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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Actually when kat sent me this song, I don't find it any special until I watched the mv.

I love this song from the moment I heard it.


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Friday, March 30, 2007

I am going to become like one of my patient,whose head seem to be always very heavy.
I have completed my posting at kkh.FINALLY!I have been looking forward this day for......sad to say, the moment I saw my attachment.I always relate my attachment to stress because I am dealing with life during attachment.So I very scare...which become stress.
Now, I have made up my mind to sign bond.
  • Why is there a need for bond?
Every month being pay $950 for study.
Don't need to worry no job after my diploma.
Since I am going to become a nurse after diploma, why not?
I heard that maybe hard to find job after pass up since there is so many nyp student plus np and those uni.
  • Why I reject in my year 1?
I don't know whether I can make it.
3 years seem very long...I want to go further study.
See...it's a hard choice.I want some feedback;do tag my blog.
Anyway, I gained the 2kg when I lost during those days I infested with GE.Attachment=stress=no life=hunger.


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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I feel like having 5 months pregnant now.
Eat until so...
Breakfast is maggie mee and 2 red currant tarts.
Lunch is 2 packet of economice rice shared between hannah, jovell and me and 8 red current tarts.We were at kkh's staff lounge.Although the economic rice has only 5 dishes to choose but it was really cheap with large serving.
And the three of us with another friend from their ward were sitting at a corner of the floor; enjoying our lunch like some ah nei.
Saying about the attachment, I am quite use to the routine and the ward has so many students since the year 3 is joining us.I think this morning has 3 students attached to my cubicle.
And my dinner,which is at 4 pm, were one cup of sour plum green tea with pearl, 1/2 fishball, 1 hotdog and one ramy burger.
Terrible right?I also have no idea why I am always hungry after work; maybe because of loneliness as I heard that loneliness caused one to be hungry easily.
Shall go swimming with my "fetus" later...


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Monday, March 26, 2007

A gathering was held on last sunday specially for ivan's leaving.Well prepared for cycling-shades, cooling clothes, not so heavy bag and a messy ponytail.That lousy rent bicycle that crushed when I was cycling halfway.Ivan's bicycle chain has something wrong.So the girls decided to wait for him and zhao outside the toliet while vincent went to wash his hands.The guys just cycled and cycled until they were nowhere to be found.And ivan and zhao said they had been resting for half an hour while waiting for us.The weather is hot.I wore very sexy?Resting for a moment.The scenerio is great.Airplane is very big.They are actually singing on the bus.Idiot ivan,i want to take a proper picture with him but he kept giving me this idiotic look.Met lingz at yishun for dinner.And we settled at sakura again.And this is what I got from after banged into another cyclist.But he is worst than me.His two fingers were bleeding when he left.Finally passed jiemeihis present.I wanted to snap a photo of his bike.And he posed for me to snap.The only thing extra are the two orange triangle plates but I think soon will be taken off.


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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Celebrated hana's birthday on 24, a day before her 19th birthday.Finally got to eat something esle other than porrigde plus cai xin, milo & medicine.I totally had no idea why I always took ting eating so hungrily.The two nuts looked so serious in talking.Yup, go ahead and laugh at my louhan head.And here it's come the main thing of the day-the cake.Make a wish, make a wish...And blew the candles.Wait...before cut cake must take photos.Put down the knife...Ting ting, our big boss(long tou lao da)The lians sisterhood.Germs, whose skin is peeling.Poor thing...Charlene with hana...the girls who did not look like 19 at all.Jovell, who most of the time has attachment with hana.We had the same blood type.And a group photo.Finally get to cut the cake.The cake servers.And I truly think that the present drove her nuts.
After lunch, charlene and ting left.We went scrolling at HMV and raffles city shopping centre.And we ended up sitting at the hotel lobby for 2 hours.I didn't took with jovell and germs because they said I kept on snapping photos.The toilet door at the hotel is shaky.And the door automatic opened itself...
Thanks to germ, who accompany me to cini to buy lao niang's present and bought eight nose peel to pay by nets and gave me the recipt for becoming a member.So happy to hear people say my complexion is good.They even thought I put foundation and in fact, I didn't.
Happy birthday to hannah and annilism.


