out to take it out.Anyway my hand was struck in the darm hole that caused a small black wound.

I went to the dental centre again but with my mum, who took me for breakfast at Mac.The hotcakes smell great as it was just made. Because for this great breakfast,I was late for my appointment.The nurse warned me not to be late or else she cancelled my apointment next time. The doctor took out all the separators and put matal castings between my teeths. Then I went to paid for my molar band at level 6 and have my lunch as the extraction department was full at that time.After lunch, I walked around the area since the time was early. I saw Xinrong at 7-11 as he was doing the cashier.His hair had changed but I don't know whether he had grown taller. I went back to the dental centre afterward. I had my tooths extract again.This numb injection was more painful than the last time, phonia I thought. Then my mum suggested to go for a walk before heading home. I went to a vcd store. I think the salesman was quite freaked out to see me having my tooth extract. I slept on the mrt.When I woke up, I found that blood mixing with saliver was dripping due to my mouth couldn't close properly.It was so shameful as some of the passengers were staring at me.......


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Thursday, January 27, 2005

I had already abandoned my searchingforjoy blog long time ago...This is my brand new blog.My vision is still the same as the old one-searching for joy.I heard this saying before.If there is a chemical to make you happy or buy happiness using money, will you try it.The answer is no as happiness can be achieved by oneself using own effort without a single cent.Maybe much of you didn't understand; well, in that case, forget what I had written.

I went to Angie's house to celebrate her birthday plus house-warming at Sembawang.While other girls were playing inside her room, I was busy watching television(Channel U,7.30pm). Anyway, they bought a crystal ball like lamp for her.Angie's birthday cake is a tigger face cake. But the colour of it quite werid.After we finish the cake, we went downstair and hangout at the playground before going home.

Saturday, 22/1/05
I went to Ngee Ann Poly(NP) with kaiyin, annie plus siping. It had been so long since our last met. I was late but not as late annie.After taking mrt and free shuttle bus, we finally reached our destination. What a big place, and also hard to find... Met Zipeng, Vincent and Ivan. Ivan still haven't received his present.What had Jack sheng been doing...!They said they want to visit Kelvin afterward.Then we saw Daniel and Jade.Not normal I thought:p.By the way, Daniel, as usual, get some bad words from me for his "yucky" hairstyle.After getting many flyer from the "spaceship" place, the four of us went to have our lunch.The noodles is spicy, I gave up after eating some of it.After finishing our lunch, we went to the CCA section.The most funny part is the drama club.The guy promoting it was like a bit crazy; the way he promote was funny.After that I walked home with kaiyin.The problem came: a OCBC saleman promote banking to us.He thought we are sisters in our 20s...come on,do we really look alike?Tall doesn't mean we are...Saw 2 very nice nike shoes...

I had a great lunch with my mum and 2nd aunt at crystal jade.My father got $50 vouncher.My aunt ordered wrongly-fried noodles.It taste those coffeeshop fried noodle but it cost $9 per plate.No wonder crystal jade earn so much.
Went to work at coffeebean at 6p.m, by then there is not much customer.So I just stood at a corner, exercising my eyes. Kelvin fetched me home after work.Aiyo, tomorrow must work still wait for me.Want to make feel so bad isn't?...

Went to Outram park for dental appointment.This is starting of my braces life.Not to say, I must wait for the doctor.Brr...so darm long!Ok, finally my turn.
Doctor Lo (Lo):I am going to the separator inside your mouth.
xJoyz:Will it hurt?
Lo:No, you just feel abit tight there.
Lo began to put the separator.
xJoyz:Hmm...doctor,my teeth got a hole.
Lo: Let me check for you.There's really a hole.You go and seal then come and see me.
I was out at the wating venue again, waiting to seal the hole.After sealing the hole, I went to see the doctor but the nurse said he went for lunch.Brrr.... The doctor was late too...After I went to put the separator between my teeths, he asked me to see another doctor for extraction. The doctor quite lame, he asked me to stayed calm but I saw his hands trembling while he was giving the numb injection. My tooth was quite stuborn, the doctor had to place his hands while the nurse placed hers on my ears to extract the tooth.


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