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Sunday, June 29, 2008

My boy boy went to SISPEC.He said it is a good place for training.For me, it is not good at all. The book out timing is unknown and I waited for him for 3 hours at the taxi stand.I even dozed off while waiting for him.
Anyway, my boy boy came and fetched me after work.Couple in white.Headed to newton.It had been a long time ever since our last outing.He was hungry.Strawberry!That's the reason I went newton.Just find that her stuffs are too simple that it reminded me of popular stationary.Hope you will find your dream job soon.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Finally received yen yee's photos.Still awaiting for jovell and manhong's.


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Monday, June 23, 2008

After being a "chiong-ster" for the past week, I decided to put it a stop.
My body protested by having a sore throat.
Well, I am not a good person with words...so look at these photos. Went to orchard cafe for buffet with IP girls.Their drunken prawns were really powerful!These two frogs belonged to ms da pao.
It just reminds me... "the way he holds my hand..."
When I started to recall what I did with the IP girls, we did quite alot of things.
Meeting of Mr frog and how cocky his messages were.
Meeting Mr xin wang and went round and round geylang to drink soya milk.
Went to eat at Sembawang and those poker sessions at Jenny's house. A day when hui teng is super early and she went to get mac breakfast!
See, she was super happy!May and me.And finally the sun rose from the west, Boss jenny actually sleeps!Two random ones.IP girls = jiao girls.And I went to highlight my hair!My naughty boy boy.
Who is so sweet that he fetched me from work when he was having holiday.
Who rode bicycle to send me to causeway point.
Who was being forced to go to AH family day.
Who got jealous when I got molested.I hope you celebrate my birthday. xp I am a greedy girl!And the poor, cute little kitten who has a eye swelling and slept all day long.I think it is now in SPCA.
And I went clubbing on last Wednesday.Cindy's friend=li jun.Bluffed me she was that girl on Juice magazine.Eddy, BSF.Sebas... cindy's friend.Seriously, I am enjoying myself and I am craving to dance until sweat!Involved in the telly match for AH family day.Nursing "Angels" won.GSS' harvest.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I got the dims...
Thanks to the pharmacist!
But the sad thing is....
I paid $11 dollars for cab again.
Owe $20 for being late...
Another $8 for forgetting to check the defib.
Damn it, all my pay is gone by paying fines.


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Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend afternoon shift is alright.I can managed.
Today I finished all my report and passing report at 9.30pm!I even went for a break that is more than half an hour.Although, my senior did helped me wrote some 3 reports but it won't took me much time to finish them.
And there is an eye candy in the ward today but his name is a no no.


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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I want my ward allowance.

Went dinner with the IP gang on Monday.At ikea.
And then to bugis.With her along, endless laughter.
Serene went out with her boyfriend.
And during IP.No more noise when they are Zzz.
This LG phone just make me want to change phone.VGA quailty.
Happy birthday to my bro, JH, and ms jovell.
Have to say sorry to ms jovell because we want to meet her yesterday but was cancelled in the end.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Next week no more weekend off.
Cannot accompany boyfriend.Well, I am consider a selfish person because most part of my life revolves around my boyfriend. Maybe because I am the apple of his life too. It is very hard to find someone that actually treat one very important.I admit my life only revolves with money when I was with my ex... he left, I actually felt a bit of guilt.
Well, I got back my psp once again.I wondered how long it will last.
And I saw zhi er when I went back to nyp to return the bulky gown.Still so bubbly.
Finally gave my ben ben de's belated birthday present.
I am now also a person that paid for insurance.
Anyway, I got a lip gloss from boyfriend's sister.Super good!
Finally went to mustafar!But I didn't get anything from there because the queue is too long.Went with jenny, serene, pei pei and hui teng.Before that, we went to chomp chomp to see pei pei's "god-mother", who has a super high hair.Actually we just went there to have our dinner.
Well, they went threading since we were at little india.She is actually laughing away.And jenny's brow is super cool.
GSS is here, how come nobody date me to go shopping?

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