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Friday, March 23, 2007

See...this is the medication I had.Luckily, I had finished the charcoal and I don't need to take panadol and dhamotil anyway.For the omega-3h.It is actually some vitamin so I only need to start eating when my vomit stopped
Yesterday, I vomitted eight times before I went to see another GP.That GP told me that stemil work on brain but not on the muscles that control the vomitting.And since, I was vomitting like no one business, he said the medication can't even work well through oral.So, he gave a IM injection at my butt(dorsogluteal).
Actually, it just feel some bug bitting whose string is very long.Then my mother also see the doctor about her condition-smelly farting and diarrhea.
And we spent a total of $72 that didn't include the taxi fare.
And I went home vomit again.
Woke up in the morning(5am) and vomit twice again.But I still want to tried to work because I don't want to replace 5 days.
I was feeling giddy when I reached the hospital and rest in the staff room; waiting for ms chee.
Ms chee asked me to replace next week.3 days mc=5 days attachment.Like kind of failed one week of the posting and need to replace it.So I ended up having only 2 week break.But what to do? I am still feeling nausea and giddy.
And she asked me to go home brew lipton tea and barley without sugar.I did and was eating well with the porridge.
Don't know if I can recover by tomorrow.Saturday is celebration of hannah's birthday and sunday is farewell gathering for ivan.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

On tuesday...I am still that cheerful;hoping my attachment will end in a few days time just make me feel so good about it.Hannah lian...
Ever since I woke up this morning, I had been vomitting a total of four times.
It all started yesterday around 4 am, I suddenly felt so terrible.I tried to sleep but couldn't.And then here it came.I vomitted thrice.And my mother,a very good mother instead, gave me my dad's unwanted brief and asked me to clear up all by myself.
After clearing up, I went back to sleep again andI felt pain at my abdomen causing me to tear.I heard my brother preparing to school and I woke up again to vomit.
Back to sleep, woke up at 10 ,read some newspaper,vomitted with diarrhea and back to sleep.I felt so tired that my body were splitting themselves.
But I still took panadol and back to attachment.
I kept feeling giddy and I couldn't stand it anymore after they finished passing report.I asked my collegues should I go home now because I am very giddy.They asked me to go back because they don't want to see me faint with the baby in my arms.So I told sister that I am going home.
The morning shift an also said I am very pale.The journey back to yishun seem so long, like no ending at all.Dragged myself and went to a neighbourhood gp.
The quene was long...I waited for around one hour plus for my turn.
The doctor told me that I was infected during the attachment and gave me two days mc.See, my attachment is extended!
This is for diarrhea.This is panadol.This stemil for vomit which has no use at all.This is charcoal for wind.This has to be taken before food.And the funny part is, I vomitted this out after sometime I eat food.
I really don't like nyp'sway of passing up mc.I had to dragged all the back to nyp to pass up my mc after I printed the proof or statement of abscence.
Back home, ate medicine and sleep again with stomache.Woke up at 9 plus and ate a few mouth of porridge.This is my first meal of the day but I just don't feel like eating.
Woke up at 11 plus and vomit twice, where all my porridge and charcoal was out.
So I made myself 1/2 cup of milo and vomit some of it out.
And I went back to sleep...till11 plus this morning and woke up with ms chee's call, my grandmother nuiscance.
Anyway, thanks for all the concern...really feel touch but my mind is not working well.Especially in msn, I repiled very slow and no reply is because I was in a sleeping mood and my computer is seem to be very far from my bed.
I am now 53kg...a loss of 2 kg.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Someone treated me watch movie today.Guess what?I only know him only 1 day.Not bad after all.All the scary scenes were seen in the trailer so can avoid or esle I will be screaming in the threater.Anyway, it was pretty predictable.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

And there gone by my one week posting and still got another week to go.Can't wait for holiday and find a part time job to earn some money.
For those who concern, I am fine now.Thanks.I went to ask the teacher will she fail me and she replied no but she asked me to copy the medication.
Regarding the "I came yesterday", it is actually a conversion between me(me) , jovell(j) and charlene(c) when we were in the toilet.
J:"Joy, you come that one?"
C:"When you come?"
C:"Same as me."
M:"No.I came yesterday."
J:"She don't even want to have the same day with you.I came yesterday."
And there goes the "I CAME YESTERDAY".These two girls were just nuts...don't need to bother about their maddness.


