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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Anyone wanna a chalet on 23rd-25th dec. price is 380.. with a bbq pit on 23rd.. duluxe room at downtown east.. initial price was 418.. Please get back to me or joo on friday, 23/11/07...

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Honey candy!Lovely 7th months...Prefer his hair longer.Now I looked like older than him.I know it's bad butI still had to say...he looks like some indo maid.
Finally finish my 3 days continuous morning shift!I was the earliest on monday then subsequently last on wednesday, which is today.I reached on the dot and siti said she thought she will the only one until she saw me coming in.
I took 2 cases everyday.First day with preceptor, SSN ho then SN joycelynn and last SN belinda cum lina.
SSN Ho will always answer my doubts but she was so busy...partly because she is very senior in the ward.DRs, nurses will ask her regarding procedures, patients(even not her team) etc if unsure.As I followed her, it seem like I also helped to attend patients in the team and she asked whether if it is too much for me.After all, she even reminded me to go for both breaks.
Actually, people I followed these three days are nice but Tuesday is really a lack of staff and Wednesday is because of communication problem.
I got caught because of four ear studs and didn't greet people.I seem to lost some critical thinking and keep wondering whether this and that.
I bathed patients until my crocs and insoles are all wet.Ask those who have ED attachment with me...the sound of crocs when its wet(ED is wet with sweats but no smelly feet).A PCA asked me to put tissue inside and it's better...actually I also got caught before because of the slapping sound.
And I was the jinx of bartex pump today!Even I just went to take vital signs for patient...that stupid alarm just went beeping crazily.It's either there is a big bubble at the patient's butterfly plug or the plug is blocked.Spent alot of time on the bartex and I had no time for break and writing report.
A little bit tire of everyday work and home life.Can someone just date me out?

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

My schedule for next week is out.Off on Friday,Saturday;Monday to Wednesday will be having morning shift and afternoon for Thursday and SUNDAY!My heart dropped to the bottom when I saw afternoon shift on Sunday.Afternoon = no freedom.11.30am have to reach bus interchange and reached home at 11pm at night.
She is Bi qi.Thursday was honey's company thingy and the theme is movie character so I accompanied and his teammates to rent costumes.Honey dressed up as him.I didn't go because of afternoon duty.Heard that he was drunk and did all sorts of stupid things.Smoking is no good but no point forcing someone to quit when he didn't have the will.And thanks to someone who mailed his thumb drive to me and it's so expensive(I meant the stamps)!And that person is...I missed her since the start of 14 weeks posting.I really forget it's our 7th month anniversary until he told me we are together for 7 months and 1 day on Friday. Mind is just too occupied with PRCP.And I liked my curls more and more!Featuring Jun Tan, my ELDER sis.And my pupils looked damn small without contact lens.She said my pant looks funny.Becomes single eyelids.Anyway this was my hair after having nap few hours ago.As what honey said...messy=style.Those people who are sick like joo, Johnathan and jovell, get well soon.Weather turning cold, do wear extra clothing.Happy belated birthday to wei wei!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Finally got to blog.Said bye bye to MAH last week.Only get to see them in 2008 because my PRCP is in ah.Zhier was so sweet that she called me on the first day of PRCP to wish me all the best at ah.
My last day at MAH as well as my part time!So tiring because has to rush here and there to work.Went to jiemei's house on last saturday to rekindle the sparks of our friendship.From business to relationship...chatted until 6.He even fetched and sent me back home using his bike.So sweet!My first time on bike...it's cold since I was in short pants and with a super thin jacket.
Sunday went out with honey who made me felt so isolated and sad that I actually broke down in tears at town.We ended up ok and he paid for the expenses for that day.I knew it's bad to cry and showed attitude in front of his teammates but patience has its limit and the fact is I am not god. Went to watched this with his teammates.The ending turned out to what is predicted.
My first day of PRCP and I was late with pei pei!The sister orientated us about the ward but I still feel so lost.So different from ttsh!Anyway, my ward is the b1 and a class ward so it is fully air-conditioned!Did simple tasks like TPR, off plug.Saw the schedule for this week; Tuesday, Wednesday is induction and Thursday is afternoon, Saturday on morning and off on Friday and Sunday.Actually they forget to give me my day off so I went to sister and told her after Belinda asked me to and was given Friday off.There is only one small pathetic cafe and the afternoon sister asked us to put on lipstick and hair net.She said my ear studs are too big!At 3 pm, went to listen to some palliative care talk and it reminds me of those oncology lesson in nyp.So boring and we are released at 4.30pm.
And I was late again today due to traffic jam!I left my house 1 and half hour earlier before the reporting time but still...Pei Pei suggested to meet tomorrow at 7.15am.
Had tests but only mcq and some calculations.After that is like having lectures....wanted to sleep so much!Only liked the pharmacology and the patient assessment booklet talk. I was told we were had to attend another session of induction when we graduated and worked here!
I am so tired and I really can fell into deep coma whenever I took bus home.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

I am very touch when a friend of mine just lend his hand and let me sleep.Normally people on the bus will poke you to wake you up; but he just let me sleep there when I just accidentally just knocked onto to his hand as if I got insomnia last night.
Even boyfriend...he will be very pissed because of my hair, making him feel so itchy.I can't remember anything beside this that someone actually lend a touch of warmth.If you did, I could like to say thanks but sorry.Most human beings tend to remember the bad things but missed the good things
Read master's blog just now;I will try my best to make it.
3 days never see him...and Sunday is a bad day.Is he missing me?My mind really went wild...I am afraid but to admit I lonely right now.
Can you kiss me tonight?
By the way, I was having OT posting where I see those people cut or divide the body and those red colour fluid just flow out.Most cases is those woman cases like cessation and hysterectomy.The way the baby is taken out is scary!
The OT was cold until I was trembling away that I actually went to the changing room today and wore another scrub suit.That mean I am wearing two scrub suit plus my jacket today.


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Monday, November 05, 2007

Met up with boyfriend last Wednesday and went to watch Halloween.I can tell that he don't like my curls.Still lied with eyes opened big big!Well, a movie that showed how important one's family background has an impact on one's life.And someone dated me on saturday!Went thai accent at vivo for dinner.So from this picture...you roughly know who she is.
And the end product is...Ate until so full that I vomited twice and totally spoiled the shopping mood.But that didn't satisfied my sweet tooth.That chocolate doesn't belong to me, as well as the Snack right.
For attachment, I am going ah's ward 7. Can anyone tell me what is that ward about?
A&E posting was simple fun for me.Although a lot of tests but I treated them as learning process.And that hot pink wanted to have one ccu and one week a&e.Fat hope for her then.
Went OT posting and I was late!But I love their scrub suit!In our lovely green jackets!Actually it made us look round.The $1.50 lunch not nice at all.The shoes provided are comfortable but smelly!
And a blog that created for cousin Ryan!
Things that no longer belong to me will return to its owner.

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