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

X says:
i very sad today
Y says:
X says:
i did medication error ytd
X says:
muz write incident report
Y says:
Y says:
den hw?
X says:
X says:
like tat loh
X says:
write loh...
X says:
dunno hw sia...
X says:
very scare fail my attachment
Y says:
in which wd?
X says:
Y says:
X says:
Y says:
careful next time..
Y says:
dun repeat same mistake
Y says:
wun fail de
Y says:
Y says:
got say anything?
X says:
she juz say next time muz check the imr
X says:
f***** keep asking me am i ok ant
Y says:
X says:
like tat loh...
X says:
juz feel like digging ahole n went home strisght
Y says:
Y says:
hw come will seee wrongg
X says:
becoz the father cum n ask me whether need to drop the medciation
X says:
then i say dunno...
X says:
i say when time's up the staff nurse will give
Y says:
X says:
then i look at the packaging n the paper inside
X says:
i told him is eye drop n the indication
X says:
n guess wat
X says:
it is a nasal drop
Y says:
Y says:
Y says:
the patient put ler?
X says:
of coz nt lah...
X says:
coz i say the nurse will put nt him

These videos have nothing link to the above conversation.Just remind me to be proud of own nationality.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sis bought new keyboard!Black colour...kind of low than my old one.But better than nothing.
New ward and had to adapt to the new environment.The kind of noob feeling is kinda of bad.First thing of the day was orientation by ward sister.Well, remind me of ttsh because she asked for objectives.One by one,we told our objective and sister tried to make those objectives more specific.Afterward the setting of the ward and then to the cubicle.Seriously, I NEED A LEADER IN MY LIFE!Nobody...henna and me was like looking at each other trying to figure out what to do.Anyway, went for lunch and met jovell, hannah and charlene at kopitiam."Hey, don't take my picture!"See, the culpit is smiling away.
Second day tried to get along with the routine.Luckily, the en can coped along...but I don't know why the sn was so angry when I took off the drip set from the machine after she off the drip machine.She said so loudly in front the patient and mother as if I did a grave mistake.And guess what kenny told?He said I never did wrong is just the sn want to remove it from at the preparation room to minimise the alram if it rang.Come on, you tell methe reason and I will understand right?!Slow but still can reason out thing.Today is my ah ma serene's birthday!Happy birthday ah ma!
Went out with charlene and jovell today.Ate subway and went scrolling.We intended to eat KFC but our skin very thin; don't want to tear people's coupons so we ended up eating subway again.The two of them are in the same ward...they told me about the how the big "S" ran and how the cleaner's stun expression.Can as well go and shoot a mv on it like those bollywood where by the couple will run toward the coconut tree(how the big "S" run) and play pee-a-boo with the stun expression.
Anyway, result was out.I received the sms on 3 am plus plus.Take a quick look and I continued to sleep since everything is alright.4 am, joo called.Sorry, I haven't woke up so please don't blame me.
Here's my result:
Semester 2 - 2006/2007
Grade Point Average: 2.348
Quite happy because I aimed for B.And excluding the attactment, I got 3 Bs out of 6 subjects.This pulled my gpa up from 2.2 to 2.3.
For those who did not did well for their exam(including those a levels students), I really hope I can fulfil what a friend really need to do which is trying to do whatever I can(except for money issues).I knew it was a hard times...recalling that time I flunk my o levels, the feeling is unbearable.Maybe you will say o level is nothing but don't you think only when the problem is what you facing now then become very serious?Well, we are not god but just human beings.I liked a phrase in rude women."Light of hope will appear in the darkness."This show is not bad.The price of greed.The most exciting part is when kate tsui tried to escape and bosco tried to collect evidence.I started watching on episode 6 all the way to in the end.

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